Glock-18 Grinder Pattern Guide

Glock 18 - Grinder Pattern Guide

The Glock-18 is one of the most used weapons in all of Counter-Strike, and how could it not be? It is the default starting pistol of the Terrorist side and the singular option in that weapon slot, making it an inevitable part of every single CS match. With such an extremely high usage rate, it becomes no surprise as to why players look for different weapon finishes for the Glock-18.

In comes the Glock-18 Grinder, one of the oldest yet unfortunately forgotten skins for this classic weapon. The design resembles that of a steel grinder, coming in a monotone gray and black colorway featuring geometric shapes. Though dated and not as flashy as the more recent skins to have been released, it still holds value especially for some collectors. For a select few patterns, they can be considered as a rare Glock Grinder. These are the variations that come with a majority black playside with hints of red, having as minimal gray as possible.

What Is The Glock-18 Moonrise?

The Glock-18 Grinder first made its way to CS:GO on November 11, 2014, as part of the Vanguard Collection. It is considered a Restricted or “Purple” skin, making it a significantly rare drop from opening a case. Its value currently ranges anywhere from $1to upwards of $7, depending on the float value and whether or not it is a StatTrak weapon.

Glock-18 Moonrise Star Patterns

Out of the 1000 different seed values included with the Glock-18 Grinder, only a select few have the sought-after “black” pattern.

The Darkest of All: Glock-18 Grinder Pattern #384

This seed value of the Glock-18 Grinder is the darkest one anyone can buy and is considered by the skin community to be the very best pattern for this specific weapon finish. It only has minimal silver hues on the “play side” of the gun but is darker on the top side of the barrel compared to any other pattern.

Silver Medal for A Slightly More Silver Skin: Glock-18 Grinder Pattern #916

This specific pattern of the Glock-18 Grinder is nearly identical to the #384, however it falls to second place by having trace amounts of silver visible on the top side of the gun whereas the seed considered to be the best in the game has none.

Other Grinder Patterns

All the other Glock-18 Grinder Black Patterns currently in Counter-Strike are listed as follows:


Tier 1 384, 916
Tier 2 811
Tier 3 907
Tier 4 79, 176, 298, 737, 916, 933

Glock-18 Grinder Black Pattern Price

The Glock-18 Grinder with a darker look than usual can certainly fetch an overpay from the standard market price. However, since the Grinder in itself is an inexpensive skin and one that is commonly found, the overpay for this specific skin will not be too expensive. With a common market value of around $2-3 for its best float values, one can expect a Tier 1 Moonrise Star Pattern to cost $5 or $6 on third-party sites such as CS.MONEY or any other local community trading center.

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