How To Get Prime Status In CS2

Back then, players had to pay $14.99 to play CS:GO, but now, Counter-Strike: 2 is completely free to claim. Unfortunately, the free-to-play version does not provide players with the complete Counter-Strike experience. 

Players who did not buy CS:GO are considered limited accounts, in other words, non-Prime accounts. This is where the Prime Status comes into play. Getting your account into Prime Status will help you receive item drops and play better matchmaking games. In this article, we’ll go through what a Prime Status is in CS2, and how to get CS:GO Prime. 

What Is Prime Status In Counter-Strike?

A Prime Status in CS2 is a premium service that allows Counter-Strike players to receive additional perks when playing the game. 

CS2, being free to play, is considered a benefit since players no longer have to spend money to access the game. However, having no barriers to entry means players can easily create new accounts to play Counter-Strike and potentially use hacks or grief games intentionally. 

This is why Valve has placed a paywall to ensure a healthy and serious playerbase, which has become the primary function of the Prime Status system. Think of the Prime Status as a “VIP pass” for playing CS2. 

Why Should You Get Prime?

Players with a Prime Status are eligible to play in “Prime-protected” matchmaking games, where they will play against other players with Prime, too. Getting Prime is the only way of how to get Prime matchmaking in CS:GO.

This privilege will weed off a large percentage of hackers and griefers from matchmaking games, making CS2 infinitely more enjoyable. 

The largest benefit of the Prime Status is the ability to queue for Competitive and Premier Mode games. In other words, you need Prime to play CS2’s ranked game modes. Non-prime users cannot receive a Competitive Skill Group or Counter-Strike Rating without a Prime Status.

Additionally, Prime-protected accounts are also entitled to gain experience (XP) points to receive Weekly Care Packages, which will reward players with free items such as skins, stickers, graffiti, or cases.

CS2 How To Get Prime?

If you’re sold on the Prime Status and playing Prime Matchmaking games, then let’s talk about how you can join the club. 

There are three main methods of how to get CS:GO prime:

#1 Be An Original Purchaser Of CS:GO

Before CS:GO and CS2 became free games on the Steam Store, players had to pay $14.99 to get their hands on the game. 

However, since Counter-Strike no longer has a price tag, Valve has made it fair to all players who originally bought the game by rewarding their accounts with a Prime Status. 

So, if you were a purchaser of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, your account will automatically have the Prime Status already. You don’t have to do anything else! 

#2 Purchase The Prime Status For $14.99

The primary method of how to get Prime CS2 Status is to purchase the status directly from Steam. Unlocking the Prime Status with this method is extremely easy, but you will have to commit real money. 

To be exact, you’ll have to pay 14.99 USD for a Prime Status, the same price as CS:GO when it was a paid game to make it fair for all the OG players. 

You can purchase the Prime Status directly through the in-game client or the official Steam Store page. Once the purchase is complete, your account will immediately be protected by CS2 Prime.

Buying the Prime Status is a one-time purchase. You will not be charged a monthly subscription or anything like that! 

#3 Buy An Account With A Prime Status

If you’re not willing to surrender $15 to Lord Gaben, there is a third method of how to get Prime in CS2. Though we don’t recommend it, it is possible to purchase an account with a Prime Status from someone else.

Thousands of players sell fresh Prime accounts for around $5 to $10. Though you can save a hefty percentage of your money, buying an account from someone can potentially cause a few problems.

First, there is a possibility that the seller hacks the account back. If you do decide to buy an account, make sure the password and Steam Guard status of the account is completely under your control.

Second, the act of buying and selling accounts is actually prohibited by Valve. Though cases are rare, Valve might intervene and prevent your account from accessing full privileges on CS2 and the Steam platform, too. 

Is CS2 Prime Status Worth It? 

In conclusion, getting a Prime Status is a must if you want to actively play CS2. 

Without Prime, you won’t be able to play CS2’s ranked modes and will play matches against griefers and hackers. If you’re looking to invest hundreds of hours into playing CS2, it is highly recommended to spend the $15 to buy the game’s Prime Status, or you’ll definitely regret it. 

It’s also relevant to note that you will receive free item drops weekly. By actively playing and earning Weekly Care Packages, you can sell the rewards on the Steam Community Market and eventually accumulate your money back. 

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