How To Kick Bots In CS2/CSGO

Many Counter-Strike players take time off their day to practice certain aspects of the game on a private server with either a friend or alone. In any scenario, CS:GO will fill the empty slots in the server with bots. Bot spawning is inevitable, but it can be fixed by kicking them from the server. 

In this article, we’ll cover how to remove bots in CS:GO, how to kick bots from specific teams, how to add them back, and other must-know bot-related commands!

CS:GO How To Kick Bots From The Server

The process of removing bots from your private server is very straightforward, but there are specific procedures you must perform before you can kick them out of the game. 

To use the Counter Strike Global Offensive remove bots command, you must first have access to the in-game console.

Enable The Developer Console

Advanced players usually have their consoles already enabled and can quickly skip the first step. However, if you do not have your developer console readily available, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Launch the CS:GO client.
  2. Go to the Settings menu in the game.
  3. Head over to the Game section.
  4. Next to the “Enable Developer Console” option, select “Yes”.


Now, you will have access to open the CS:GO console where you can input commands, including the command of how to remove bots in CS:GO private servers. 

Using The “bot_kick” Command

Now that your console is prepared, we can move to the final step which is typing in the CS:GO remove bots command to make all bots in the game disappear. 

The command to kick bots in CS:GO is: “bot_kick”.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to how you can kick bots from your CS:GO server using the console command mentioned above:

  1. Load into a private match.
  2. Open the console by pressing the “~” button on your keyboard.
  3. In the text box provided in the console, type “bot_kick” and press Enter.


After inputting the command of how to get rid of bots CS:GO, you will notice that all the bots in the server will immediately be removed from the game. 

The bot_kick command does not require cheats to be enabled on the server but will not work on official Valve matchmaking servers. It will only work on private servers where you are the host of the server. If your friend created the server, they are the only person who can use this command.

How To Kick Bots CS:GO From Specific Teams

The main command for kicking bots in CS:GO is the “bot_kick” command, which was covered earlier. However, some players may only look to remove bots from a specific team, such as removing all Terrorist bots or only kicking Counter-Terrorist bots. 

For players who want to kick bots from a specific side, we have good news: Valve has created console commands for this sole purpose. 

By performing the same steps covered previously, players can insert these secondary commands to remove bots from a particular team:

  • bot_kick_t – This command will only kick all the bots that are on the Terrorist team.
  • bot_kick_ct – This command will only kick all the bots that are on the Counter-Terrorist team.

If you want to practice your skills and play in a one-versus-five-bot match, these two commands can help you kick all the bots on your team and keep the enemy bots in play. 

How To Add Bots Into A CS:GO Match

In case you have removed too many bots or ran out of company and want some bot friends, there is also a set of commands that can help you re-add bots into the game. 

Here is a list of commands that will help you recover any kicked bots and add more to the game:

  • bot_add – This command will add a new bot to the opposite team.
  • bot_add_t – This command will add a new bot to the Terrorist team.
  • bot_add_ct – This command will add a new bot to the Counter-Terrorist team.

You can repetitively use these commands to keep adding bots into the game, helping you adjust the number of bots in the server.  

Other Useful Bot Commands 

Apart from adding and removing bots in CS:GO, there are also a handful of commands to help players adjust the bot teams in the server, and also change their behavior.

Commands For Adjusting The Number Of Bots

  • mp_limitteams 1 – This command is used to prevent bots from rejoining the game as a limit of spots has been enabled on the server.
  • mp_autoteambalance 0 – This command is used to disable auto team balancing, meaning you can have one player in a team against ten bots and the game won’t balance the teams.
  • bot_quota # – This command is used to set a limit of the number of bots that can play on the server. Replace the “#” with the number of bots you would like to limit the server to.

Commands For Changing The Behavior Of Bots

  • bot_stop 1 – This command will freeze all bots in place, not allowing them to move.
  • bot_difficulty # – This command is used to set the difficulty of the bots. Replace the “#” with the following numbers:
  1. Setting the command value to 0 will set the bot difficulty to Easy mode.
  2. Setting the command value to 1 will set the bot difficulty to Normal mode.
  3. Setting the command value to 2 will set the bot difficulty to Hard mode.
  4. Setting the command value to 3 will set the bot difficulty to Expert mode.
  • bot_crouch 1 – This command will make bots permanently crouch as long as the command remains unchanged.
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