How To Get Better At CS2

Counter-Strike seems like a very straightforward game. Win rounds by killing players. Simple, right? However, non-CS:GO players don’t know that the game features one of the highest skill ceilings in all competitive games. Though learning and understanding the game is easy, it’s not easy to be GOOD at it. 

With the CS:GO community being a very competitive environment, it’s only natural that most players yearn to improve their skills at the game and climb up the ranks as proof of progression. In this article, we’ll go over ten crucial aspects players must master on how to get good at CS:GO. 

Familiarize Yourself With The Core Weapons

If you’re new to the game and ask yourself, “How can I improve in CSGO?” the first and most crucial step is understanding the available weapons. 

One of the most important aspects to master in CS:GO is the spray pattern of weapons, especially the core rifles such as the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S. Most of the time, you’ll purchase these weapons and pick them up from the ground. 

For other weapons, such as pistols and SMGs, you should at least understand how they work in case a situation arises where you either have to purchase them or scavenge some from a dead body. Though you don’t have to conquer every gun in the game, you should at least have a basic grasp of how to use them so you don’t look like a fool. 

However, you should gradually begin putting more weapons up your arsenal once you get the hang of the main ones. With CS:GO being a game that demands players to adapt to different situations, decent experience with every firearm in the game helps you get on the right track to becoming a good CS:GO player. 

Practice Your Aim And Crosshair Placement

Though game understanding and teamwork are undoubtedly important aspects of the game, the ability to aim is undeniably the most important skill to possess in a first-person shooter like CS:GO. 

Every professional Counter-Strike player, even aspiring ones, undergoes aim training routines to keep their crosshairs and mouse movements sharp. No matter how talented you are, there is a zero percent chance you can become a good CS:GO player without any practice. 

These training routines can be relaxed or intense. Players could sit on an aim trainer for hours or simply play one deathmatch game every day. Whatever the routine, the most important factor is consistency. Make sure you get those sessions on a stable schedule!

Additionally, crosshair placement is something you must conquer; it’s one of the most essential facets of aiming. Having your crosshair positioned near head level at all times minimizes the distance your mouse needs to move, allowing you to waste less time when aiming at an opponent’s head. 

Understand The Different Shooting Styles

In CS:GO, there are three main ways to shoot weapons. Though these styles vary in difficulty, they are primarily distinguished depending on the situation. 

Here’s a brief explanation of each shooting style and when to use them:


Bursting – When you shoot 2-5 bullets at a time and then allow your weapon to reset its spray control, you are putting heavy emphasis on controlling these few bullets, looking to kill your enemy with a headshot during a “burst.” Bursting is best used in mid to far-range gun fights. 


Spraying – is when you hold down your left click and let your bullets loose. Shooting more bullets means there is a higher chance of some connecting, but you must understand the spray patterns for the weapon, or else you’ll be shooting all over your target. It is best used in close to mid-range gun fights. 


Tapping – is when you shoot bullets one by one, timing them to follow when your weapon resets. When tapping, you are looking to properly aim your crosshair for every shot. This is the perfect shooting style for players with incredible crosshair placement and accuracy since you need to make every shot count. It is best used in long-range gun fights.

Use Audio Cues To Your Advantage

Have you ever seen someone get flamed for not wearing headphones while playing Counter-Strike? Not playing with the volume on is unacceptable, as sound and audio cues are among the game’s most important sources of information. 

By listening carefully, you can gather every sort of intel on your opponents. You can tell what weapon they’re using, their exact position through footsteps, and what grenades they have just thrown. All of these serve to be helpful information that will help you make your next decision.

For example, if you hear that your enemy has just shot an AWP, you will understand that they need a second to reset their scope, which becomes the perfect time to pounce. Or, if you hear an enemy’s footsteps right around a corner, you can peek them with a huge advantage since you know exactly where they are. 

Familiarize Yourself With All The Maps

One compulsory method to improve as a CS:GO player is to learn all the Active Duty Maps. These maps include Mirage, Inferno, Overpass, and Nuke. Understanding all possible positions on the map and where your enemies could be hiding is critical.

Understanding where your opponents may be allows you to make educated decisions and prepare for gun fights. You can pre-aim your crosshair at common positions, giving you a massive advantage in upcoming engagements. 

Knowing the ins and outs of a map will also enable you to become a more effective Counterterrorism player. You’ll understand which areas to control and which choke points will give you a favorable advantage. 

Being familiar with all the locations on a map will also allow you to give teammates helpful callouts, which is vital for performing well together and developing strategies to tackle issues as a unit. 

Make Proper Use Of Grenades

Grenades, often referred to as “utility,” is another vital aspect of how CS:GO is played. The grenades in CS:GO are comparable to your spells in MOBA games like DotA 2 or League of Legends; they change the behavior of enemy players if used effectively. 

Smoke grenades negate vision from certain spots, allowing players to take map control. Enemy players will be too scared to push through the smoke, allowing you to find an advantageous position behind it before it fades. 

Flashbangs are arguably the most helpful type of grenade. The game even allows you to carry two of them. A good flashbang setup from a teammate can lead to free kills. You can also learn to execute pop flashes to set up kills for yourself!

When appropriately used, molotovs and HE grenades can put enemy players into uncomfortable positions, often forcing them to take an unfavorable duel. Sometimes, you can even kill opponents with these grenades without seeing them!

Communicate Effectively With Your Teammates

Though you may think “improving” yourself in CS:GO means becoming a better player individually, it’s still important to remember that it is a team game. Learning how to pass information to your team efficiently is vital to becoming a more “valuable” rather than a “good” player. 

Keep your team updated on your current position and your next move, and pass on any information that enemy players are doing, such as how many players you heard near you, how many grenades are being thrown, and any other relevant actions. Heck, get your team hyped after they win a round to boost morale!

Though there are many things you can call out during a round, make sure you are not over-communicating, as talking too much will clog the comms. Your teammates may not be able to talk over you, might lose focus, or be unable to listen to footsteps. 

This is why good communication requires practice. You will have to find the perfect balance between giving enough callouts and not too many. 

Warm Up Before Playing A Match

Why do football and basketball players warm up before each match? Though you’re not necessarily moving too many muscles when playing CS:GO as you would playing sports, performing a quick warmup before hopping into a competitive session is essential.

Counter-Strike demands precision, so it’s crucial to get into form before playing a game. Even if you’ve only been off the game for eight hours, you will still lose touch. After all, a lack of a single millimeter in mouse movement will cause you to miss. 

Warming up in CS:GO can take 5 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on how long you’ll be playing. 

One way players warm up is to hop into an aim training map and shoot several bots, for example, 50 bots or 100 bots. Though these bots are usually stationary, they will serve as good target practice to help the player get a good feel for their flicks and mouse movements, which is exactly what you want in a warm up. 

Another effective way to warm up is by joining a deathmatch lobby. In a deathmatch, you are put up against real players, which gives you actual combat against targets who are moving and shooting back. Usually, players play one or two deathmatch games to get heated.

Manage The Economy Properly

Just like in real life, finances are significant in CS:GO. Money doesn’t grow from trees, so it’s vital to understand how to keep your own and your team’s economy in check by spending these funds carefully. 

You must coordinate with your team to synchronize your purchases. If the team has a “mixed buy,” where some players are fully equipped with rifles and grenades, while others only have a pistol with no armor, there is an imbalance in firepower, making it easy for enemies to take care of. 

Though you might not have the power to control what your teammates buy, you should at least understand how the economy works in Counter-Strike. Learn when you should perform an “eco” round, a “force buy” round, or a “full buy” round. 

Additionally, it becomes handy to understand the kill rewards players get from various weapons. Most SMGs offer $600 per kill, while rifles offer $300. If you know your enemy will be on a low buy, buying an SMG allows you to farm money from killing unarmed opponents. 

Optimize Your In-Game Settings

One of the greatest parts of CS:GO is the flexibility players have to adjust their game settings.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How do I get better at playing CS:GO by changing my settings?” there are a few key aspects you should look to tweak:

  1. Crosshair settings –  Finding the perfect crosshair directly impacts your ability to aim and be precise. Look for the right color and size, ensuring you don’t get too distracted by it. 
  2. Mouse settings – Test out numerous DPI and sensitivity combinations to find the best mouse sensitivity. Most professional players play on low sensitivity to improve precision.
  3. Resolution and aspect ratio – Playing on a 1280×960 resolution and 4:3 aspect ratio stretches your screen, making bodies wider and easier to hit. Though this resolution makes the game less visually appealing, it helps players land their shots. 

Keep in mind that all in-game settings are entirely down to personal preference. There are no “best” settings, and copying a professional player’s settings will not result in immediate improvement. However, using these professional settings as a reference can be an excellent way to start. 

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