When is the Next CS2 Operation?

The anticipation for a new CSGO operation is reaching a fever pitch, and people are getting itchy. New operations really can ignite excitement in the Counter-Strike community, introducing us to fresh cases, skins, and, occasionally, even new operation maps. However, the latest operation, Operation Riptide, is now over two years old, and there’s no exact release date for the next.

With that, let’s delve into a speculated release date for the next potential operation in 2024.

The Speculated Release Date for the Next CSGO Operation

Valve has remained tight-lipped regarding any potential news about an upcoming CSGO operation, but there are some suggestions that one may be on the horizon. One such hint is the recent release of a new case. The Kilowatt Case became available in February 2024, offering players a chance to discover and unlock new content.

While some may have anticipated a new CS2 operation as part of the biggest update to date, it seems we’ll need to exercise patience a little longer. Valve has demonstrated a clear commitment to pleasing its players – and a new operation would be an ideal opportunity to showcase it.

Understandably, the community is growing restless. Games like Valorant receive continuous support, leaving CS players desperate for similar treatment. To pass the time, some players are starting to look into CS2 community modes like Surf – while others are staying engaged with the esports scene in general. Valve really needs to make sure it keeps its players informed so they won’t be tempted to take their custom to competing games when they get tired of waiting.

If past operations serve as any indication, Valve might have something major in store for players. It appears they’re starting to look at brand new ways to innovate within the traditional CS:GO framework, introducing new modes with each operation.

The previous operations have introduced short competitive games, that cater to players with limited time.

Historically, new operations have come as a complete surprise. There’s usually no build-up or no prior announcement, and they’re released as part of a routine update. As such, we would recommend you keep an eye on CSGO and CS2 esports news, as this is where you’ll find the first hint at the release of the next new operation.

Previous Operation Release Dates

The last CS:GO operation, Operation Riptide, launched in September 2021. While this isn’t yet the lengthiest wait players have had to endure for a new operation (that title goes to Operation Hydra and Operation Shattered Web). As of February 2024, this record has been matched, and with no operation in the Kilowatt Case update, anticipation for the next one is mounting.

CS2 has experienced a decline in player numbers since its initial release hype. This is the perfect opportunity for Valve to introduce a new operation and revitalize player engagement – they need to do something to get players back.

Here are the complete release dates for all Counter-Strike previous operations to date:

  • Operation Riptide: September 21, 2021
  • Operation Broken Fang: December 3, 2020
  • Operation Shattered Web: November 18, 2019
  • Operation Hydra: May 23, 2017
  • Operation Wildfire: February 17, 2016
  • Operation Bloodhound: May 26, 2015
  • Operation Vanguard: November 11, 2014
  • Operation Breakout: July 1, 2014
  • Operation Phoenix: February 20, 2014
  • Operation Bravo: September 19, 2013
  • Operation Payback: April 25, 2013

As you can see, excluding the 29-month anomaly, the wait for a new CS2 operation isn’t usually any longer than a year. Therefore, the current wait is highly unusual for Valve, and we are definitely expecting a new operation to arrive for CSGO in 2024.

COUNTER-STRIKE 2 MAJOR + UPDATE? The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is confirmed to be the first Major for CS2, scheduled for March 2024. With the inaugural Major approaching soon, we anticipate the release of a new operation around the same time.

When is the Next CS:GO Operation FAQs

What Are Counter-Strike Operations About?

Each Operation will normally introduce a selection of community-created maps for players to compete on in competitive matchmaking. Previously, you would need to purchase an Operation pass to participate, although this changed for later Operations. Additionally, you’ll get access to Operation missions, which will give you different objectives that reward XP upon completion. Valve also tends to release new cases and skins during Operations, making it a very exciting time in the CS community.

What Was the Longest Ever Operation in CS:GO?

The longest CS:GO Operation to date was Operation Hydra, which ran from May 2017 to November 2017. This operation featured a huge amount of content, including the introduction of the popular Wingman mode, which is now a fixture in CS2 matchmaking. Despite its popularity, the seven Operation Hydra maps – Agency, Austria, Black Gold, Insertion, Lite, Shipped and Thrill, were not permanently integrated – although remnants of the operation, such as the Operation Hydra Coin, are still visible in-game.

What Was the Very First CS:GO Operation?

The very first CS:GO Operation was Operation Payback, which ran from April 2013 to August 2013. Unlike more recent Operations, Operation Payback didn’t offer any new content apart from new maps, which included – Downtown, Favela, Library, Motel, Museum, Seaside and Thunder.

Unfortunately, these maps were removed from the game files in 2016, which made them unplayable. It’s sad to see the disappearance of some of the game’s early legacy in this manner.

Where Does the Money From CS:GO Operations Go?

Valve uses CS:GO Operations as a means to support the creator community. Historically, a big chunk of the revenue generated from Operation passes has been allocated to the map creators that were showcased in each Operation. This practice helps to create a great community of creators who are always generating fresh content for the game.

Why Is a Counter-Strike Operation So Important?

CS:GO Operations are important for a number of reasons. Firstly, they introduce new content, such as maps, new weapon skins, and cases, which revitalize the game and keep players engaged. Secondly, Operations are a great platform for community creators to showcase their work and receive recognition and financial support from Valve. As well as this, Operations often come with rewards when you complete missions, which is a great incentive for players to participate – giving them a real sense of progression. Overall, Operations play a major role in keeping players interested, encouraging community creativity, and basically contributing to the ongoing success and popularity of CS:GO as a competitive eSport.

How Regular are CSGO Operations?

CS:GO Operations are not on a fixed schedule and vary in frequency. Usually, they are released anywhere from several months to over a year apart. While there is no set pattern, Valve tends to release Operations in response to community demand – and to inject exciting new content into the game. Various factors – such as community and player feedback and development priorities, all influence the timings and frequency of CS:GO Operations.

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