Do You Need Prime To Get A Rank In CS2?

Counter-Strike players were treated with a free upgrade to Counter-Strike: 2, but it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. 

CS2 is notoriously known as one of the most competitive video games, which is why players queue up for ranked matches to test their skills and improve—it’s the main attraction of the game. Unfortunately, new players cannot dive into CS2’s ranked matches immediately. CS2 ranks are only awarded to players with Prime Status.

What Is Prime In CS2?

The Prime Status in CS2 is a premium package that rewards members with numerous perks and benefits. 

The main features players can receive by having a Prime Status include:

  • Access to Prime Protected matchmaking, reducing the chances of playing with/against hackers or griefers.
  • Eligibility to receive item drops such as weapon skins, weapon cases, and graffiti sprays.
  • Most importantly, players with Prime Status can play in CS2’s ranked modes, Competitive and Premier modes.

Players must reach for their wallets to reap the advantages of Prime Status in CS2, as the service is not free. 

Do You Need Prime For CS2 Rank?

The answer is yes; players need to have a Prime Status to get a rank in CS2. 

Prime is necessary for players to queue for Counter-Strike: 2’s ranked modes, which are mainly Competitive Mode and Premier Mode. Competitive Skill Groups and Counter-Strike Premier Rating are only awarded to Prime Status players.

To receive a CS2 rank, a player must play in either ranked mode. But having no Prime Status means you won’t be able to play ranked matches in the first place.

How To Get Prime – Is CS2 Prime Free?

Now that we’ve understood how important Prime Status is for unlocking the complete CS2 experience, we bring bad news: Prime is not free. 

You must spend $14.99 to purchase the Prime Account Status package, which will directly give your account Prime Status. The $14.99 price point could slightly differ depending on your region and country’s currency.

The Prime Account Status package is a one-time purchase and will protect your account with Prime features permanently. It can be bought directly from the in-game store page, and once purchased, it will immediately be activated on your account. It is not a monthly subscription where you will be billed monthly!

It is important to note that players who have paid for CS:GO back when it costs $14.99 will automatically have their accounts protected with a Prime Status. If you feel like you have a Prime Status without actually purchasing it, that is the reason why. 

Is CS2 Prime Worth Getting?

Having to pay $14.99 to play a “free-to-play” game might sound like a scam, but we promise that Prime Status is definitely worth buying in CS2, only if you are looking to spend hours in the game.

CS2’s main appeal comes from its ranked modes, as players look to become better and have their improvements reflected by their ranks and medals. You’re not really playing Counter-Strike to its full potential if you don’t try climbing the ladder and playing against real, competitive opponents.

CS2 Prime is already worth purchasing if you want to play the game on a weekly basis. As mentioned earlier, it is a one-time purchase and does not follow a subscription model. $14.99 for potential years of entertainment should be a no-brainer.

Additionally, Prime Protected players can receive Weekly Care Packages, which include free weapon skins and cases. Active players can fulfill the weekly requirements to get these packages and sell the rewards on the Steam Community Market. Slowly but surely, players will eventually accumulate the $14.99 investment by selling these free items.

Not having CS2 Prime will place you in unprotected matches, meaning there’s a high chance of meeting hackers in the game, which is obviously not fun. 

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