Silver II CS2 Rank Overview

See below all you need to know about the Silver II rank in CSGO/CS2. This will include the percentages of players who are situated at the rank and how close it ranks to the top in competitive matchmaking.

Silver 2

Silver II is a fairly low rank, Silver II puts at the second lowest rank when it comes to competitive ranking. It is placed between Silver I and Silver III and is one of the sixth ranks in the silver division.

Games being played around this level are likely to be filled with new and inexperienced players who struggle with aiming, spraying and also utility.

Is Silver II Good?

Being at Silver 2 puts you in the top 96% of all players which means That means, if you were placed in a game with 100 other people, you’d probably be able to beat 3 of them. This rank is good especially if you are a beginner at CS and its competitive nature.