First CS2 Major Details – PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024

As the first Major Championship for CS2, it will be a historical event, in this article, we will discuss all the key details so you are prepared for when the first CS2 major starts.

Where Is The First CS2 Major 2024?

The first CS2 Major will start on March 17th and end on March 31st and will take place in Copenhagen’s Royal Arena. The Royal Arena is one of the best facilities for an E-Sport competition. A top venue for Counter Strike, it has hosted the first-ever non-major CS2 Event and the Blast Premier Fall Final in 2023.

The first CS2 Major will start in Copenhagen on March 17th, starting with the opening stage. Then the sixteen teams fight during this stage, with only the top eight teams advancing to the final elimination stage and the bottom eight teams leaving the event.

The first-ever CS2 Major playoffs stage begins on March 28th. During the Playoff Stage, the final eight times will battle to become the first-ever CS2 Major champions.

PGL CS2 Major Copenhagen 2024 Changes

Valve decided to switch up the three stages that are included within the main event. Previously the stages where known as the Challenger Stage, Legends Stage, and the Champions Stage. They have now decided to go with something more understandable, as they are now called the Opening Stage, Elimination Stage and Playoff stage.

What Teams Are In The First CS2 Major In 2024?

Based on Valves regional standings, some teams have the opportunity to skip open qualifiers and the opening stage and will progress into the closed qualifiers. This is certainly a great advantage for those participating teams as it gives a better preparation for the major title.

Invites can also be received for the opening stage for the RMRs. This provides a final chance for organisations to secure a spot in the Opening Stage which was previously called the (Challengers Stage) with its new updated tournament format.

Reaching this stage can be incredibly important, especially for those smaller teams. Winning the major is certainly the aim for teams with its $1,250,000 prize pool, whilst also receiving a direct invitation to the Blast Premier World Final 2024.

Reaching the opening stage the included teams will receive a logo sticker and player autograph stickers for their inclusion in the CS2 Major Copenhagen.

Invites to this stage are given to those who have participated in the champions stage, which is now stated as the elimination stage, at the previous major.

Who Are The PGL CS2 Major Contenders?

As CS2 is a fresh new version of Counter Strike the CS2 Major Copenhagen will certainly be one of the more unique tournaments, with many teams from all over the world who will want to battle it out to become the first major champion and also due to the large prize pool and prize money up for grabs.

One of the Major contenders and favourites is Astralis due to them being from the Danish region and being a household name when it comes to competitive Counter-Strike Global Offensive due to their prestigious history within the competitions, the first PGL CS2 Major will certainly be no exception.


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