The Best CS2 Crosshairs

The crosshair is the most important tool for aiming properly in Counter-Strike. Believe it or not, finding the perfect crosshair that suits your preferences can result in massive improvement over a short time.

That being said, you must take time to figure out which type of crosshair fits you best. In this article, we’ll discuss the key characteristics of a good crosshair, give you a list of the best crosshairs used by professional players, and explain how you can customize your crosshair. 

What Makes A Good CS2 Crosshair? 

When people say crosshairs and in-game settings come down to personal preference, they really aren’t lying. We all have slightly different playstyles and eyesight, so crosshairs can come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

However, there are specific characteristics that are generally preferred by most Counter-Strike players. So, there’s a decent chance that some of these crosshair traits can help you aim better. 

There are six primary components of a CS2 crosshair. Let’s do a quick rundown of the preferred settings for each:

  • Color: Generally, it is best for players to use bright-colored crosshairs so you can still see in dark places. Therefore, it is highly recommended that players use light green, cyan, or white colored crosshairs
  • Thickness: The thickness of your crosshair really comes down to personal preference. From our research, professional players use thickness values of 0 to 1.5, nothing more than that. 
  • Gap: It is widely agreed that a large crosshair gap is unfavorable because it makes it harder to shoot long-ranged targets precisely. An enemy player’s head appears smaller at a distance, so most professionals use a crosshair gap of -3.
  • Length: The crosshair length directly affects its size, and most players do not like having a big crosshair. A large crosshair can be very distracting, which is why the crosshair length is not recommended to be higher than 2.
  • Outline: 99% of professional players do not play with an outline. An outline will display black borders around your crosshair, which is not something most players want to see. As a result, most crosshair outlines are turned off. 
  • Dot: A dot in the middle of your crosshair will often block an opponent’s head, which griefs your vision of your target. So, almost all professional players play without a dot. However, some players use a dot crosshair, which is an entirely different story. 

Best CS2 Crosshairs Used By Pros

Now that we’ve understood what type of settings the best CS2 crosshairs consist of let’s go over some of the crosshairs the top CS2 players in the world are using. 

s1mple Crosshair Code

Earlier, we were just smack talking the crosshair dot, but s1mple, the greatest player in Counter-Strike history, uses one. He is rocking a tiny green crosshair, and his dot is larger than his lines. 


He is one of the few players who enabled the crosshair dot, and he happens to be the best in the world. Try his CS2 crosshair at your own risk. 


Try s1mple’s crosshair using this code:


ZywOo Crosshair Code

S1mple’s rival, ZywOo, is using a relatively standard crosshair. He is using cyan as his color of choice. His crosshair has a length of 2 and a gap of -3. You will soon notice that these two settings are prevalent among professionals. 


The most interesting part is that ZywOo has a crosshair thickness of 0, which is usually used by younger players with sharp eyesight. 


Try ZywOo’s crosshair using this code:


NiKo Crosshair Code

NiKo is widely considered the most precise aimer in the game, except when he’s in Heaven on the map Nuke. Jokes aside, you should probably try out his crosshair if you want to hit some clean one-taps.


His crosshair is also pretty standard, but one cool thing to note is his crosshair gap of -4. There is essentially no space between his crosshair lines. 


Try NiKo’s crosshair using this code:


m0NESY Crosshair Code

The next CS2 crosshair to try is m0NESY’s who is leading the charge for the younger generation of Counter-Strike talent. He is a big fan of s1mple, which can be reflected by his crosshair, which has a dot. 


The size of his crosshair is probably the smallest one on the list, and it is likely only possible due to his young age where his vision and reaction time is still at its peak. 


Try m0NESY’s crosshair using this code:


XANTARES Crosshair Code

Turkish legend XANTARES is arguably known as the greatest peeker in the game, known for his famous “XANTARES Peek.” He is using a crosshair with a very big gap, which is not something you see everyday. 


You might struggle in long-ranged duels if you copy his CS2 crosshair, so it will take some time to get used to. The rest of his crosshair doesn’t have any more anomalies. 


Try XANTARES’ crosshair using this code:


ropz Crosshair Code

FaZe Clan’s star player, ropz, is recognized as the smoothest player in Counter-Strike, whether it’d be movement or aim. Mr. Kool does not stray away from the norm, as there is nothing too surprising about his green crosshair.


He uses a crosshair length of 2 and a gap of -3, which is very common. This crosshair is as standard as it gets. If you want a safe option, you should consider using ropz’s.


Try ropz’s crosshair using this code:


device Crosshair Code

If you want to be consistent in your games, why not take a page out of Mr. Consistent’s book? Device is one of the most reliable players in the game, and is using a similar CS2 crosshair to ropz. However, he has chosen cyan as the color. 


It’s important to note that device is primarily an AWPer, so your CS2 crosshair doesn’t matter too much when you’re wielding the Big Green.  


Try device’s crosshair using this code:


Twistzz Crosshair Code

North America’s hope is that Twistzz has one of the highest headshot percentages in professional Counter-Strike, so precision is the name of the game. 


We are beginning to see a common trend, as he and NiKo share a very similar crosshair with a -4 crosshair gap. If you want to become a headshot machine, maybe this is what you’re supposed to do. 


Try Twistzz’s crosshair using this code:


electronic Crosshair Code

Former Na’Vi player, electronic, was s1mple’s right-hand man and is considered one of the most prominent riflers in the world. He has impeccable accuracy and spray control, and maybe there’s something about his crosshair that allowed it. 


He has an unorthodox crosshair thickness of 0.6, which is very uncommon and weird. Other than that, his crosshair is pretty standard. 


Try electronic’s crosshair using this code:


rain Crosshair Code 

Rain is the most experienced player on this list. He’s had a very long career but remains in one of the best teams in the world despite pushing thirty. What type of crosshair is this boomer using?


The Norwegian is using a CS2 crosshair similar to his teammate, ropz. He is rocking a thickness of 1, a length of 2, and a gap of -3 – nothing too crazy. 


Try rain’s crosshair using this code:



In conclusion, there is no “best crosshair” in CS2, as it all comes down to your taste. However, there are a few common trends that we’ve noticed along the way, which can act as a reference when you are trying to build your personal crosshair. 

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