Best CSGORoll Cases To Open

With a fantastic industry reputation as a fun, reliable gambling website, CSGORoll is a superb choice for enjoying CSGO-themed games such as Coinflip, Roulette, and Dice. Unlike other sites that focus only on games or case openings, CSGORoll offers the best of both worlds.

But what ones should you open? Well, here, we’ll point out all the most rewarding cases to open on CSGORoll.

The Best Cases in CSGORoll

CSGO is more than just a game for some players. There is also an incredible economic side to it that comes along with skins and cases…

People open cases in CSGO for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, opening cases can create a real sense of excitement – similar to opening a mystery box. You can enjoy the thrills of not knowing what you will receive and the possibility of obtaining rare or valuable items.

Additionally, opening cases allow you to collect cosmetic items such as weapon skins, stickers, and character gloves, which you can then use to customize their in-game appearance. These items can make your weapons look even better and add a bit of your character to them – making your gameplay experience even more enjoyable.

Some players even open cases as a form of investment, hoping to receive high-value items that they can later sell or trade on the Steam Community Market. Overall, opening cases in CSGO offers a combination of excitement, customization options, and the potential for monetary gain, which is hard to resist. One of the ways in which players get cases is via CSGORoll – which allows you to open cases based on your budget and get some serious value for money.

Opening Cases on CSGORoll – What You Should Know

CSGORoll offers a feature to open cases in its “Unboxing” section. This section gives you various filtering options based on factors like price and popularity. You can also filter cases by odds, such as 50/50, 10%, or 5%. The site offers great value, is user-friendly and offers a great overall experience.

Cases on CSGORoll range in price from 50 to 100 coins. However, it’s worth noting that the best value cases may not always be the most expensive ones, making price a crucial factor when selecting an ideal CSGO case.

That being said, here are some of the best cases to open when visiting CSGORoll…

The Chickens

Costing around 57.82 coins, “The Chickens” case offers a fun and quirky selection of items. Inspired by the beloved chickens in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, this crate takes a bit more of a fun approach while offering you the chance to obtain valuable skins such as:

  • Bullet Queen StatTrak Glock 18
  • Case Hardened Hydra Gloves
  • Decimator Tec 9
  • Disco Tech StatTrak MAC-10
  • Emerald Dual Berettas
  • Fade MP7
  • Ghost Crusader SSG 08
  • Gungnir AWP Rifle
  • Ruby Butterfly Knife


The “Shockwave” case will cost you around 92.89 coins, making it one of the more expensive options. However, rather than an expense, this case can be viewed as an investment as it offers the chance to obtain rare CSGO skins, including:

  • Cool Mint Moto Gloves
  • Crimson Kimono Specialist Gloves
  • Karambit Sapphire Knife
  • Slaughter Hand Wraps Gloves


There’s nothing quite like the radiant glow of sunshine to brighten anyone’s day. The “Sunshine” case offers you that similar feel-good vibe, boasting some seriously excellent drop probabilities in a crate priced at only 52 coins. Open this case for a chance to receive:

  • Bronze Bloodhound Gloves
  • Candy Apple Glock 18
  • Cold Blooded P90
  • Desert Storm M4A4
  • Firestarter Mag 17
  • Omega Sports Gloves
  • Red Filigree Mac 10
  • Sunset Storm Desert Eagle


The “Trance” case offers a bright, bold and energetic experience, with the potential to drop high-quality CSGO skins. Its neon colors and “vaporwave” design can bring gamers a real sense of excitement and nostalgia, making it the perfect pick-me-up for your CSGO gaming day. Open this crate for a chance to receive cool skins such as:

  • Asiimov AWP Rifle
  • Bloodshot SSG 8
  • Cardiac Scar-20
  • Fade Skeleton Knife
  • Hyper Beast Five Seven Pistol
  • Slaughter Survival Knife

10% Doppler

Priced at around 62 coins, the “10% Doppler” case gives you the chance to obtain some seriously cool items. For fans of knives in particular, you’ll definitely find this case appealing thanks to its fixed odds of dropping high-value blades. Take a chance, and you could receive items such as:

  • Doppler Phase 2 Karambit Knife
  • Doppler Phase 2 Stiletto Knife
  • Doppler Phase 4 Gut Knife

Loaded Case

True to its name, the “Loaded Case” is absolutely loaded with exceptional drops. Priced at around 89 coins, the luckier you are, the better your chances of opening up a pretty awesome gift. This unique crate offers potential drops such as:

  • Dragon Lore AWP Rifle
  • Emerald M9 Bayonet
  • Howl StatTrak M4A4
  • Pandora’s Box Gloves
  • Sapphire Butterfly Knife


In a world of combat – where stealth and precision are indispensable skills … particularly in covert operations, this is a very interesting case to consider. Both counter-terrorists and terrorists must hone all of these abilities to thrive in CS: GO’s very unforgiving landscape and the “Backstab” case offers lucky players the chance to open up the tools needed to master this lethal art. Priced at just 60.63 coins, this crate gives you the chance to obtain:

  • Cobalt Skull Gloves
  • Case Hardened StatTrak AK47
  • Crimson Web Skeleton Knife
  • Crimson Web Survival Knife
  • Gamma Doppler Phase 4
  • Stained Flip Knife
  • Slaughter StatTrak M9 Bayonet

Best CSGO Roll Cases FAQs

Are the Results of CSGORoll’s Cases Trustworthy?

Yes, you can absolutely trust the results of all cases on CSGORoll because the platform operates on a 100% Provably Fair system. This system is built on advanced encryption, which means that you can verify case results through a hash system. With this system in place, no one can manipulate the outcomes of cases.

Can I Take Part in Case Battles on CSGORoll?

Absolutely! You can also compete in thrilling “Case Battles,” where you compete against other players head-to-head to see who can open the most valuable cases.

What are the best cases to open on CSGORoll?

CSGORoll offers a variety of cases, each with its own unique selection of skins and items. Some popular choices among users include the Shockwave, Sunshine, and Trance cases. These cases offer an excellent range of skins and items at different price points – for all preferences and budgets.

How do I decide which case is the best for me?

The best case for you depends on your personal preferences, budget, and what items you’re after. You need to think about factors such as the price of the case, the probability of obtaining high-value items, and the specific skins or items available in each case. What’s more, some users may prefer themed cases or cases with specific types of items.

Are the drop probabilities the same for all cases?

Drop probabilities tend to vary between different cases on CSGORoll. Some cases may have higher drop rates for certain items or offer better overall odds of receiving valuable skins. It’s important that you look through the drop probabilities for each case before making a decision on which one to open.

How can I take part in Case Battles on CSGORoll?

To play Case Battles on the CSGORoll website, simply join a battle lobby and compete against other players head-to-head. The objective is to open cases and accumulate points based on the value of the items received. The player with the highest score at the end of the battle wins the prize.

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