Global Elite CS2 Rank Overview

Obtaining this rank within CS2 is a great achievement and demonstrates true ability. In this rank, you tend to find the best players, even regular professional players struggle to achieve this prestigious rank.

How Good Is The Global Elite Rank?

Global Elite is the highest rank in the ranking system. You can’t get any higher than Global Elite in CS:GO. Most players that play in CSGO can only dream of achieving this rank.

This is certainly a breathtaking skill level that heavily relies on muscle memory, utility and amazing game sense.

Most games in Global Elite CSGO will require perfection playing maps and incredible team play to sustain the rank. Every ranked match is incredibly tense at this level and requires a significant amount of concentration to compete in the Global Elite Global Offensive ranking system.

If you are lucky enough to achieve the Global Elite rank it puts you in the top 0.75% percent of the player base.

Global Elite is the highest within the ranking system and ranks just one above Supreme Master First Class.