Guide On CS2/CSGO Spray Patterns

In the transition from CSGO to CS2, there were major changes in gameplay as well as graphics. For example, the spray patterns of all weapons have some slight differences. For this reason, most players were very worried about the CS2 spray pattern before the game was released. Since everyone was already used to CS:GO’s spray patterns, no one knew what would happen in CS2. However, when the game was released, it was immediately clear that these concerns were unfounded. Because there was no big change in the spray patterns.

We will examine many topics in depth, such as recoil compensation, especially CS2 AK spray. While looking at the spray patterns of all weapons in CS2, we will also try to discuss how to control recoil. Now, if you are ready, let’s get started and take a closer look at the spray that will put you in the pro players category in CS2.

What are CS2 Spray Patterns?

If you’ve just started CS2, you’re probably wondering what the spray pattern is. Spray pattern refers to the shape of the trajectory that bullets follow when you fire a gun continuously in the game. For example, in CS2, open an empty map and move against the wall. Then take an AK or any other weapon and start shooting at the wall continuously. When all your bullets are used up, you will see a shape on the wall as if it were drawn by hand. That shape means the spray pattern of the gun in your hand.


In short, it tells you where your bullets will go when you spray in the game. At this point, professional players try to perfect the spray pattern by controlling the recoil. Of course, we would like to point out that this requires muscle memory and serious CS2 experience.


To be successful in spray control, you need to know the spray pattern of each weapon by heart. More importantly, developing muscle memory becomes seriously important, as you will not remember that spray during the game. Today, we will show you the CS2 spray pattern list in categories. In this way, you will have the opportunity to improve yourself by practicing the game.

What Does Recoil Compensation Do?

Recoil is a compensation technique that players use to counter the recoil of weapons in CS2. Each weapon in the game creates recoil when fired in a certain order, making the bullets uncontrollable. Players are actually trying to control the recoil, at least a little, with the spray pattern. Now, let’s start looking at our CS2 spray pattern list. In this way, you will be able to have information about recoil compensation.

CS2 All Spray Patterns

Now we are ready to move on to the main subject of our article. We will explain the recoil and spray patterns of all weapons in detail.


In CS2, rifles are among CT and T players’ favorite weapon categories. We will now examine the M4A1 and CS2 Ak spray pattern details.


  • AK-47 Spray Pattern

When you start shooting with an AK-47, your first 5 bullets will always go exactly in the direction you aim. Then, the AK’s barrel will start to recoil upwards for up to 11 bullets. In short, it is not possible to recoil the AK-47 after the 11th bullet. If you want to spray well, you can check out the Recoil Compensation tips below.

AK-47 Recoil Compensation
  1. You need to forcefully pull the barrel of your AK-47 downwards towards the target, along with the 11th bullet of your weapon.
  2. Then, after 11 bullets, move your cross slightly to the left and then fire 10 more bullets by moving it sharply to the right. Finally, continue by shifting all your remaining bullets to the left.
  3. The first 2-3 bullets hit the enemy with full accuracy. So try to aim at the opponent’s head as much as possible.
  4. Do not shoot continuously with the AK-47. If possible, pause every 3-5 rounds and continue shooting.


CS:GO AK spray pattern was actually similar in the past. However, we would like to add as a footnote that it gets a little more difficult with CS2.

  • Galil AR Spray Pattern

When you try to spray with the Galil AR, the direction your first 9-10 bullets will go is very important. This weapon’s spray pattern appears to move from left to right. Always moving your cross to the left will greatly increase your chances of landing your bullet.


We strongly do not recommend that you continue firing as it becomes difficult to control the spray after 10 bullets. If possible, fire 2-3 bullets at the same time and pause. It is also very important that you always aim for the opponent’s head. If you are engaging in a close-range conflict, aim at the enemy’s neck and start shooting, your 3rd or 4th bullet will probably hit the opponent’s head.

  • SG 553 Spray Pattern

When you start shooting in the game with the SG 553, you can see that the bullets are moving upward to the right. If you want to control the spray and recoil of this weapon, you need to pull your cross strongly to the left and downwards. Since the best way to use it is with binoculars, we recommend you to use it this way. Additionally, pausing for the first 3 bullets and firing again will help you make accurate shots.

  • M4A4 Spray Pattern

Just as the CS2 AK spray pattern is important for terrorists, the M4A4 is of great importance among CTs. As soon as you start shooting with the M4A4, the first 10 bullets can hit the target with full accuracy. However, chaos begins after 10 bullets. The gun’s spray moves continuously, first to the left and then to the right. Frankly, we do not recommend that you continue shooting after 10 bullets.


However, if you want to shoot, move your cross to the right for up to 20 bullets. Then, fire the last 10 bullets by moving them to the left. However, our final advice would be to fire at least every 10 bullets. Otherwise, as a beginner, you cannot control the recoil of the M4A4.

  • M4A1-S Spray Pattern

The M4A1-S is undoubtedly one of CT players’ favorite weapons. When we look closely at the spray pattern, the first 10 bullets attract attention. When you start shooting the gun, the first 10 bullets move straight and start to rise up to the left.


To check the recoil, you should first try to lower the gun barrel by inclining to the right after 10 bullets. Otherwise, you will not be able to control my life again. Also, since there are 20 bullets in the gun, you should always keep an eye on the magazine.

  • AUG Spray Pattern

Once you start shooting with the AUG, the cross will start to rise up and to the left after the first few bullets. Then, if you continue shooting, you can see the aim shifting sharply to the right. If you want to control the spray and recoil, simply pull the barrel down and to the right. At this point, the best advice we can give you is to try to aim for the head.

  • FAMAS Spray Pattern

Famas may be one of the most difficult weapons in the CS2 spray pattern list. When you start using this weapon, the bullets go up from the center upwards until the 15th shot. After the number of bullets exceeds 15, the recoil moves to the right and left.


The best recoil compensation tactic for Famas is to pause every 2-3 rounds. In short, constantly firing every 2-3 bullets will allow you to make more accurate shots.


Sniper Rifles

Now, we come to talk about sniper rifles, perhaps one of the players’ favorite weapons. If you like using sniper rifles, you can take a look at the spray patterns below.

  • AWP Spray Pattern

There is no spray pattern in AWP. A single bullet hitting the enemy’s body and head will be enough to kill.

  • SCAR-20 Spray Pattern

When you start shooting with the SCAR-20, the bullets will always hit towards the center. If you want to control the recoil, it will be enough to move your cross downwards slightly. Additionally, professional players fire the Scar-20 in a series of only 2-3 bullets.

  • G3SG1 Spray Pattern

The G3SG1 CS2 spray pattern is quite easy. All you have to do is keep the gun’s aim in the center and point downwards. If your opponents are at close range, be careful to shoot quickly without opening the scope. This will save you serious time.

  • SSG 08 Spray Pattern

SSG 08 does not have a spray pattern. One bullet you hit in the head of unarmored opponents will be enough to kill them. It can be used very mobile, especially since it is as light as a knife and provides speed of movement.


SMGs are powerful weapons that can be preferred in eco-tours because they are cheap. Now, we will examine the spray patterns of all submachines in this title.

  • P90 Spray Pattern

P90 may be the most important weapon used by CS2 players while rushing. When you fire this gun, the first 16 to 18 bullets travel rapidly upwards. Exactly after the 16th bullet, you can see the spray making a chaotic movement from left to right.


If you want to control the P90’s recoil, you must lower the tip of the gun hard. As we said before, this weapon is very useful when rushing while moving. Aiming directly at the head will significantly increase your accuracy.

  • MP7 Spray Pattern

The first 4 bullets fired from the MP7 reach the opponent with full accuracy and straight ahead. Then, all the bullets you fire rise slanted to the right. After the following bullets are directed sharply to the left, your magazine will run out.


If you want to control the MP7’s recoil, you need to direct your cross to the left. Additionally, if you engage in close-range combat with opponents, we recommend shooting towards the body. Additionally, for long-distance opponents, it is very important to take a breath and fire again every 3-4 bullets.

  • PP-Bizon Spray Pattern

The first 10 bullets you fire with PP-Bizon will cause the barrel of the gun to move upwards. Subsequent bullets rise sharply to the left. To control recoil, you need to pull the PP-Bizon downwards and to the right strongly.

  • UMP-45 Spray Pattern

The first 3 bullets you fire with the UMP-45 reach the opponent directly. Then the bullets you shoot move upward and left.


For recoil control, we recommend firing 4 bullets at medium and long distances. Also, if you need to scan from close range, be careful to bring the barrel of the gun to the enemy’s chest and pull it to the right and downwards to fire.

  • MP7 Spray Pattern

In the MP7 spray pattern, the first 4 bullets reach the target close together. If you then continue firing, the bullets move chaotically first to the right, then to the left, and then to the right again.


If you want to control recoil for long-distance enemies, firing every 4 bullets will allow you to make more accurate shots. Shooting at the enemy’s body from close range will make it easier for you to target with 100% accuracy.

  • MP9 Spray Pattern

The MP9 is one of the fastest-firing guns in the game. When you start shooting it, the spray rises quickly up and to the left. Then, when you continue shooting, the spray returns to the center again.


For recoil control, it will be enough to try to keep the cross of the weapon on the right and in the center. By the way, it is not recommended to use the weapon from a long distance. It is often recommended by pro players to shoot while moving at close range.

  • MAC-10 Spray Pattern

After firing the MAC-10, the weapon will move upward and to the left. Moving it downwards for recoil control will greatly increase your hit probability. When shooting at opponents from close range, pausing every 3-5 bullets is ideal.


Although machineguns are generally not as important as the CS:GO AK spray pattern, we can say that they are the weapons that attract the attention of players. That’s exactly why we will take a look at the spray pattern of machineguns under this heading.

  • M249 Spray Pattern

The M249 is an extremely heavy weapon, and when it starts firing, you can see that the bullets are directed strongly to the right. To adjust recoil, you should fire by keeping the spray as low and in the center as possible. We would like to point out that otherwise, you will start shooting in a very chaotic manner. Also, definitely remember to crouch with CTRL when using this weapon.

  • Negev Spray Pattern

When spraying with the Negev, you can see the bullets moving upwards quickly. The subsequent bullets move in an extremely chaotic manner, first in the center and then on the right and left.


To adjust the recoil of the Negev machine gun, you must move the barrel of the gun downwards as strongly as possible. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to control the gun. Of course, just like M249, it is recommended to use Negev by pressing CTRL.


In our CS:GO spray patterns article, it is now the turn of Shotguns. If you frequently use shotguns in the game, we recommend that you look at this section more carefully.

  • XM1014 Spray Pattern

When you start shooting with the XM1014 in CS2, the spray will start to rise upwards due to recoil. Pulling the barrel downwards with each shot will make it easier for you to maintain control. We highly recommend aiming at your enemies’ chests from close range. In this way, the second bullet sent after the first bullet you shoot at the chest will directly hit the enemy’s head.

  • Nova Spray Pattern

Just like MAG-7, Nova does not have a spray pattern. Casually, the best advice we can give is to shoot at the enemy from very close range. It is almost impossible to hit your shots from a long distance.

  • Sawed-Off Spray Pattern

We can easily say that there is no CS2 spray pattern for Sawed-Off. Classically, as with all shotguns, it is recommended to shoot at the opponent from close range. Of course, it would be better to aim for the head and chest if possible.

  • MAG-7 Spray Pattern

There is no spray pattern in CS2 for MAG-7. Only the best advice we can give is to shoot at opponents at close range. If possible, it would be better if you aim at the enemy’s head and chest.


Pistols, which are indispensable for eco and pistol rounds, are of critical importance in the game. That’s why we wanted to open a separate title for the spray patterns of pistols. Now, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the pistol recoils.

  • USP-S Spray Pattern

When shooting with a USP-S pistol, bullets rise straight up. To control recoil, you should shoot one by one as much as possible and aim for the enemy’s head. It is important to pay attention, as there are 12 bullets in the magazine. If you hit a bullet in the head of an unarmored opponent, it will be enough to kill him.

  • Glock-18 Spray Pattern

For the Glock-18, the spray pattern moves steadily upward. To control recoil, you need to bring the cross to the enemy’s head level and fire slowly. To shoot quickly, you should shoot towards the opponent’s chest. If you are at close range, we recommend that you switch to three-bullet mode and continue the conflict.

  • P2000 Spray Pattern

Just like other pistols, the P2000 moves upwards when firing. After firing each bullet, you need to aim the cross at your enemies’ heads again.

  • P250 Spray Pattern

Unlike other pistols, the P250 swings slightly to the right and left while moving upwards. However, it is extremely simple to control. It will be enough to shoot one by one as much as possible and aim at the enemy’s head.

  • Desert Eagle Spray Pattern

Unfortunately, it is not possible to spray with Desert Eagle. Because when you start shooting, the recoil moves upwards and disperses in different directions. If you want to check the recoil of this gun, you will need to pause every 1-2 rounds. Additionally, aiming at the enemies’ heads and shooting will increase your accuracy.

  • Tec-9 Spray Pattern

TEC-9 spray moves to the left after the first 4 shots and then continues to move to the right. All last fired bullets are traveling to the right. It is not recommended to use this pistol from a long distance. In recoil control, we recommend that you take care to move the pistol to the left as much as possible while firing.

  • CZ75-Auto Spray Pattern

The first 5 bullets fired with the CZ275-Auto reach the center straight. The shots you make next will cause the cross to move to the right. For recoil control, we recommend keeping the cross in the center and moving it to the left.

  • Five-SeveN Spray Pattern

When using Five-Seven in CS2, your spray always moves upwards with a slight shake. For control, classically keeping the cross in the center and sliding it downwards is sufficient. If you want to play with this weapon, we strongly recommend that you approach your opponents from close range.

  • Dual Berettas Spray Pattern

When you start shooting with dual berettas, your bullets move up and to the right. For Recoil control, aiming at the opponent’s head and moving the cross downwards will make your shots more accurate.

How To Master Spray Control in CS2?

As you can see, the CS2 spray pattern list includes a wide variety of weapons. Therefore, it really takes time to specialize in spraying all weapons. However, enough practice can speed up this adaptation process. Now, we will discuss these 3 methods for becoming a master of spray control. If you’re ready, let’s start.

Practice on Workshop Maps

Many players who play CS2 professionally often practice on workshop maps. While these practices are sometimes related to positioning, sometimes they involve spray control. For example, let’s say you decide to make CS:GO spray patterns. To do this, you must first log in to the game and click on “Workshop Maps” in the “Play” section.

Then, click on “Visit Workshop” at the bottom left of the page that opens and continue by typing “Recoil Master” in the search section. The first thing you will probably see is the recoil master map. You can log in to the game by subscribing to this map.

The Recoil master map allows you to train by showing you the spray patterns of all weapons. You can practice here as much as you want with any weapon you want.

Improve Muscle Memory

Since there are many weapons and recoils in CS2, muscle memory becomes seriously important. That’s why we recommend that you play CS2 constantly in addition to training. Because the best spray control is possible with muscle memory. There is no activity you can do other than constantly playing the game within muscle memory.

Crosshair and Mouse Settings

Perhaps the most important settings for spray and recoil control include cross and mouse. We definitely recommend that you adjust the DPI value and sensitivity of your mouse properly. In such a case, the mouse setting will allow you to move quickly. Because no matter how well you spray, if you cannot control recoil quickly, your enemies will kill you.

At this point, we recommend copying the settings of professional players or making personal adjustments for mouse and crosshair in the workshop maps. We hope our CS2 Spray pattern article helped you improve your gaming experience. By the way, we would like to remind you that there is a special map in the Steam workshop for the crosshair setting. By installing the map, you can change your crosshair with a single click without making any adjustments.

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