What Is The Tick Rate For CS2?

Throughout the Counter Strike Global Offensive era, one of the biggest complaints was the lack of sub-tick updates, due to them having a playable 128-tick rate server or even introducing its own through its complete life cycle.

Counter-Strike is heavily reliant on movement and fluidity, due to the game’s complex aiming and gunplay mechanics and competitive nature.

Fans around the globe have always wondered when this in-game performance will be applied, as players have found themselves playing at ESEA or FaceIT due to the lack of 128-tick servers. Luckily at CSDB, we are here to tell you if 128 higher tick rate servers are available in the new game CS2.

CS2 Tick Rate

There is good news and bad news

The bad news is that there are no 128-tick servers within Counter Strike 2. Each official competitive match that partakes on the servers will be 64 ticks. If you want to play on a true 128-tick server. Then you can still play on third-party platforms such as ESEA and FaceIt as previously mentioned.

The good news is that Valve has created a brand new sub-tick system which is called sub-tick architecture. Counter-Strike has developed this into the game as a fresh outlook on the original 128-tick servers and decided to take it one step further and create its own identity and managed to produce its own unique tick rate architecture.

One such change has seen a great response within the community with more and more players now deciding to play on official servers

This system allows for better motions and a better responsive server, just like what you would find with a normal 128-tick server, with the exact moment you press a key or a click being as crisp as possible. Just with a different architecture but both server types feel incredibly similar to one another and certainly a big implementation and improvement over the original Counter Strike Global Offensive


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