AWP PAW Rare Seed Patterns

Have you ever wondered what makes CS2 more than an FPS game? Most people probably already know the answer. Of course, we are talking about the market and skin system designed by Valve. CS2’s skin system has spawned a huge industry of its own. The availability of skins for all kinds of weapons and seeds in those skins increases diversity. For example, you may come across dozens or even 1000 different options for the AWP PAW rare pattern.

However, while preparing our article, we realized that most CS2 players are not aware of skin seeds. Players often think that there is only one type of skin. In today’s article, we will talk about the seed pattern as a guide and also list the rare seeds of AWP PAW. Let’s not continue too much and take a closer look at the details of the AWP PAW skin, which is the main subject of our article.

What is the CS2 Seed Pattern?

Before moving on to the main focus of our article, we would like to answer the question of what seed pattern is and what it means for skins. Skin seed values ​​give the skin a unique design. Seeds are usually a randomly generated number based on each skin’s pattern and wear.

For example, let’s say you have two AWP PAW skins. Skins may actually look the same when viewed randomly. However, in essence, there is a different seed value for each skin. These seed values enable differences such as design, wear, tear and intensity to occur in that skin. To give a simpler example, while the Golden Cat appears clearly in AWP PAWN, the Stoner Cat may appear in another seed. In such cases, it can make the value of that skin more expensive and much cheaper.

Seed values are of serious importance only for the cosmetics of the skin. We would also like to point out that seeds cannot be chosen by players in any way. In short, the seed value is randomly generated and applied to the skins.

Seed Values

Seed values for skins vary between 0 and 1000. However, seeds 0 and 1 always have the same appearance. All remaining seeds will be in a completely unique style. Additionally, the skin has a different appearance and wear at each seed value. In some cases, it is possible to see different float values even though two skins have the same seed.

How o Find the Seed Value of a Skin?

Continuing our AWP paw rare pattern article, we now want to talk about how you can see the seed value of the skins you own. Doing this is extremely simple. Just click on the  “I” symbol at the bottom when you click to examine the skin. Here, you will see 3 different features. These features are:


  • Finish style: Shows the current ID of the skin
  • Pattern Template: Refers to the skin seed value
  • Wear Rating: The number here shows the float value of the skin you own.


If you have the AWP paw skin in your inventory and are wondering whether it is valuable, you can look at the details we mentioned above. After learning the seed value, you can look at the table below.

AWP Paw Rare Pattern

The reason why the AWP PAW skin is so popular among players is that it is quite cheap. However, some seed versions can be really expensive. Now, we would like to show you the AWP Paw rare pattern table we have prepared below.


Pattern Group Seeds Details
Golden Cat Tier 1 41, 350 The golden cat is a figure inspired by Japanese culture. In these seeds of the AWP Paw skin, it is possible to find the golden cat in the middle part of the rifle’s body.
Golden Cat Tier 2 19, 35, 177, 531, 581, 624, 644, 675, 744 Although Tier 2 level seed values are not as rare as Tier 1, they are still very important. Golden cats started to move away from the skin center in these seeds slowly.
Golden Cat Tier 3 138, 192, 304, 321, 368, 393, 480, 493, 565, 741, 802, 807, 895, 919, 999 In Tier 3 seeds, AWP PAW, the golden cat figure moves away from the center and approaches the trigger part of the rifle. However, we can still say that this skin is quite rare.
Gold Grenade Patterns Tier 1 429, 926, 954 Next in our AWP paw rare pattern article is the golden grenade figure. In this seed, a small golden grenade appears in the middle part of the skin above the magazine.
Gold Grenade Patterns Tier 2 3, 4, 26, 38, 53, 63, 73, 78, 103, 122, 156, 158, 163, 182, 186, 216, 232, 234, 247, 270, 279, 307, 334, 347, 411, 430, 463, 467, 575, 749, 819, 891, 917, 952, 957, 961 In this seed value, the golden grenade pattern appears a little more at the front of the magazine, not on it. We would like to point out that although it does not affect many rarities, it is not as popular as Tier 1.
Gas Mask Patterns Tier 1 29, 97, 685, 900 In the most central body part of the skin, there is a cat or dog wearing a gas mask. However, judging by the ears sticking out from the top of the gas mask, this could be a cat. Even though it is not very popular, we can say that it can be sold at a high price.
Gas Mask Patterns Tier 2 62, 75, 120 Gas Mask tier 2 is slightly off-center. You can see that the magazine is still at the top, albeit slightly.
Gas Mask Patterns Tier 3 2, 32, 209, 291, 294, 458, 492, 566, 647, 916, 992 At these seed values, the gas mask appears above the trigger or forestock in the skin. Although it is not a very rare image, it is still possible to say that it makes the skin more expensive than its normal state.
Golden Cat W/Knife Patterns Tier 1 212, 628, 737 The extremely rare golden cat carries a sharp knife in its hand. We cannot say that this seed is encountered very often. Naturally, this makes it rare. In addition, the golden cat holding a knife appears in the middle of the skin, that is, at the top of the magazine.
Golden Cat W/Knife Patterns Tier 2 84, 339, 366, 472, 859, 864 The golden cat figure is actually not much different from Tier 1. Even though it is slightly away from the center, it can be easily seen from the top of the magazine.
Golden Cat W/Knife Patterns Tier 3 319, 322, 114, 396, 509, 559, 804, 830, 977, 406 In skins with this seed value, the golden cat can appear above the forestock and trigger.
Stoner Cat Pattern Tier 1 420, 788 The most popular among the AWP paw rare pattern list is definitely the Stoner Cat figure. This figure shows a petrified cat breathing in the smoke from a grenade. At the 1st Tier level, this seed is very valuable and is located at the top of the figure magazine.
Stoner Cat Pattern Tier 2 187, 306 Tier 2 Stoner Cat moves the figure a little further from the center of the rifle.


As you can see, it is possible to see a wide variety of seed values of the AWP PAW skin. Moreover, each seed value enables the emergence of more valuable figures. You can easily understand whether your skin is rare by opening it and looking at its seed value.

About AWP PAW Skin

AWP PAW is a cheap skin with an average selling price between $1 and $12. It has gained the appreciation of CS2 players because it is very cheap and offers rare figures. We would especially like to say that the factory new version of the skin looks extremely colorful.


When we look at the skin a little closer, we can say that the body and final parts of the rifle have been painted. Many cat and dog figures were used in the painting as a design. We would like to easily state that there are many cat and dog figures that look angry, confused, scared, or happy.


Since there are more than 50 cats and dogs, some figures stand out more in this skin. The stoner, golden, and gas mask cats we just mentioned are rare and extremely expensive. This type of seed is rare because it only appears in at least four different seeds among thousands of choices.

How Expensive Are Rare AWP PAW Patterns?

The AWP paw rare pattern list has up to 1000 seed values, which means that there can be a total of 1000 different skins. Since most seeds are similar in appearance, they are not considered rare. However, figures such as Stoner Cat or Golden Cat are extremely rare, as they are seen in only 4 seeds out of 1000 seeds.

When we look at the prices of AWP PAW seeds Golden Cat and Stoner Cat as of 2024, we cannot see clear figures. Because we have already stated many times that they are very rare in the market. In fact, if we take the entire CS2 market as a basis, we can easily say that there are nearly 2000 AWP Paw skins with Stoner or Golden Cat figures in total.

However, despite all this rarity, AWP PAW seeds in CS2 are sold for a few dollars more than the normal price of the maximum skin. The fact that the horizon case and key that the skin comes out of are extremely cheap negatively affects the price of this skin. If you generally like the style and look of this skin, you can buy any of the rare seeds by spending a few dollars more.


We are ready to end our AWP paw rare pattern article with the conclusion section. Today, we talked about a skin that is as cheap as possible but has rare seeds. At the same time, while doing our research, we mentioned that most CS2 players do not know what seed patterns mean. For this reason, we have prepared a seed pattern section as a guide. In particular, we think we can explain how rare skins become rarer with their seed values.

Of course, lastly, we also touched upon AWP paw seeds one by one. We shared with you figures such as Stoner and Golden Cat, which are among the rarest seeds, in detail. Unfortunately, we would like to say clearly that although these skins are very rare, they cost nothing more than a few dollars. If you are thinking of buying the AWP paw skin or wondering how much the skin you have costs, our article has probably been extremely helpful to you.

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