Best CS:GO Surf Maps

If you are looking to take a short 10-15 minute break from playing Competitive matches or improve your movement and strafing abilities, hopping on a surf map is what you should be doing. 

Surfing is a non-official CSGO game mode in which players slide across ramps and build speed to go faster. CSGO surf maps challenge players to maintain their momentum while going through obstacles until they eventually complete the map.

If you’re interested in trying surfing, here are eight of the best beginner-friendly CSGO surf maps you can try immediately!


If you ask an experienced surfer what map you should play to learn surfing, I guarantee a handful of them will recommend surf_beginner. As the name suggests, it’s a great map for new surfing players to understand the fundamentals and gain a grasp of how surfing works. 

surf_beginner is a seven-stage map that gets harder as you progress through the stages. Still, it is arguably the easiest surf map to complete. 


The surf_kitsune map is a classic map that every CSGO surfer is familiar with. If you’re trying to join the surfing community, don’t act like a fool by not knowing this map. 

It is a bright neon-colored map, not too focused on visuals, but instead, functionality. The map has nine stages. Most beginners won’t have difficulty getting past the first eight, but the final stage is where the map usually becomes a problem. 


If you’re looking to enjoy the scenery while surfing, surf_mesa is the go-to option. It is the most aesthetically pleasing map, based on an underground mine. Unlike the two previous CSGO surf maps, surf_mesa is linear, meaning there are no stages. 

You’ve probably seen someone play this map when watching YouTube commentary videos, so you will definitely recognize the map once you’ve loaded it. It is a basic map and shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. 


Next is surf_aircontrol_ksf, another traditional surf map that has been around for years. The map is not known for its design but is widely considered the easiest linear map to complete. On average, it takes a player only seven attempts to complete it.

For beginners, linear CSGO surf maps are generally more challenging since you have to go back to the start after falling. The surf_air_control_ksf map is perfect to help you get into the groove of linear maps and practice consistency. 


The surf_utopia_njv map is one of the game’s most “OG” surf maps and a personal favorite. Despite being introduced over a decade ago, surf_utopia_njv remains one of the most-played CSGO surf maps today. 

Similar to surf_mesa, Utopia is another linear map with an elegant design. It allows players to appreciate the visuals while they continuously fail to complete the map. Even if you’ve completed the map, you will go for more runs as it is incredibly enjoyable.  


One interesting fact about surf_summer is that it was created by the household esports organization Fnatic. You can probably tell from the name already, but this map features numerous stages, all backed with the theme of summer. 

The stages include a trip to the beach, messing around in a skatepark, soaking yourself in a waterpark, and more. The map has a well-thought-out concept, but most importantly, it is one of the easier CSGO surf maps to complete. 


Though they have similar names, surf_rookie is slightly on a higher level than surf_beginner. The map has challenging ramps and longer jumps. Players must have a good grasp of building and maintaining speed to complete this map.

The surf_rookie map is another one with stages, but it has significantly more than surf_beginner and surf_kitsune, totaling 18 stages. Though the map isn’t too rookie-friendly like its name suggests, it’s great for players looking to push themselves with a challenge. 


Contrary to surf_summer, surf_whiteout is a winter-themed map. Players are placed in a skiing site, where they have to surf past ramps around the area. Overall, the flow of the map feels incredibly smooth.

The surf_whiteout map has six stages. The first few stages are pretty straightforward, but it does get increasingly more complex, and most newbie surfers tend to struggle. Still, this is a great and fun map for surfers looking to improve. 

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