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Counter-Strike is an incredible and thrilling experience. Players have lots of engaging encounters and are always seeking a competitive experience. However, sometimes things can go wrong. You may struggle to get kills, or simply have toxic teammates and want to leave the match. Leaving a competitive game is always a bad idea, as you can get cooldowns and your trust factor can decrease as a result.

If you want to ensure that you get good teammates and decent opponents who are not cheating, it’s not good to leave matches. However, if you do want to leave in this article we will explain how you can kick yourself in CS: GO, without needing vote passes.

Steps to Kick Yourself in CSGO via Console Command

To kick yourself in CSGO, we recommend using the developer console, as this is the fastest and most efficient way to do so.

Status Command – Enter “Status” into the developer console and hit Enter. You will see plenty of information. However, you only need the numbers before your nickname and copy the number values before it.

Callvote Kick – This command will activate the vote kick feature the numbers will indicate which player you want to kick. You will use the numbers you copied previously as these values will be the numbers that you need to kick yourself.

  1. Type ~ into the console
  2. Enter the following command into the console “status
  3. Copy the numbers just before your name
  4. Enter “callvote kick [enter numbers here] and insert the numbers just before and hit enter. This will kick you from the game.

This is how you kick yourself in CSGO using console commands! You should only vote kicking or a kick yourself under certain circumstances.

You also might be interested in how to kick bots in CS:GO. If you are in a game with bots and want to kick them from your game.

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