Guide To Opening CSGO Cases & What To Expect: Tips and Tricks

If you are wondering how CS:GO case opening works, how you can open CS:GO cases and what to expect from unlocking them, this post is for you. To answer all the questions regarding one of the coolest features of CS:GO, we have created a complete CS GO case opening guide.

We will bring you all the information and answers you need regarding CS:GO case opening:

  • An step-by-step tutorial on how to open CS:GO cases
  • A detailed explanation on how CS:GO case opening works (along with odds)
  • Insights on what you can expect from opening CS:GO cases
  • The best tips for making the most out of CS:GO case opening
  • Details about CS:GO case opening at third party sites


Now that you know exactly what to expect from our CS GO case opening guide, let’s start by teaching you how to open cases in the game step by step.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Open CS:GO Cases

It is very easy to open cases in CS:GO, even if you have never done it before. Just follow this straightforward tutorial, so you can start unboxing new skins and items:


  1. Get a CS:GO case from the game or buy one
  2. Get the corresponding key to open the case or buy it
  3. Select the CS:GO case you want to open
  4. Click on “Open”
  5. Choose the key
  6. A short animation will play (you can skip it if you wish)
  7. You will discover what skin you’ve just won


Now you can open all the CS:GO cases you manage to collect from the game itself, or that your budget allows you to buy. Since it’s all automatic, you’ll instantly know what skins you’ve won after the CS:GO case opening animation is over, and such items will be added to your inventory.

If you want to dive deeper into CS:GO case opening, we invite you to check the next section. We will explain to you exactly how it works, including the odds of dropping a rare skin.

How Does CS GO Case Opening Work?

You don’t really need to understand how CS:GO case opening works to be able to buy and open cases in the game, but we recommend you to invest some time into understanding it. Because if you’re serious about unlocking cases to win a rare and highly valuable skin, it’s key to inform yourself about the ins and outs of case opening.

Understanding the CS:GO Case Opening Process and Random Number Generator

Let’s start by talking the process of opening cases in CS:GO, which we have broken down in the following steps:


  1. You buy a CS:GO case or get it from playing the game
  2. You buy the key to open it or you get it from playing the game
  3. You proceed to open the CS:GO case with the corresponding key
  4. The game will display a roulette-like animation
  5. The game runs the random number generator to determine what skin you will get
  6. The roulette-like animation will stop and let you know what skin you’ve just won
  7. The new skin will be automatically added to your inventory
  8. You can use, sell or trade your new CS:GO skin


Just like online gambling games, case opening also uses a random number generator to determine the skin a case will drop. Therefore, it’s 100% fair, because there’s no way Valve or the player can influence the process, as it’s completely determined by the random number generator.

Now that it’s clear how the process behind CS:GO case opening works, let’s talk about the odds, which is a crucial factor to take into account.

Understanding the Odds of CS:GO Case Opening

When opening a CSGO case, your chances of dropping a specific skin rarity will be as follows:


  • Rare / Mil-Spec (Blue): 79.92%
  • Mythical / Restricted (Purple): 15.98%
  • Legendary / Classified (Pink): 3.20%
  • Ancient / Covert (Red): 0.64%
  • Exceedingly Rare Special (Gold): 0.26%


As you can easily see, the most frequent drop you will get when opening CS:GO cases will be Rare / Mil-Spec rated, whereas an Exceedingly Rare Special skin will be the least frequent drop.


For example, you will have to open 391 cases to get a gold-rated drop, which is a lot of money, even if you go for a low cost case such as the Kilowatt Case. 


It’s important to understand the real odds of case opening before indulging into it, because many players believe they will get a rare drop after opening a few cases. But as you can see based on the official data, it’s very hard, and you have to be very lucky to get a rare drop.


This is also key to remember that CS:GO case opening is driven by luck, just like any other gambling game. And this is why we encourage you to look at CS:GO case opening, as a form of gambling, where there are no promised returns. You can win big, and you can also lose big.


If you’d like to learn more about what to expect when opening CS:GO cases, we recommend you to check the next section.

What to Expect when Opening CS:GO Cases

You can expect a lot of fun, and if you’re lucky, the opportunity to get rare and expensive skins to stock up your inventory, or to sell for a steep price tag on the Steam Marketplace or third-party marketplaces like DMarket and SkinBaron.


In most cases, as we’ve mentioned before, you’ll get cheap and common skins. You should be prepared for this. If you want to test it before spending money, you can use a CS:GO case opening simulator. Try opening 500 or 1,000 cases, and you’ll see that what we’re saying is true.


If you use a good bankroll management strategy, you can reduce the risk of case opening. This way, you’ll have more fun and increase your chances of staying in the game long enough to get a rare, exotic, and expensive CS:GO skin.


Now that you’re properly informed about how CS:GO case opening works, the odds and what to expect, we recommend you to check the next section, where we will talk about the best tips and strategies for case opening.

What Are the Best CS GO Case Opening Tips?

Before you go all in on CS:GO case opening, we recommend you to read this section carefully. Below, find the best tips and strategies to open CS:GO cases like a pro.

1. Create a Bankroll for CS:GO Case Opening

The first step is deciding how much money you are going to use for opening CS:GO cases. The biggest mistake you can make is spending money mindlessly, as it’s going to hurt your finances badly and turn CS:GO case opening into a painful and bitter experience, instead of a fun one.


Our advice is to only use money you can afford to lose. So, if you have $500 of disposable income, you can use anywhere from $100 up to $500 for opening cases. As it’s money you don’t need to cover your basic needs such as food and rent, you can use it for “gambling” on opening CS:GO cases.


If you’re just testing the waters, we recommend you to focus on winning cases by playing the game. First, get the Prime status so you can get weekly drops, which will bring you a chance at dropping rare skins.


Once you have collected a fair share of free CS:GO cases, use only a bit of money to buy cases in-game, on Steam or your preferred third-party marketplace. Spend the money to learn how CS:GO case opening works and feels, before you increase your bankroll

2. Set Up Bankroll Management Rules

After deciding how much you will spend on case opening, it’s time to set up bankroll management rules:


  1. Profit Goal: If you manage to drop a skin that brings leaves you in profit by 5%, 10%, 20%, or your preferred value, you call it a day and end the case opening session
  2. Loss Limit: If your bankroll has been reduced by 5%, 10%, 20%, or your preferred value, you proceed to finish the session, before it starts killing your bankroll.


This is how you need to handle CS:GO case opening, and you will manage to stay long enough in the game to score a rare and exotic drop.

3. Choose High ROI CS:GO Cases

Sites like CSROI freely disclose what are the latest CS:GO cases with the highest ROI. Therefore, we recommend you to visit it, to find what cases are the “safest” at the moment, so you can focus on opening them to increase your chances of winning a value skin.

4. Do It for Fun and Entertainment

Finally, remember to open CS:GO cases for fun and entertainment. While you can win exotic and expensive skins, doing it for enjoyment with money you can afford to lose will relieve the mental and emotional pressure of trying to make money. This will allow you to truly enjoy case opening and make better decisions with a clear mind.

Is There a Secret CS GO Case Opening Trick?

No, there’s no secret CS GO case opening trick. There’s no hidden technique or strategy that will allow you to get a rare knife or pair of gloves when opening CS:GO cases, because as we have previously mentioned, there’s no way to alter the odds of case opening.

We have already disclosed what the real odds of CS:GO case opening are and how the process works, and based on the fact that everything is decided by a random number generator, there’s no trick, hack or strategy that can influence it.

Therefore, if you ever read a guide stating they have a “hidden trick” to increase your chances of dropping rare skins from CS:GO cases, stay away from it because it’s going to be full of lies. Because none has been able to hack the random number generator of CS:GO cases, and chances are it will remain this way for a very long time.

Other than running a proper bankroll management strategy, and choosing high-ROI cases, there’s no “trick” you can use for CS:GO case opening. Because it all will be determined by luck, so all you can do is to minimize the risk and control the potential losses, while you attempt a chance at dropping a highly valuable and rare skin.

Is CS:GO Case Opening the Same at Third Party Sites?

It’s pretty much the same, the only difference is you don’t have to buy keys to open cases at third-party sites, so it’s considerably cheaper than opening CS:GO cases in-game. And this is one of the main reasons why thousands of players prefer third-party sites like CSGOLuck and CSGORoll for opening cases, instead of the official game and Steam.

If you’re concerned about third-party case opening sites not being fair, you don’t have to worry about it, because as long as the site is licensed, audited and uses Provably Fair, you can rest assured the case opening outcomes will be 100% random, verifiable and fair.

Furthermore, third-party sites offer a bigger variety of CS:GO cases, including those which only contain specific types of skins, thus increasing your chances of dropping your preferred CS:GO items.

If you want to give this a try, make sure to only play at licensed and reputable sites, and to make it easier for you to enjoy the best CS:GO case opening site experience, here you have a list with the top platforms nowadays:


  • CSGOLuck
  • CSGORoll
  • CSGOEmpire
  • Farmskins
  • Hellcase
  • CSGOFast


They all offer welcome bonuses of free cases on registration, bringing you even more reasons to bring third-party CS:GO case opening a try.

Final Words

This is all for our guide to opening CS:GO cases and what to expect. We hope it answered all of your questions, so you can start opening cases and winning new skins to add to your inventory.

If you still want to know more about CS:GO cases, feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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