How To Convert Your Valorant Sensitivity To Counter-Strike

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With the highly anticipated release of Counter-Strike 2, players from many different game communities are destined to try CS2. There isn’t a bigger cross between a community that of Valorant as the two games are similar in many different ways as Valorant is seen as a direct competitor to that of Counter-Strike.

See below for our full sensitivity conversion guide to match settings between both platforms with ease.

How To Convert Val To CS2 Sens

To convert your Valorant to CS2 it is quite simple, and can be done with a simple mathematical equation.

  • X x 3.182 = Y

In this equation, the X is your Valorant Sensitivity. The Y part is what your final sensitivity will be and that can be inputted into CS2 for your new converted sensitivity. If your sensitivity in CS2 is 0.75 you will multiply this by 3.182.

This is the mouse sensitivity formula for those wanting to convert mouse sensitivity manually.

Sensitivity Converter

If you do not wish to do the Mathematical equation yourself. A company called Gaming Smart have provided a converter which takes the manual process out for you. In the converter just select Valorant To CS2 sensitivity, enter your sensitivity level from Valorant and it will do the conversion for you in a fast process.

Many hardcore fans of Valorant and CS2 Skins might already know about this, however, for those that don’t this guide may serve as a great importance.


Why Are CS2 and Valorant Sensitivity Similar?

The main reason is that CS2 and Valorant are very similar platforms. Both are tactical shooters that are heavily reliant on mouse dpi, zoom sensitivity and mouse accuracy. If you want to compete in both shooters you must convert Valorant sensitivity to CS2 as this allows for greater muscle memory for competitive encounters. These two popular gaming communities share very similar characteristics and these conversions offer a fine tune for almost every weapon.

Are Sensitivity Converters Safe?

Yep! The third-party website that we provide here is completely safe and requires no login at all. We recommend that you only stick to the Converter listed in this guide to ensure that your game conversions are safe and smooth at all times when wanting to convert your Valorant Sens and want the same sensitivity within CS2.

Do Professionals Use a Sensitivity Converter?

Yes! There are a plethora of pros who play both CS2 and Valorant, and for them muscle memory is key and there is no better way than a direct converted sensitivity. For example Hiko from Team Liquid. He retired from professional Counter-Strike to start his career in professional Valorant. Hiko is developing the skills that he has learnt from Counter-Strike and incorporating this into the Game Valorant, and a huge reason is due to the new sensitivity that he converted from CS2.

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