How To Get a Loyalty Badge In CS2

Counter-Strike is a competitive shooter that has been around for decades, the Loyalty Badges were added to demonstrate a player’s dedication and loyalty towards the game.

With the release of CS2, the Loyalty Badge was only obtainable within CS:GO, in this guide we will cover everything you need to know about one of the game’s most prestigious items.

How To Get Loyalty Badge CSGO

The Loyalty badge was released in 2018, CS:GO was made a free-to-play game, however, new players would need to pay to receive Prime, those who had bought the game during this time were awarded the Prime Status and the Loyalty Badge. Therefore the Loyalty Badge was introduced to show that a player had owned the game before Counter Strike Global Offensive became free-to-play.

How To Get Loyalty Badge CS2

The great news is for those people wanting to achieve a Loyalty Bade within CS2, it is now entirely possible. If you manage to sink enough hours into the game and achieve around 2000 playtime on average you will receive a Loyalty badge, that you can then show off to other players as it will be displayed on your profile just like other service medals.

How To Display Your Loyalty Badge CSGO/CS2

To display your Loyalty Bade or any other badge it is quite simple, simply follow these steps.

  1. Open CS2 Game
  2. Click your inventory.
  3. Find the Medal section.
  4. Look for the Loyalty Badge.
  5. Right-click the Loyalty Badge.
  6. Click on ‘Display’

This will now display the Loyalty Badge as your main medal in CS. This will mean when on the home screen and the scoreboard in the game your Loyalty Bade will be visible to all.

Can You Trade Loyalty Badges?

Unfortunately, you can’t trade, buy or sell a Loyalty Badge that is on your account. This reward is seen as a great achievement and is there to show dedication and loyalty to the game.

Can you Purchase Loyalty Badges?

There is a way to purchase one, but this is strictly against the Valve Terms of Service.

You would need to find an account that has a Loyalty Badge and then purchase the account, we do not recommend this at all, you may get a permanent ban, as buying and selling Steam profiles is strictly against Valve’s policies.

You can’t purchase Loyalty Badges from other players in the game or on the Steam Market. In the World of Counter-Strike, a Loyalty Badge is truly a priceless item, just like other coins and also veteran coins that are available in the game.

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