How to Customize the C4 Code in CS2

Did you know you can customize your C4 code in Counter-Strike? When it comes to customization, CS is the king amongst all first person shooters, and if you’d like to learn how to change bomb code CS:GO, or the C4 code in CS2, this guide will guide you step by step.

Tutorial on How to Customize the C4 Code in CS2 (CS:GO)

Let’s go straight into the steps you need to follow to fully customize your C4 or bomb code in CS2 and CS:GO.

1. Download FontForge

The first step is to download the program FontForge (you can download it here), which will allow us to edit the system font Courier New to customize the C4 code. To understand it, CS:GO (CS2) uses the font Courier New for the numbers of the bomb code, so all we are going to do is to replace it with our own values so we can see our preferred code in the game.


Therefore, before we proceed, it’s important to warn you that editing this font file will affect other programs and aspects of the system. For example, if you replace the values “7”, “3”, “5”, “6”, “0” and “8” for “P”, “I”, “Z”, “A”, “:”, and “D” to get the bomb code “PIZZA:D”, you’ll see the same changes in other programs using the same font. Take this into account before customizing the C4 code.


After downloading, executing and installing FontForge, it’s time to download the Courier New font file.

2. Download the Courier New Font File

You can download the Courier New font file from here, and then simply locate it in a folder you can find easily through FontForge. For example, you can place it on the desktop, so you can find it fast and easy.

Now, we recommend you to create a backup copy of the font file as well. In case you end up affecting other programs or features of the system you frequently use, this backup file will restore everything back to default without problems.

3. Open FontForge and Execute the Font File

Now it’s time to open FontForge once again and click on the desktop or your preferred folder, then click on the font file and finally click on “Accept” to open it so you can start editing it to customize your bomb code in CS:GO (CS2).

4. Edit the Courier New Font File to Change the C4 Code

Once you have opened the file, it’s time to edit it with your own C4 code. All you need to do is to find the big numbers from “0” to “9”, and since the original code of the bomb is “7355608”, we need to edit corresponding values accordingly. 


Let’s say you want to change the code for “SUMMIT-”, you’ll need to copy the corresponding letters from the same font file and paste them in the slots of the corresponding numbers. In this case, you’d need to replace the values this way:


  1. “7” = “S”
  2. “3” = “U”
  3. “5” = “M”
  4. “6” = “I”
  5. “0” = “T”
  6. “8” = “-”


And here you have the comparison of the font file before and after applying the changes:


Original Font File

Edited Font File to display the custom C4 code “SUMMIT-”


If you want to use your own code, simply edit it accordingly following our example. Just copy and paste the letters into the right number slots and you’ll have your custom C4 code in no time.

5. Save the Changes

Now simply save the changes to the font file, click on “File”, click on “Generate Fonts”, select “True Type” and assign a name to the new font file you’ll use for the C4 code (for example “pizza.ttf”), and then click on “Generate” so you can get the new font file.

Now all that’s left is to open the new font file, install it and that’s it – now you can go ahead, play CS:GO and you’ll see your new C4 code being used when planting the bomb.

Why Do Players Believe It’s Possible to Change the C4 Code?

Players started to believe it was possible to change the bomb code after discovering that the script file “give_all_items.cfg” had a item listed as “weapon_c4_customcode”, which induced the idea it was possible to replace the original code “7355608” for another one of your choice.

However, this item, along with others present in the same script file, were never implemented, hence they do not exist in-game. Therefore, trying to use “weapon_c4_customcode” as a command via console to alter the original bomb code won’t work as it’s not coded in CS:GO or CS2.

Therefore, it’s impossible to change the bomb code in CS:GO or CS2 via the developer console, but you can accomplish it by following our tutorial, which is the only available way to customize the C4 code as per your requirements.

Is it Safe to Change the Bomb Code in CS:GO?

Yes, it is safe to change the bomb code in CS:GO (CS2) as it won’t get you banned. It’s not forbidden by Valve to customize the C4 code, as it won’t alter the normal mechanics of the game. You are just playing around with the system font, and it’s 100% fine according to Valve.

Furthermore, since you cannot alter the C4 code via console commands, there’s no way you will cheat when playing the game. It’s impossible. Therefore, it’s 100% safe to customize the C4 code by following our instructions, because we have done it multiple times without problems.

Even if you choose to go ahead with an unconventional word to customize your bomb code in CS:GO or CS2, you can do it and there won’t be any risk of being VAC banned, as you’re not using forbidden commands or software to cheat.

Will All The Players See The New C4 Code If I Change It?

No, only you will be able to see your new C4 code if you change it following our tutorial. There’s no way you can apply this change for all the players to see it, especially since this feature isn’t coded into the game.

This is another reason why we say it’s 100% safe to change the bomb code in CS:GO, because only you will be able to see the changes. Therefore, it won’t alter the normal mechanics of the game in any way and hence won’t lead to a VAC ban, or even getting banned from a private server or game.

Furthermore, as this change doesn’t require you to execute any command, you can do it even if you’re not the server admin or host. You don’t need admin rights to change the C4 code and see the results yourself.

Therefore, feel free to go as crazy as you like with your custom C4 code, because only you will be able to see it, so feel free to assign any word or combination of numbers for the bomb in the game.


This is how you can customize your C4 code in CS:GO and CS2 easily and without risking a ban. Let us know what you think about this tutorial in the comments, and if you have any questions, just leave it below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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