What Does CS:GO Stand For?

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New to Counter-Strike and want to know what it stands for? CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and is one of the most popular first-person multiplayer competitive FPS titles on the market. IN CS:GO there are two teams terrorists and counter-terrorists. With its competitive game mode being a bomb objective.

In the main game mode, the terrorist team will need to plant and make sure the bomb is detonated, it is down to the Counter-Terrorists to stop them.

Other game modes in Counter Strike Global Offensive, consist of a rescue type game mode and a deathmatch game mode, and even custom surfing modes and custom-created match types from player creators, which has only helped the popularity of the game.

CS:GO is certainly one off the biggest E-Sport titles. It has an incredible esports scene, which includes a plethora of competitive tournaments and leagues, often for a huge prize pool.

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