Counter-Strike 2: How To Get The CS2 Hidden Achievement

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In Counter-Strike there is only one CS2 achievement, in this guide we will show you how to complete this achievement.

Before the release of CS2 within CSGO it had a plethora of 167 achievements you can complete. This is a lot less within CS2. There is one secret achievement within CS2 – But it’s not visible.

The CS2 hidden achievement has a lot of users confused, in this article we will show you what you have to do to receive this hidden achievement.

How To Get The Hidden Achievement In CS2

To get this achievement, you simply need to get a multi-kill in any game mode of your choosing, you need to complete the match for this achievement to complete.

Fastest Way To Get The Hidden Achievement Within CS2

The fastest way to get this is simply to play deathmatch or free-for-all all, as by doing so you will have many players that you can take out. This will make it faster and is the best way to get this achievement in the fastest way possible to get multi-kills, it must be noted to get this just one achievement that once you have got the kills you must complete the match to be rewarded with your achievement.

Are There Any Other Achievements Within CS2?

As of this date, there are no more achievements within CS2, but with there being plenty of achievements within CS2, we wont be surprised if the developer Valve adds more to this only one achievement in Steam the future. This is due to CS2 being in the new beginning of its life cycle.

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