How to Get The CSGO Service Medal

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive did not only introduce the concept of custom weapon finishes, but also extra pins and tokens you can equip on your in-game profile for everyone to see. These can vary from pins based on the design of a map logo, trophies or coins that showcase one’s successful predictions at a CS:GO Major Championship, and the ever-iconic Service Medal. New players may often check out an opponent or teammate’s profile and see a bunch of coins dating back years before they’d even heard of the game and wonder to themselves how to get a CS:GO service medal of their own.

How to Get Service Medal CS:GO/CS2

The method in which one can earn a Service Medal in Counter-Strike 2 is the same as it was in Global Offensive. Beginning from the start of each year until the end of December, players who hit Level 40 Global General on their experience rank can opt to reset their accumulated XP points to earn that year’s service medal. In the event that a player has already claimed the year’s service medal before, they can reset a maximum of five more times to give their medal a different color signifying the efforts they’ve shown by playing the game constantly.

Currently, there are six different tiers to a service medal. The default tier comes upon a player’s first XP reset, giving them a gray service medal. For 2024, the next five colors are as follows: green, blue, purple, pink, and red. Due to how difficult it is to earn experience points even when playing consistently and the amount of time a casual gamer plays CS:GO/CS2, the pink and red service medals are some of the rarest tokens in the game. Even most professional players never earn the last two service medals despite having their entire careers dedicated to Counter-Strike.

How to Earn XP Faster

The most surefire way to earn XP faster is by simply playing as many games as possible. Every week, the game gives players an experience boost until they complete the maximum points at that level and essentially rank up. From there, the XP gains will be minimal until another full week has passed and the boost returns to your account. Playing full-length competitive matches will grant the most experience out of any game mode, but casual and deathmatch also give you a boost towards earning the Service Medal. Sticking to competitive can get brutal and draining, so if simply earning XP is the goal then moving to more relaxed game modes will help in the long run.

During a CS:GO/CS2 operation, there are also XP boosters available upon availing of the operation pass. Completing the operation’s missions also grants more experience in addition to the usual game modes available in Counter-Strike.

When Did The Service Medal First Get Implemented?

The Service Medal was first introduced to CS:GO in 2015 along with the implementation of the experience points ranking system. The concept was originally the same – attain Global General at Level 40 and press reset for a shiny, new medal. The 2015 Service Medal was the color blue and it was the only color available for months but in November 2015, the first additional tier was introduced. Players who hit Level 40 for a second time could reset their accumulated XP for an upgrade into a purple Service Medal. Starting in 2016, however, multiple tiers were available to be claimed and the starting color was changed to gray.

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