All CS2 & CSGO Callouts

Many small or large updates come to CS:GO at regular intervals. Some of these updates are related to maps and may include detailed changes. For example, in the past, mid doors could be seen from the T base on the Dust 2 map. However, with an update, the area where players were ambushed with AWP was removed from the game. Such situations require players to be extremely careful and knowledgeable, especially about maps. If you want to be one step ahead of your enemies in competitive matches, it is very important to provide pinpoint information to your team. That's exactly why we thought we should prepare an article on CSGO calls.
In our article, we will share the callouts of all the maps you can find in CS2, both competitive and classic. Moreover, it is not easy to memorize all these calls. However, we will draw your attention to the points you need to pay attention to, starting with the most important ones. For all the remaining callouts, it will be enough to play that map a lot. In addition to all this, if you have friends with whom you constantly play CS2, we recommend that you advise them to learn map callouts. In this way, you can help your surviving friends more by providing accurate information as a team and will help you climb  the CS2 ranking system much faster.

Why Are CS2 Map Callouts Important?

Knowing every point of the maps in CS gives you a great advantage. Then, you can notify your teammates when you die or encounter a sudden rush. At this point, every word that comes out of your mouth is vital. Thanks to the correct information you give to your teammates, you can clearly explain the location of your opponents. Of course, it is not even possible to do this without knowing map callouts.

However, at this point, you don’t need to force yourself to know every single callout. It will help you a lot at first to know the more popular zones like A, B, Mid, or Car. If you are playing the game with a player who is new to CS2, you can probably see that they only give certain information. Unfortunately, most players may not know exactly which callouts the randomly placed box behind them has. Veteran players know almost all the explanations by heart because they have been playing CS2 for a long time. Sometimes, when you receive information, even you may not know what that place is.

Today, we are solving this problem once and for good. We will talk about the callouts of all maps in CS2. If you are ready, let’s get started right away.

CS:GO & CS2 Map Callouts

Here, you will now be able to take a look at the CSGO callout details with individual map names. You can also memorize by checking the visuals under each heading.

Dust 2 Callouts

We think everyone knows Dust 2, one of the oldest and most famous maps of the Counter-Strike series. Most of the regions on this map consist of points that almost every player already knows. However, to explain it briefly, you will first encounter the A and B sides that are close to each other. Then, there is the Mid door where the CT base spawns and the MID section is located after the door. Likewise, you have the opportunity to observe the point where the Terrorists will arrive by looking at Long from the A-side area. Another important point is short. You can also go to the Short from the A side, and this area allows you to take a look at the MID.

The B side consists of points such as tunnels, windows, fences, and cars. You can use points to go to the A plat area, such as outside long and double doors, within the T base. Of course, there are dozens of different callouts other than the ones we have listed. However, since you are a beginner, it will be enough for you to memorize what we have mentioned for now. For more, you can take a look at the Dust 2 callouts already included in the image.

Overpass Callouts

Overpass is a very old CS:GO map, just like Dust 2. There are typically two C4 setup areas on this map: site A and site B. It is possible to see callouts such as toilets, mid, A long, and A short from where CTs spawn. Likewise, upper and lower tunnels within the T base are some of the most important places you should pay attention to. Additionally, if you are trying to infiltrate the B site, we think you should pay attention to callouts such as water, short tunnel, and tracks.

Beginner players do not have much information about Overpass callouts because it is not very popular. Finally, we would like to point out that Terrorists have more advantages on this map.

Cache Callouts

If you are looking for the simplest map in terms of callouts in CS2, we definitely recommend Cache. In Cache, you can see the A on the right of CT spawn and the B on the left. Since it is a very small map, quick clashes with Terrorists can happen in Mid. In general, the callouts you need to know are Quad, A Long, A main, and Highway. For a B site, it is useful to pay attention to points such as heaven, checkers, and B halls. For the terrorist side, the most critical points to contact the opponent are A long, Outside A, Garage, T boxes, sun room, Boost, A long, and A main.

In general, the fact that A and B sites have wide roads allows players to provide information more easily. Density and low number of objects prevent complex callouts.

Ancient Callouts

We continue our CSGO callouts article with Ancient, which has become a favorite of the players thanks to its dark theme. On the Ancient map, the first section that draws attention is the section called Split, which provides a long transition to A. From here, terrorists can infiltrate the site through Hall. Entering site B is much more difficult than site A. B doors, lower B Long, and Ramp are critical areas to pass here. The center of the map, the middle part, is quite complex.

CS2 players can access site A and site B from various points here. However, since there are many callouts at this point, it is extremely difficult for a beginner to provide information.

Mirage Callouts

Although Dust 2 is the most popular map in Counter-Strike history, Mirage is also loved by almost all players. The fact that the map is easy to understand allows beginner players to provide information easily. The most important feature of the Mirage map is that the C4 setup areas are extremely large. When you start the game with CT, you have the chance to protect both site regions through the mid. For T’s, the only way to enter the B site is to pass through the apartments, which is a narrow corridor. For A site, the palace and ramp can be used.

In particular, it is essential for players to memorize certain areas on the Mirage map. These are the palace, market, window, jungle, rat hole, balcony, connector, cart, and kitchen, respectively. Since all these areas we have mentioned are specifically stated, they have a better place in the minds of the players. By the way, even though we say Mirage is an easy map, we would like to point out that there are still some complex callouts. For example, it is possible to see interesting callouts such as triple, tetris, sandwich, fire box, e box, and chair in the A and B sites.

Vertigo Callouts

Vertigo CS:GO is considered one of the most difficult maps in the game, as it has been constantly updated since its release. Although the map was extremely popular when it was first released, it became unpopular due to Valve’s inability to balance it. However, due to its design, it is still indispensable for competitive games.



If we take a look at CSGO callouts for Vertigo, it has two different levels like Nuke. However, the map does not have large roads and areas like Mirage and Cache. In general, you can see that it has complex roads and narrow corridors. C4 setting points in the game are possible by starting from the lower level of the T’s and reaching the upper level. Because all bomb setting areas, that is, site A and site B, are located upper. At this point, areas such as A ramp, Mid, B stairs, and B sidewalk are very important. CTs should meet and try to destroy the Terrorists at this point whenever possible.

Inferno Callouts

Inferno, perhaps one of the most changed maps in CS:GO, has become a favorite again with CS2. By design, Inferno has very important locations for both CT and Terrorists. When you start the game with T spawn, the only area you can use to go to the B site is Banana. However, at this point you can feel the intense pressure of the CTs over the car and top mid. You may need to play strategically in this exact area.

For A site, mid, 2nd mid, back alley, and stairs callouts come to the fore. Terrorists can infiltrate A site to the top mid and A long via stairs. Additionally, the B site is extremely difficult for terrorists to take over. Because, at this point, CTs can open crossfire from the garden and tree. In general, if you are just starting out, we recommend that you memorize certain callouts in Inferno. These are banana, garden, mid, top mid, stairs, balcony, and pit dosir, respectively.

Nuke Callouts

Nuke has a map consisting of two levels, just like Vertigo. However, you have the opportunity to set the bomb both at the top and bottom of the map. After spawning, both sides of the game can see each other from the outside area. However, there are still some minor callouts in between. For example, CT red and T red are two regions that see each other. At this point, terrorists can enter the B site from the secret area. Likewise, it can proceed from outside and install C4 from main to site A.

B site, on the other hand, has the most complex and narrow areas of the game. Since there are two different entrances, it can be really difficult for CTs to defend this place. You can create difficult times for CTs, especially when entering tunnels secretly. Another important point is the windows, doors, decon, and vents that see the B site. When terrorists are in large numbers, they can make a sudden raid on CTs by peeking here from different points. The same Ts may experience serious difficulties in making the same defense when C4 is located.

Anubis Callouts

Anubis is one of the maps added to the competitive mode pool with some updates. Since it became active with the last update, we decided to add this map to our CSGO callouts article.

If you are a beginner and see the Anubis map for the first time, you will probably be very confused. Because although there are not many callouts on this map, the complexity is at the highest level due to the map structure. However, as a terrorist, you can access site A and site B from two points, the middle. For example, it is possible to infiltrate the B site by entering the B main from long. Likewise, you can raid the B site by moving to the connector via the channel.

For site A, you can first use the upper section and then the boat section with your team. Likewise, you can enter the cave via mid and canal and peek at site A through the glass. For CTs, site B also has ninja, temple, and back site areas for crossfire. For the A site, you can ambush terrorists coming from mid through Temple. In general, we think that the map is easy to memorize if you practice it a little and play it constantly.

Office Callouts

Office is one of the maps in CS2 without a bomb-setting mechanic. It has gained the appreciation of the players because it is one of the oldest maps of the game. The general purpose of the map is for terrorists to resist for a while while protecting the hostages. At this point, CTs must raid inside, neutralize the terrorists, and save the hostages.

Due to its general design, the map has large snowy areas. After spawning in the CT spawn area, players can reach the front yard, and from there, they can move to the front section through the main hall. However, these points have advantageous areas for terrorist players using AWP. We can explain these regions with callouts such as front stairs, copier, and achieve.

Another important point is the garage yard. At this point, there is a good peek point for terrorists with garage windows. Likewise, CTs can leak into elevators via garage stairs. Since there are so many callouts in the Office map, you may experience confusion if you are a beginner. However, we can say that you should pay attention to some CSGO calls. These Office callouts are as follows: Garage yard, front stairs, main hall, paper, projector, front hall, long hall, side hall, front office, snowman, bathroom, elevators, kitchen, and mid.

Train Callouts

The Train map is very similar to Nuke and Cache due to its game mechanics. Terrorists try to detonate a bomb near the power plant. Classically, we can say that the CT side made an effort to defuse the bomb. If we go back to train callouts, we will first see the trains in site A and site B. It is possible to reach these trains from different points. When you start the game as a terrorist, you can instantly access A site from the Kitchen. Likewise, it is possible to reach site A on the CT side by using two different regions via the CT tunnel.

Site B also has a corridor through which terrorists can safely advance through Brown Halls. You can make a sharp entrance to site B using the B ramp and upper B areas through this corridor. CT can defend by using back sites and trains. Now let’s talk about some Train map callouts that you should definitely know in general. These are B halls, blue, green, red, white, yellow, oil, showers, pigeon, and Ivy.

Cobblestone Callouts

Next is Cobblestone, the last map of our CSGO callouts article. This map is sometimes added and sometimes removed from the competitive pool with some updates. In general, players who like to use AWP often prefer to play on the Cobblestone map.

The extremely wide open areas on this map offer a serious advantage to players using AWP. For example, A long, statue, CT ramp, connector, and B site have incredibly large areas. Only the inner parts of the castle, namely regions such as D’ore, upper halls, and snake, have a narrow and complex structure. If you want to learn map calls in detail, we recommend you take a look at the image above.