How To Play CS2 On FaceIT

Valve introduced Premier mode in Counter-Strike: 2, which includes neat features and is a massive upgrade from CS:GO’s matchmaking system overall. However, we can all agree that the lack of a proper anti-cheat system prevents players from having fun playing Premier. Above 15,000 elo, you’re going to meet a hacker once every three games.

As a result, the FACEIT platform remains the best choice for players to play pick-up games. FACEIT has a functional cheating prevention system, and has a more accurate representation of ranks. In this article, we’ll guide you through the entire process of how to play CS2 on FACEIT servers. 

What Is FACEIT, and Why Is It So Popular?

FACEIT is a third-party esports platform based in London, United Kingdom. It is a competitive gaming platform that allows players to play with like-minded people who want to improve.

On FACEIT, players can expect to:

  • Play Counter-Strike matches
  • Join tournaments 
  • Play under a developed ranking system
  • Improve their game

FACEIT is incredibly popular in Counter-Strike because it provides players with a competitive environment, an advanced matchmaking system, leagues and tournaments, and, most importantly, a very effective Anti-Cheat program that weeds out hackers quickly. 

How To Play FACEIT CS2 [Step-by-Step Guide]

Here is how you can create a FACEIT account and play CS2 on their third-party platform.

Step 1: Create A FACEIT Account

The first step to playing on the FACEIT platform is to create an account on their website. Go to the official FACEIT website and press the “Start Playing Now!” button on the home page. 

You will be redirected to the website’s sign up page. You must enter your email address, create your nickname, and fill in personal information, such as your name, birth date, and country. Don’t worry, all your data will be safe on FACEIT. It is a platform used by millions of players daily. 

Additionally, you should confirm your account through an email verification code. You will have to confirm it later anyway so it’s better to get it done earlier.

Step 2: Register Counter-Strike: 2 As The Game You’re Looking To Play

After creating a fresh account, you will have to select which games you’d like to register for. FACEIT doesn’t only provide services for CS2, as they have dozens of other titles such as Overwatch 2, PUBG, Dota 2, and Valorant.

On the FACEIT website, click on the three dots at the top right, then click the “Your Account” button. Then, go to “Game Settings” and click the “Add Game” button. 

Here, you can select which games you’re looking to play. Click on Counter-Strike: 2, and add any other games you’d like to play while you’re at it. 

Step 3: Connect Your Steam Account To FACEIT

Now that you have registered CS2 as a game you want to play, the next step is to link your Steam account to the FACEIT platform. Remember that FACEIT is a third-party website, so it does not have direct access to your Steam account, which is why this step is necessary. 

Go to the “PLAY” section of the website. You should see yourself in a party alone. Then, click on the “Connect Game” button. FACEIT will display a pop-up, telling you to connect your Steam account. Log in to your Steam account like you normally would.

Then, FACEIT will request some permissions to access your Steam account. They will need to:

  • See your Steam ID
  • See your Friends List
  • See your Steam Library

None of these permissions put your account at risk, so you don’t have to worry about your account being vulnerable to getting hacked. These are all general information to help FACEIT find matches for you. 

Step 4: Download And Run FACEIT’s Anti-Cheat

Before you are ready to play FACEIT matches, the platform will require you to download its Anti-Cheat software. This software will scan your computer for any cheats or hacking clients.

You need to understand that the reason why many players prefer FACEIT over Valve matchmaking is because there are zero cheaters on FACEIT, making the game more enjoyable. So, it is a necessary step to download the Anti-Cheat client, which is proven to be stronger than Valve’s Anti-Cheat (VAC).

Once you have downloaded the installer, run the program. After waiting for it to scan your files, you will be asked to restart your computer to complete the installation. 

Step 5: Queue For A FACEIT Match

After you have successfully run FACEIT’s Anti-Cheat program, you will be eligible to play matches on the platform. You can queue for matches using the official FACEIT website on your browser, or also use the FACEIT client. 

Before finding a match, you can add your friends on FACEIT and invite them to your party. Once you’re ready to go, click the orange “PLAY” button to get in the queue for a match. 

All fresh accounts will start with 1,000 elo, which will place you at Level 4. There might be an apparent skill disparity in your first few matches, as you might be too skilled for other Level 4 players, or you might also be unqualified for Level 4 and drop down to lower ranks. 

Think of your first matches on FACEIT as placement games. Try your best, and you will eventually be placed in an appropriate skill group. 

Step 6: Connecting To A CS2 FACEIT Match

The FACEIT website or client will notify you when a match has been found. You will have to go through a map voting process, where you will see a list of your teammates and opponents in the game. The voting process is similar to CS2’s Premier matchmaking map veto phase. 

When the voting process is completed, you will be provided with two ways to enter the FACEIT match:

  • Option 1: Press the “Copy” button to copy the server IP to your clipboard. Next, launch CS2, then paste the server IP into the developer console. Once you enter the command, you will connect to the server immediately. 
  • Option 2: Click the “Connect Via Anticheat” button. Clicking the button will immediately launch Counter-Strike: 2 and load you into the server. However, you must ensure that CS2 is up to date, or else it won’t work properly. 

Is FACEIT Better Than Premier Mode?

Overall, FACEIT provides a better matchmaking and gameplay experience than CS2’s newest Premier Mode. 

There are three main reasons why the FACEIT platform is deemed superior over CS2’s matchmaking system.

Less Hackers And Smurfs

Most players who still play Premier matchmaking can agree that there is a massive infiltration of cheaters, as Valve’s Anti-Cheat system has become significantly weaker since the release of the new game.

FACEIT has developed a much-stronger Anti-Cheat software that detects third-party programs that give players a competitive advantage. It has become mandatory for all players to run the Anti-Cheat program to queue for a FACEIT match. According to FACEIT’s data, only 0.45% of matches on the platform is affected by cheating. 

Additionally, FACEIT’s Anti-Cheat program can also combat multi-accounting, in other words, smurfing. The platform has made ID verification enforcement more aggressive to weed off suspicious new accounts, so there are way less smurfs on FACEIT compared to Premier matchmaking. 

Advanced Matchmaking System

FACEIT also boasts a more sophisticated matchmaking system that allows players to partake in fair matches. Unlike the old matchmaking system in CS:GO, all players can transparently see their elo and how close they are to ranking up. 

You will rarely play in one-sided matches, as FACEIT’s ranking system accurately represents skill levels, ensuring all matches are as balanced as possible. FACEIT also has elo cap restrictions when queuing in a party, so no player can be boosted by their friends who are leagues above them. 

Users who subscribe to the premium version of FACEIT can also play in “Super Matches”. In Super Matches, the matchmaker will take into account a player’s preferences and create matches that align to their wants. 

Improvement In A Serious Environment

Most of FACEIT’s player base consists of competitive players who strive to become the best. In FACEIT matches, you won’t see people giggling around and trying funny strategies. Everyone is here to win and test their abilities.

Being placed in this type of environment can help you improve your skills as you practice against other like-minded players who strive to become world class professionals. You can train in a competitive atmosphere while pushing through FACEIT’s custom ranks.

If you’re not looking to commit too much effort into getting better, and simply want to have a good time, you might not enjoy the FACEIT experience. 

How To Play CS:GO On Faceit?

It is the dream of most players to rank up smoothly and make fair matchmaking in CS2. However, starting from CS:GO until CS2, Valve could not solve the problem of cheating, server, and fair matchmaking. It would not be an exaggeration to say that smurfs and cheaters are seen in almost every game. In exactly such an environment, the question “What is faceit CS:GO?” arises.

In short, Faceit is a system that aims to offer you much more fair matching by analyzing your elo and level in detail. Since there are professional players like you in the system, you can have an exciting and competitive environment as well as a completely non-toxic experience. In today’s article, while we will touch on all the topics we have just summarized, we will also talk about how you can join Faceit and all the other details. If you are ready, let’s get started and take a closer look at whether you are suitable for Faceit or not.

What is Faceit in CS:GO?

When you started playing CS2, you probably noticed that Valve’s matchmaking system is cumbersome. Constantly encountering cheats or competing with players who are not suitable for your elo can be incredibly annoying. For this reason, most players have the question “What is faceit in CS:GO? in their minds”.

First of all, you need to know that Faceit is a platform that does not use the matching system offered by Valve and has created its network entirely. There is a very detailed elo system in the system, where players who are members of the network can establish competitive CS2 lobbies.

We would like to point out that CS2 players, especially those who want to develop and become professionals in the field of e-sports, prefer Faceit. This means that close-knit matches will take place, far from toxicity. If you want, you even have the chance to form a team with people who think like you. Because Faceit has its own FPL (FACEIT Pro League). In this pro league, you can fight for the grand prize and climb the e-sports ladder.

CS:GO – Should I Play Faceit?

Now let’s come to the last question that thousands of players are wondering about; CS:GO should I play faceit? To be honest, the answer to this would definitely be yes. Because Valve’s overwatch and competitive matchmaking system is unfortunately extremely inadequate. At least in one of every two matches, a cheating player can come to either your team or the opposing team

However, things are quite different for Faceit. Thanks to the Anti-Cheat and Account Verification system on their clients, they have taken strict measures against cheats with multiple accounts. The probability of encountering cheating in a competitive match played on Faceit is extremely low. Considering all this, if you want to be a professional and enjoy the game you play, you should choose Faceit.

How to Start Playing with Faceit in CS2?

To start your CS2 career with Faceit and improve yourself, you will first need to follow certain steps. Under this heading, we have prepared a guide where beginners can enter competitive matchmaking with Faceit in minutes.

Of course, before this, you should not forget the requirements you need to join Faceit. The first of these requirements is to have played CS2 or CS:GO for at least 25 hours. Also, don’t forget to make your Steam account public in the settings before registering. Now let’s take a quick look at how you can play CS2 on Faceit.


  • Sign Up to Faceit: The first thing you need to do is go to the official Faceit website and click on the “Create Account” button at the top right. Afterward, you will see a section where you need to enter your e-mail. After that, you will then need to fill out a detailed registration form. After filling in your specific information such as name, surname, country, and date of birth, you will have completed the registration process.


  • Verify Your Email: After this entire registration process is completed, Faceit will send you an email to verify your account. Verify your account using the code in the email and log in to the Faceit official site.

You can complete the registration process in seconds. Now it’s time to set up Faceit Client and Anti-cheat.

Faceit Client Set-up

There are two different setup files for Faceit that players must download. The first of these is Faceit Client and the second is the Anti-Cheat application. Under this heading, we explain step by step how to set up both of them in minutes.


  • Download the Client: After logging in to your Faceit account, you will see “Download Client” at the top of the site. As soon as you click this button, the client file will be downloaded to your computer and you will be able to install it within minutes. Do not forget to log in to Faceit via the client.
  • Choose CS2: After logging in to Faceit, click on the “Play” button and then click on the “Connect Game” and “Connect Steam” buttons under CS2. With this process, you will be ready to connect your Steam account to Faceit and play the game.
  • Install Anti-Cheat: After all these connect operations, you should install Anti-cheat as the last step. To do this, simply click on the “Anti-Cheat” button located at the bottom left of the client. Since an extra anti-cheat program will be downloaded, we would like to point out that you should restart your PC after installing it without any problems.

That’s it! Now you have learned what CS:GO Faceit is and how it can be played. Now all you have to do is click on “Matchmaking” from the “Play” menu on the client and start looking for competitive matches. We would like to remind you that after the match search starts, you will see a screen where you must accept the game with a beep sound. Afterwards, you will be ready to join the lobby where team captains can choose a map and play.

Elo System Details

In addition to the question “What is faceit in CS:GO?”, another issue that most players are curious about is the elo system and Faceit levels. The most important reason for this is that the elo system makes the game very fair. When designing the Elo system, Faceit bases the amount of wins and losses in matches. Of course, this includes complex mathematical algorithms.

In particular, the match balance indicator, that is, the perceived likelihood of winning feature, offers detailed statistics of players and teams. In fact, as players, you can see the detailed elo calculation chart on your own page after becoming Premium. For this, you need to purchase a paid Faceit plus subscription. After subscribing, you can follow the statistics of all the matches you have played so far in full detail. These statistics you have seen constitute the elo system that Faceit uses to make a fair match in the background.

What are the Faceit Levels?

Faceit levels are an important feature that works in parallel with the elo system. Currently, there are 11 levels that Faceit players can reach the maximum. Since there is a separate scoring range for each level, it becomes very easy to match players with similar elo. You will receive a certain number of points with your wins in each match. As the score you receive increases, your Faceit level increases equally.

Especially the first 1-2 matches you play after becoming a new member may cause you to get high Elo points. However, after that, you will get an elo score between 25 and 30 in all matches you play. Of course, the imbalance between teams can affect the score. For example, as a team, players with much lower Elo will get more points if they win a match against players with higher elo. Now, let’s take a look at the Faceit levels created by the Elo scoring system one by one.

Skill Level Elo Puanlaması
Challenger Top 1,000 players with level 10
10 Level 2001+ ELO puanından daha fazlası gerekli
9 Level 1751 – 2000 ELO
8 Level 1531 – 1750 ELO
7 Level 1351 – 1530 ELO
6 Level 1201 – 1350 ELO
5 Level 1051 – 1200 ELO
4 Level 901 – 1050 ELO
3 Level 751 – 900 ELO
2 Level 501 – 750 ELO
1 Level 100 – 500 ELO

As you can see on the table, there is a very detailed skill level system. You can enjoy fair matchmaking by gradually increasing your own elo.

Is Faceit Account Verification Required?

When a player asks the question “Should I play CS:GO?”, we usually try to explain the account verification feature. For those who don’t know, account verification is a tool that unlocks extra features that you need to prove your real identity. Until this feature came into play, Faceit had a serious smurf and multi-account problem. Unfortunately, we can say that multi accounts gave players the courage to open cheats even on Faceit. However, with the emergence of account verification, a transition was made to a more fair game and matching system.

So how can you verify your Faceit account as a player? Let’s explain this briefly.

  • First, log in to your Faceit account and click on the “three dots” button on the right. Then proceed to the “Account Verification” page from the menu that opens.
  • There are two different account verification methods here. In the first method, you need to take a selfie and a photo of your ID. The second method is only about taking selfie photos. However, this second method has not been activated yet.

Although the Faceit account verification system improves your gaming experience, it is not mandatory. It is completely free and depends on the players’ wishes. However, Faceit has made verification mandatory in official competitions to encourage account verification. This kind of necessity may probably come in direct competitive matches in the coming months or years. If you need more information about Faceit account verification, you can check out the official site.

Faceit Premium Subscriptions

Faceit uses a variety of premium subscriptions to take players’ CS2 experience to the next level. As a normal player, you can already use the regular version without any problems. However, with premium, you can unlock many extra features. For example, super match, map selection, premium missions, and match highlights are some of these features.

There are two different subscription types that players can purchase. The initial subscription to Faceit Plus is $4.17 per month. The best subscription, Faceit Premium, is available for $7.99 per month. So, let’s take a look at what extra features these subscriptions provide.


  • Super Match: It is an exclusive matching system where you can play CS2 with players who are respectful and respect certain characteristics.
  • Map Selection: You can choose 5 maps you want to play.
  • Premium Missions: You can get skin and Faceit points by completing special missions.
  • Matching Block: You have the chance to block the matches you do not want to play, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 matches.
  • Match Highlights: You can record your exciting and action-packed moments and watch them again with pleasure.
  • Subscription Badge: Two premium subscriptions include a unique subscription badge.


All these features are the most prominent details of Faceit Premium. It also has other, but not very important, features such as color typing in chat and an ad-free gaming experience.

Benefits of Faceit for CS2 Players

So far, we have explained many topics such as what is Faceit CS:GO, elo system, and premium subscriptions. Now we will talk about what concrete advantages Faceit can provide to players. We think we can help you with this topic, especially if you still have questions about whether to use Faceit or not.

Highly Competitive Gaming Experience

Unfortunately, the competitive game system that continues with CS:GO and CS2 continues in the same way. For those who don’t know, most players were becoming more and more dissatisfied with the non-competitive gaming experience. In this case, CSGO was seriously affecting the number of players. However, we can say that this situation has become history with Faceit.

Faceit does not accept Valve’s approach to competitive gaming full of cheats and toxic players. Instead, it offers a system with strict rules and even features such as account verification. Thus, your competitive gaming experience becomes more enjoyable and exciting.

Advanced ELO Based Matchmaking System

In our article, we talked about Faceit’s skill level and ELO system in detail. As you know, there is a rank and elo system that Valve uses for CS2. However, despite this, players from low elo or incredibly high elo can come to your team. In this case, while it reduces the enjoyment you get from the game, it also causes you to lose matches unnecessarily and decrease your rank.

However, if you start using Faceit, you will only encounter players that are very close to your elo. Playing CS2 with players who have the same skills as you will be fun and educational. Each match gives an average of 25-30 ELO points. The more wins you get, naturally, the faster you rise in the advanced ELO system. If you are tired of Valve’s annoying competitive system with CS2, we recommend you give Faceit a try.

Opportunity to Socialize and Build a Team

Faceit includes Pro League, tournaments, and Hubs. You need a certain team to participate in all these events. At this point, you can make friends with people you have played games with before with Faceit. You can even socialize and try your luck in tournaments to earn money by creating your team from the teams section.


We especially recommend that you follow the Twitter-like news feed on Faceit’s home page. You can meet new players who think like you on the pages or comments here. At the same time, you can follow e-sports news and developments regarding CS2 in real-time.

Ultimate Cheat Protection

Throughout the entire history of Counter-Strike, the most hated problem that players have suffered from is cheating. Unfortunately, Valve cannot combat cheating despite taking various precautions. Players who use cheats may come into the game almost every 2-3 matches. In this case, while it reduces the excitement you get from the game, it also causes you to drop in rank.

However, Faceit has taken the reins here and designed an Anti-Cheat application that is compatible with its systems. You can install the anti-cheat program by downloading it separately from Faceit. The anti-cheat program must be mandatory for everyone using Faceit. If losing matches that you worked hard for and cheaters are getting annoying, switch to Faceit without wasting any time. Even enjoy CS2 with zero cheating thanks to the super match feature that comes with the premium.

Opportunity to Build a Professional Career

Have you had a chance to take a look at the Leaderboard on the home page after signing up to Faceit? If you have browsed, you will have seen that there are professional E-sports players here such as m0NESY, sh1r0 and niko. As we mentioned before in our article, Faceit uses a very useful skill level system. You can improve yourself by gradually increasing in this skill level system. Especially after reaching level 10 and above and becoming a challenger, you can enter the radar of E-sports teams.

Because after becoming a challenger, you need to know that there are the best CS2 e-sports players in the world in the same class as you. If you have a similar skill to all the players you see on the Leaderboard, you are ready to compete in a real Arena. If your goal is to improve yourself in the long term and rise to the CS2 esports arena, Faceit will help you a lot.

What are the cons of Faceit?

While writing an article about Faceit, we had the chance to look at many different resources and sites. Most opinions reflect extremely positive aspects of Faceit. However, when you dig a little deeper while doing research, you can see that there are actually some disadvantages. So are these disadvantages quite significant? Let’s take a closer look at whether CS2 can undermine your enjoyment.

  • Free Account Problem: Although Faceit does not require the purchase of a premium subscription, it attracts the attention of players by adding some incentive features. Additionally, it can be annoying that some functions cannot be performed on free accounts. For example, the “super match” feature is only available to premium users. This means that thousands of free accounts can compete against each other with an average matchmaking system. Likewise, if you do not have a premium subscription, you will never be able to look at the analysis page with your detailed statistics.
  • Cheats: Although Faceit is doing high-level work to prevent cheating, unfortunately, it cannot completely solve the cheating problem. Moreover, to play games using the Faceit program, you need to download a mandatory Anti-cheat application. Despite this, you may still encounter players using cheats in some matches. However, Faceit has recently developed methods to prevent this situation and the use of multi-accounts. For example, with account verification, they want everyone to have a single account. Although it is not mandatory now, its use will become mandatory in the coming months or years.
  • Smurf and Boosters: The biggest problem that has plagued Faceit is smurf accounts and booster players. As you know, boosters destroy the Elo system by increasing the rank of novice players. Likewise, low elos on smurf accounts undermine the gaming experience of players who have just started the game. Unfortunately, Faceit has not been able to solve this problem for years and they do not produce any solution. On the contrary, they attract reactions by offering the solution for a fee.
  • Premium Features: Although premium features are interesting, they hinder those who want to play CS2 for free. The smurf and booster problem we mentioned in the previous title is actually a problem that can be solved by purchasing a premium subscription. Faceit team can solve this problem very easily with the “super match” feature. However, by selling it for a fee, they make the use of the free version somewhat dysfunctional.

As you can see, the unseen side of the iceberg is not very encouraging for Faceit. However, despite all this, we would like to say that Faceit has a much better matchmaking system than CS2.


In today’s article, we talked about many topics such as what is CS:GO Faceit and whether can it be used to improve in CS2. We also shared step-by-step Faceit’s elo system, fair matchmaking feature, and of course how to download the application. We hope that Faceit can take the joy of playing CS2 back many years ago, to the days when cheat-free and toxic-free gaming was possible. To be honest, they have managed to offer a very elite matching experience thanks to the “Super Match” feature they offer with the premium subscription.

If you think Valve’s overwatch and matchmaking system is unfair, start using Faceit for free without wasting any time. Moreover, you can make friends and form your team, participate in award-winning tournaments, and earn money in return for your efforts.


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