If you are looking for the most accurate CS2 betting predictions and picks to supercharge your esports betting journey, you’re at the right place. Thanks to our team of seasoned tipsters, you can get the best CS2 and CSGO betting advice for free.

We update our selection of tips and predictions every day, so you can visit this page any time you want and you will find new analysis that will help you make better bets on CS matches.

Above, you can find all of our latest picks and predictions for CSGO matches today. Choose your favorite tips and follow them on your favorite CS2 betting site.

CS2 Betting TIPS

Latest Picks and Predictions for CS2 (CSGO) Matches Today

If you would like to learn more about our CSGO betting advice, such as how we make our tips and how to make the most out of them, below you will find all the information you need.

What Types of CS2/CSGO Betting Predictions We Offer?

Since CSGO matches offer various markets, we offer diverse types of predictions and tips. Here, you’ll find all the types of picks provided by our experienced tipsters.


For the majority of matches, we bring moneyline picks, which is simply letting you know what team we believe is more likely to win. We like to pick matches where the underdog, despite the odds of the bookmaker, has a real shot at winning, so you can slap the bookies on the head and take home a good payday.

By thoroughly analyzing the match context and all available data, we enable you to identify the true underdogs. This approach leads to a high accuracy rate, significantly enhancing your chances of winning big.

Map Winner

We also like to bring tips and picks on the team that’s most likely to win in a certain map during a match. Just like we pick the outright winners, we also like to focus on the underdogs that can help you make a higher ROI.

We usually combine this type of prediction with others such as moneyline, over/under, amongst others, so you can bet on them as a single or in a parlay. 

For example, we may predict Team A will win map number 1, and at the same time we may predict Team B will end up winning the match. This will allow you to exploit both betting opportunities.

Correct Score

Depending on the match, we can also bring you a prediction on the correct score for a given event. This is a complex tip because there’s a lot going on during a match, and hence the odds for this type of bet are much higher than your traditional moneyline or map winner pick.

This is why we usually provide a correct score pick along with a match winner prediction, as it’s a great way to increase your potential ROI when betting on CS2 matches.

Over & Under

Over and under bets are also one of the favorite picks at CSDB.GG, because they provide solid odds and they are highly likely to come true. For example, here you will find the following type of picks:

  • Team A will win in under 3 maps
  • Team B will win in over 3 maps
  • Team C will score under 25 points
  • Team D will score over 25 points

Be it maps, points, kills or any other metrics, you will find plenty of O/U picks on this page that will help you make profitable and smart bets.

Odd & Even

Similar to over and under bets, this type of prediction will let you know whether the final number of points, kills, maps or any other metric will be odd and even. This is a riskier bet than O/U picks in our opinion, however it offers 50/50 chances and solid odds in the majority of cases, as it’s similar to betting on red or black in the roulette. 


On this page, you will also find predictions about the MVP or top player for a given match. It’s an outright and simple bet, and hence it’s one of the easiest bets you can make. However, we invest plenty of hours and resources into making MPV picks, because we need to analyze the context and available data to determine what player is most likely to be the top performer. 

First Blood

We provide tips on which team or player will score the first blood during a match. This prediction is complex, as many variables come into play once the game starts. However, leveraging our prediction models and data, we deliver accurate first blood picks to assist you in making informed bets.

First Map

This is another popular prediction we often publish on this page. Instead of betting on the match winner, here we let you know what team is going to win the first map, according to our analysis and available data. This is a great choice because the odds tend to be good, even for the favorite team.


This is another popular type of CS2 prediction and pick we provide to our readers at CSDB.GG. It’s simply putting special conditions on the team you think will win or lose a given match, and thus you can decrease the risk of your bet or increase the odds.

As an example, we may predict a match where Team A will win by 5 points or more. By presenting a scenario that’s less likely to occur, the odds will consequently increase, offering you the opportunity to maximize your ROI. 

Regarding the underdog, we might predict a match where such a team, let’s say Team B, will either win or lose by no more than 5 points. By minimizing the risk of our bet, we make this scenario more plausible to happen.

Live Betting Predictions

We’re fans of live betting because it offers excellent opportunities to achieve an excellent ROI. With live betting, we can target various types of bets such as Over/Under, points, kills, map winners, and more. 

For instance, if Team A is currently trailing by 2 maps against Team B, we might publish a prediction stating that Team A will stage a comeback and ultimately emerge victorious. This type of bet would offer very high odds, resulting in a much higher ROI.

This is why we recommend you to check this page frequently during matches, so you can take advantage of our live betting predictions for CS2 and CSGO.


Because our goal is to help you make as much money as possible from CSGO betting with our predictions, we also publish parlay plays. We put together 2 or more picks, be it moneyline, map winner, O/U, MVP or any other type of prediction, to help you increase the potential ROI by multiplying the odds of multiple betting options.

These are high risk predictions, but if they become true, you can expect to take home a very big payday, and this is why our tipsters like to publish these frequently.

What Leagues and Events Do We Cover With Our CSGO Betting Tips?

The smallest to the largest events, tournaments and leagues, we provide CSGO betting advice for an outstanding number of markets. Here you have a full list with all the events we cover with our tips and picks.

Valve Events

As the name clearly suggests, these are tournaments and championships organized and sponsored by Valve. Because these are highly competitive events, with plenty of teams involved, you will find predictions and picks for all of these matches on this page.

They include all sorts of events ranging from S-Tier Championships to qualifying events, hence Valve Events provide a constant influx of high-quality matches that offer plenty of betting opportunities, which will help you to make the most out of them with our predictions and tips.

Major Championships

Major Championships, also known as A-Tier Championships, provide plenty of betting opportunities because they host the best teams and lots of different matches throughout the year. Under this category, we will also find special Regional Major Ranking events that act as qualifiers for the CS2 Major Championships.

Due to the high level of competition, and large number of matches, our seasoned tipsters will always publish their predictions of each one of the games that take place in the Major Championships.

S-Tier Championships

While Major Championships are commonly regarded as the pinnacle of CS2 (CSGO) events, S-Tier Championships surpass them in several aspects. With higher prize pools, fiercer competition, and exclusive participation for top-tier teams, S-Tier events stand as the premier level of competition.

Additionally, S-Tier Championships are often sponsored by Valve and played offline, presenting excellent opportunities for betting. Our tipsters specialize in providing accurate predictions and picks to help you capitalize on these events.

B-Tier Tournaments

This is a new category that brings B-tier teams an opportunity to play in large LAN and online events. They also feature Regional Major Ranking events that work as qualifiers for the CS2 Major Championships, bringing you even more opportunities for betting.

We like B-Tier Tournaments because we can often find underdogs with a high chance of winning, excellent O/U predictions and also play parlays with a high accuracy rate.

C-Tier Tournaments

C-Tier Tournaments introduce a plethora of new tournaments and matches, ensuring a constant stream of betting opportunities. Unlike higher tiers, participation in C-Tier events is not limited to top or tier-2 teams, leading to a diverse range of matches available regularly.


The Qualifiers also offer plenty of excellent betting opportunities, featuring both C-tier and B-tier teams competing to advance to higher-tier events or tournaments. Our tipsters excel at forecasting these matchups, enabling you to seize lucrative betting opportunities with confidence.

Monthly Tournaments

Our tipsters also provide predictions for Monthly Tournaments, as they provide excellent opportunities for placing bets of different types ranging from Money Line to O/U and even parlays. As their name clearly suggests, they take place every month, so you can visit our page every month to find new predictions for these exciting and highly rewarding events.

Weekly Tournaments

Weekly Tournaments offer a steady stream of new matches, presenting regular opportunities for betting. Our tipsters consistently provide fresh predictions and tips for these tournaments, enhancing your chances to make informed wagers with favorable odds and a high accuracy rate.

Show Matches

Whenever available, our tipsters will also publish predictions for Show Matches. They usually feature top players and teams, hence they provide excellent betting opportunities. They are special events, hence they only take place a reduced number of times per year.

Why You Can Trust Our Esport CSGO Betting Tips

If you are wondering why you should trust our CSGO betting predictions and tips, here you will find the reasons why you can rely on our advice to make better bets.

Seasoned Team of CS2 (CSGO) and Esports Tipsters

To make it possible to share with you all accurate picks and predictions, we have created a team of seasoned and specialized CS2 (CSGO) and esports tipsters. They are professionals who love everything CS from playing to betting, and hence they are fully invested into bringing you the best predictions and picks for plenty of CS2 (CSGO) matches every single day.

Thorough Analysis and Research

The only way to bring accurate and professional predictions for CS2 matches is by making a thorough analysis and research. It allows our team of seasoned tipsters to detect golden betting opportunities with solid odds and a high chance of happening.

This is why our team of tipsters work full time at CSDB.GG, because our analysis and research process requires their entire dedication and focus, to make it possible to bring you the most accurate CSGO betting predictions online for free.

Here you have a list of the types of analysis we run when making a new CSGO betting prediction:

  • Historical data analysis
  • Regression analysis
  • Time series analysis
  • Correlation analysis
  • Clustering
  • Probability models
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Machine learning
  • Ensemble methods
  • And more…

As you can see, we take our job seriously, because you deserve the most accurate predictions to take your CSGO betting experience to the next level. 

Multiple Data Points

In order to make a prediction, we use multiple data points because we understand how important data analytics is for esports betting. This is why we use dozens of data points for each one of the predictions we publish on this page, to make them as accurate as possible.

As you have seen in the previous section, we use different types of data analytics and analysis, as it’s the unique way to make predictions as accurate as possible, hence it has allowed us to create our own CSGO betting predictor. By leveraging multiple data points, including historical data and insights from the context of the match, you can rely on the reliability of our picks.

Proven Accuracy Rate

You can trust our picks because we consistently publish our accuracy rate. We provide transparency by showcasing the performance of each of our tipsters, allowing you to see their real track record. We’re upfront about our predictions, openly sharing both our wins and losses, because you deserve to know all about our performance, so you can bet with confidence by using our tips and predictions.

Real Money Results

We back up our predictions with real money bets, providing the ultimate proof that our tipsters believe in their insights. By investing their own money in their predictions, they demonstrate their confidence in the accuracy of their analyses. We firmly believe in the reliability of our predictions, which is why we are willing to wager money on them, as we are confident they are highly probable to happen.

Conscious of Your Bankroll Management

We will let you know our suggested unit bet size for each one of our predictions, based on how risky or likely they are to happen. This is another reason why you can trust our picks, because we are open about how likely they are to happen, and hence we bring you our recommended bet size to help you manage your bankroll responsibly.

For example, for picks with a high probability of occurring, we may suggest betting 1 to 5 units (equivalent to 1-5% of your bankroll). However, for riskier yet potentially high-reward bets, we advise sticking to 0.25 to 0.50 units (0.25-0.50% of your bankroll) to manage risk effectively.

How to Make the Most Out of Our CSGO Betting Advice & Tips

Our tips and predictions will do the heavy lifting, but even then, you need to learn how to use them properly to make the most out of them. Below, you will find everything you need to know with our short CSGO betting guide.

Pick a Proper CS2 (CSGO) Betting Site

The first step is to pick a proper CS2 (CSGO) betting site that offers you the following, so you can take full advantage of our CSGO betting predictions:

  • An excellent coverage of CS2 leagues, events, tournaments and matches
  • A large selection of betting options for each CS2 match
  • High odds for all CS matches
  • Welcome bonuses and promotions for existing users
  • Live betting available
  • Plenty of payment methods

Given this, we can suggest bookmakers like CSGOEmpire and CSGO500, as they offer all the essential features to maximize the potential of our predictions. With competitive odds and a wide range of betting options aligned with our predictions, they stand out as excellent choices for CS betting.

If you want to explore more sites for betting on CSGO, feel free to visit our page where we rank the top bookmakers for CS2 match betting. You will find in-depth reviews that will help you pick the ideal betting site for you.

Compare Odds

We release our predictions well in advance, giving you plenty of time to compare odds across our recommended CSGO betting platforms. This is particularly beneficial for high rollers, as even small differences in odds can have a significant impact, especially over the long run.

This is why we encourage you to compare the odds, so you make the most out of each pick, especially if you’re interested in putting them together in a parlay.

Analyze and Understand Our Picks

You shouldn’t just take our picks for granted. You should take some time to analyze them, as we explain why we have made each one of our predictions. We bring you all the data and analytics that have led us to believe that a scenario in particular is likely to happen in our opinion.

We aim to empower you as a knowledgeable bettor, so consider our picks as valuable insights. If you trust our predictions, feel confident placing bets accordingly. However, if you have a different perspective, don’t hesitate to follow your own instincts and challenge our predictions.

Adjust Our Predictions to Your Bankroll Management

Our CSGO betting picks always come with recommendations on how many units to bet, taking into account the level of risk involved. However, it’s essential to adapt our predictions to your own bankroll management strategy. Whether you’re conservative or more aggressive, feel free to tailor our picks to suit your approach to managing your bankroll effectively.