The Best CS2 Aim Training Maps

Want to enhance your skills within CS2? See below our detailed guide on the best aim training maps for CS2, within the Steam Workshop.

Aiming is a vital fundamental within Counter-Strike, and is one of the main priorities when learning the game. These CS2 aim training maps will help you brush up on those skills.

Learning to aim properly will take lots of dedication, and judgement to ensure you make the most of the training maps on offer. Spending an hour each day will help you rise through the ranks faster. Aiming is the most important feature, and will certainly help you improve at CS2.

The Steam Workshop has a wide collection of great training maps, if you previously used a CSGO aim training map, then this has been most likely converted to CS2.

CSDB has put together a list of the best maps for warming up or for those simply wanting to practice their skills as a routine. Here you will find the best aim trainers that allow you to incorporate movement at the same time.

Below are the best workshop maps that will allow you to train aim.

Aim Botz

The Aim Botz map is the top pick for a workshop map. This map has a lot of training modes and even offers a free mode. Aim Botz allows you to practice on moving targets giving you the chance to start allowing you to start spray training with ease. Aim Botz is perfect for those looking to learn spray patterns and it’s a great choice for many who are looking for a warm-up before a competitive match, as you can shoot against bots and even make them move.


This C2 training map is great for aim training. This map places you within a shooting range, giving you access to a dot which can be made bigger and also made to be faster. This training map is great for reflex training and combining this with Aim Botz makes for a great course and will certainly improve your performance within competitive games.

DC | Aim & Movement | Training

Another one of the popular aim training maps. It will spawn you into the centre of the desired map, bots will run at you in all different directions, this is one of the more unique workshop maps as it makes for a good warm-up as it allows you to train your recoil control while also working on your movement at the same time.

YPrac Practice

With YPrac you will find the best warmups for real matches, allowing you to improvise your fast aim reflex skills. There are 4 main categories which are, Flicking, Speed, Precision, Tracking & Burst. Each category contains 5 different tasks with difficulty options to choose from. With the main ones being shooting at moving targets in the air. What we like about this map is the aim training choices it offers, YPRAC has quickly risen to become one of the best maps when it comes to improving your aim ability.

Recoil Master

Using ‘Recoil Master’ as an essential tool within Aim Botz can significantly enhance your ability to master spray patterns, making it an indispensable part of your training regimen. Recoil Master provides a great way to improve and learn to earn recoil of all the weapons within the game. Knowing the spray patterns of each weapon allows you to make the most out of the weapon, making sure that you eliminate players faster and more efficiently.

How To Play Aim Training Maps CS2

So have you found the map you want to play? See below for how you can access and play these maps for free!

  1. First, open the map page in the Steam Workshop and click on “Subscribe”.
  2. Open CS2 and click “Play” in the main menu section.
  3. Go to the “Workshop Maps” section and search for your chosen map.
  4. Click “Go” in the bottom right corner, and then click go in the pop-up that comes up
  5. Enjoy your CS2 aim training map!


Aim training maps have a great benefit, allowing you to shoot bots and targets. However, you can easily get used to playing with bots, losing their effectiveness in practice. We also recommend that you practice using retake servers and deathmatch servers as these offer a more in-game experience to that you would find within a traditional competitive game. Aim training using a training map allows you to practice, but they also provide a great way to warm up, without the need to set up your own game within the game menu.

Practising your aim in the context of entering a bomb site can significantly improve your confidence and skills in bomb site scenarios, making it crucial for realistic game situations, this is something that Aim Maps lack, however they are the perfect solution for those looking to brush up and become great at learning spray patterns and aiming skills.

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