The Ultimate CS2 Crosshair Guide

The crosshair in CS2 is the most critical tool for aiming. With aim being such an important aspect to the game, it is vital for players to customize their CS2 crosshair commands properly to improve their aiming capabilities. In this article, we’ll review everything you need to know about the crosshair in CS2. 

All CS2 Crosshair Components

In Counter-Strike 2, there are six primary components to building a crosshair. All of them can be adjusted to form varying crosshairs, so you will have a ton of flexibility when designing your own. Let’s explain each component in depth. 

Crosshair Color

Using an appropriate color for your crosshair is exceptionally vital to performing well in games. Areas in CS2 maps have different brightness and color schemes, so you need to choose a color where your crosshair will suddenly blend in.

The most popular crosshair colors professionals use are cyan, green, or white. These three colors are the safest choice, as they are bright, making them perfect for dark areas such as Lower and Upper Tunnels in Dust II. 

There are exceptions where players use black or yellow crosshairs. At the end of the day, your crosshair color will come down to personal preference and could depend on how good your eyes are with spotting colors. 

Crosshair Thickness

The thickness of your crosshair is significant to ensure your crosshair remains visible to you in most situations. 

That being said, a thicker crosshair will capture more of your attention, making it easier for you to focus on it. However, if you make it too thick, it might hinder your accuracy since the crosshair might be too bulky for you to see correctly. 

Normally, professional players use thickness values between 0 to 1. It is very rare for pros to use a thickness value above 1, as the crosshair becomes too thick that it won’t work properly. Of course, you can mess around with the thickness value and try something like 0.25 or 0.75. 

Crosshair Gap

The size of the gap between your crosshair is something you should carefully consider and adjust. This gap is vital because you are trying to place an enemy player’s head inside it. 

A bigger gap can help you fit an entire player’s head on it, but you must remember that the head size varies depending on how far you are from your target. 

Generally, it is recommended to have a small crosshair gap. A lot of professionals do not live with a crosshair gap, which is why they have set the value to -3, which is the lowest one possible. 

Still, you should try shooting bots with all the different crosshair gap values, as it comes down to personal preference more than the other components. 

Crosshair Length

The length of your crosshair should not be confused with its thickness. The length will determine how big or small your crosshair actually is. The community generally agrees that a smaller crosshair will help you aim better. 

However, if you’re new to the game, a small crosshair might be challenging to get used to. A lengthier crosshair can help you land body shots easily, which is where you would be aiming if you are an inexperienced player.

However, as you climb up the ranks, you are forced to aim for more headshots, meaning a smaller crosshair is the best fit. Try slowly decreasing your crosshair length as you improve. 

Crosshair Outline

Some players prefer not to have an outline for their crosshairs, while some do. The crosshair outline is mainly used to help players find their crosshair easily during hectic situations or bright areas of the map.

By turning on the crosshair outline, there will be black lines surrounding your crosshair, making it easier for you to spot and focus on. Like the other settings, you can adjust how thick the crosshair outline will be. 

However, most players don’t enjoy playing with a crosshair outline, as it makes the crosshair seem a little off. Still, it really comes down to personal preference, so do mess around with it and see which fits you best. 

Crosshair Dot

Last but not least, we have the crosshair dot, arguably the most unimportant component among the six. 

Basically, enabling the crosshair dot will put a dot in the middle of your crosshair. Most players prefer this turned off, as the dot is essentially covering your screen and where an enemy player’s head would be. 

Normally, the only viable way of using a crosshair dot is to use something called a dot crosshair. A dot crosshair means you are erasing the four lines and only using a singular dot as your primary crosshair. 

Best CS2 Crosshair Commands To Copy

Now that we’ve got everything out of the way, it’s time to get your feet dirty and try crafting your perfect crosshair. One of the best ways of doing so is by copying crosshair codes of the best players, finding suitable ones and making slight adjustments to it. 

For reference, here are the crosshair codes of some of the top CS2 players in the world:

Player Crosshair Code
Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev CSGO-sJ5Ek-J6cYd-kPQFV-vpSVO-OfywQ
Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut CSGO-8tdQJ-DVs56-Y8GKL-jCQbP-TA7yD
Nikola “NiKo” Kovač CSGO-XSjbr-eZaTH-Ycpdq-n8zLm-WAR7B
Nicolai “device” Reedtz CSGO-LG5aR-u3qCV-rarKd-tSPBf-ZbJaA
Danil “donk” Kryshkovets CSGO-F9Yik-Giwy9-XkMT3-JVOCx-zwsyM
Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov CSGO-z7zKv-fh3DX-63p7Z-8uwSq-8Er7C
Robin “ropz” Kool CSGO-Yyrjv-BnAsU-L3hrr-SfmLf-6G3tJ
Valerii “b1t” Vakhovskyi CSGO-APzXF-z6fQk-382MW-RcCJm-Q6izO
Can “XANTARES” Dörtkardeş CSGO-xbpe2-E24RJ-YXNuO-pQvt8-ppNAK
David “frozen” Čerňanský  CSGO-CVN3f-b4o5k-5m9LT-45v9z-ZO88F

How To Import Crosshair Codes In CS2

If you’re excited to try out the CS2 crosshair commands of the most respected players in the world, we’re happy to tell you that the process is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to import a crosshair code in CS2:

Step 1: Copy the crosshair code

The first step is quick and straightforward. All you have to do is copy the crosshair code in question into your clipboard. We have provided you with ten crosshair codes to try above.

Step 2: Go to your Counter-Strike two settings page

Next, you must launch the Counter-Strike 2 client and enter your in-game settings. This can be completed by clicking the gear icon on the top-left corner of your game. 

Step 3: Go to Game Settings > Crosshair

In the settings page, navigate to the “Game” settings. Then, make your way over to the crosshair section for obvious reasons.

Step 4: Click “Share or Import”

On the bottom-right corner of the picture of your crosshair, click on the “Share or Import” button. 

Step 5: Paste the crosshair code 

Finally, in the text box provided, paste the crosshair code. Then, click on the “Import” button to save your changes.

Alternatively, you can share your current crosshair code by copying the code in the game. 


In conclusion, the crosshair is a vital tool for aiming in CS2. Though a crosshair entirely comes down to personal preference, there are some common traits of a good crosshair. 

Ideally, you want a bright-colored crosshair that isn’t too thick or lengthy. You want to avoid having a big crosshair gap and it is also not recommended to use a crosshair dot. 

To begin crafting your personal crosshair, using the crosshairs of the best players in the world is a good way to start. These codes can be copied and immediately applied with a few simple steps. 

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