Should I Install CS2/CS:GO On SSD Or HDD?

In the world of Counter-Strike and general gaming, games have often become larger thus increasing loading times.

If you want a more pleasing experience and your game to load faster, we recommend that you install CSGO and all other games you may have on an SSD or an M.2/NVE drive.

You will notice if your games are installed on an HDD, your loading times and fps can be a lot slower.

SSD vs M.2 Vs NVE

Even though these are all good options. M.2 is the best as it is a lot smaller than both SSD and NVE. If you are on a budget you can’t go wrong with putting an SSD in your system. We also recommend you install your operating system on either of these devices, as you can reap faster load times and overall a better system experience. The difference is noticeable when using any of these drives over a regular HDD disc.

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