CS2 Paris Sticker Sale Investment Tips

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Should You Invest in Paris Stickers?

With the Blast Paris Major in the offing, people are considering sticker sales – and whether or not it’s a worthwhile investment. Should you be buying?

Well, generally, it’s advisable to hold off on purchasing stickers until the post-tournament sticker sale. Valve typically offers significant discounts after Major tournaments and events – and the Blast.TV Paris Major is no different.

The BLAST Paris Major stickers, being the final Major in CS:GO history, hold immense potential for price appreciation. There were some top choices for Paris 2023 stickers, including m0nesy, s1mple, NiKo, ZywOo, ropz, and those featuring emerging teams – and this year looks set to be the same. Additionally, you might also consider acquiring the capsules themselves.

Curious about applying BLAST Paris Major stickers to your skins? Then you could potentially try out a 3D Builder, which will allow you to visualize and apply them to any in-game skin – so you can try before you buy.

Let the Sale Commence

There’s not long to go – and you can join the BLAST Paris Major festivities with the Viewer Pass, Player Autograph Stickers, and Team Stickers—all now up for grabs. What’s more, 50% of the proceeds from sales of stickers from one of the most prestigious events in CSGO directly support the players, teams, and organizations involved in the Paris Major event.

Paris Major – The Biggest and Best of all Major Tournaments for Sticker Sales

The BLAST.TV Paris Major is considered to be one of the most lucrative CS:GO tournaments to date, generating over $110 million in sticker sales revenue for teams and players. Valve’s recent disclosures shed light on the financial windfall, with the StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 and PGL Antwerp and Stockholm Majors collectively earning $11 million and $70 million, respectively.

The Paris Major’s staggering revenue has been attributed to the launch of Counter-Strike 2 – coupled with an extended five-month sales period for its stickers—the longest in Major tournament history. It was also pretty memorable, with Team Vitality clinching victory in this historic event, defeating fierce competition from GamerLegion and Apeks in a fiercely contested European qualifier.


Should I buy Paris 2024 Stickers?

In our opinion, it’s a good call to purchase Paris 2024 stickers – especially if you’re a collector or fan of CS:GO memorabilia. A major sticker from Paris has lots of potential for price growth – particularly after Valve tends to offer pretty big discounts post-Major tournaments. Investing in stickers that feature popular players and new teams can also be a great strategic move, as they may appreciate in value over time, making them a worthwhile investment for Counter-Strike fans.

I activated a Paris 2024 Viewer Pass and then purchased a Paris 2024 Viewer Pass +3. Will  I be able to activate the Viewer Pass +3 and get the included Souvenir Tokens?

No, you cannot. Only one Viewer Pass can be activated per account. Additional Viewer Passes can be traded (one week after purchase) or sold on the Steam Community Market.

Can I activate more than one Paris 2024 Viewer Pass?

No, you cannot. Only one Paris 2024 Viewer Pass can be activated on your CS:GO account.

How do I upgrade my Paris 2024 Event Coin?

You will be able to upgrade your event coin by activating your pass and completing Pick’Em challenges. Complete three challenges to upgrade your coin from Bronze to Silver. Finish six challenges to upgrade your coin from Silver to Gold. If you complete all nine challenges, your coin will be upgraded to Diamond! Each time you upgrade your coin, you’ll receive a Souvenir Token.

How do I acquire Souvenir Tokens?

There are three ways in which you can get Souvenir Tokens: Firstly, purchase the “Viewer Pass +3” to begin with 3 Souvenir Tokens. Secondly, complete the challenges to upgrade your coin, earning up to 3 Souvenir Tokens. Lastly, once you have an activated Viewer Pass, you can purchase Souvenir Tokens directly.

How many Souvenir Tokens will I be able to earn with the Paris 2024 Viewer Pass?

With the Paris 2024 Viewer Pass, you can earn up to three Souvenir Tokens. These tokens will give you a unique opportunity to get your hands on souvenirs from matches of your choice. By activating the Viewer Pass and participating in Pick’Em challenges, you will be able to unlock Souvenir Tokens as a reward. Every challenge you complete will contribute toward upgrading your event coin, with three challenges upgrading your coin from Bronze to Silver, six from Silver to Gold, and all nine to Diamond. What’s more, each time your coin upgrades, you will receive a Souvenir Token, giving a real boost to your collection of memorable in-game items from the Paris 2024 Major.

How can I redeem Souvenir Tokens for a Souvenir Package?

To redeem a Souvenir Token, look at your Paris 2024 Event Coin and visit the Match Lister. Choose a completed match from the list to exchange the token for a Souvenir Package featuring the teams from that match.

How much time do I have to redeem Souvenir Tokens for Souvenir Packages?

You are able to redeem your Souvenir Tokens until June 30th, 2024.

How can I join the Pick’Em Challenge?

You can join the Pick’Em Challenge by activating your Paris 2024 Viewer Pass. The challenge will then unlock once your Viewer Pass is activated.

How do I fulfil Pick’Em game challenges?

To fulfil challenges in the Pick’Em game and take that step toward upgrading your coin, you will need to make a specific number of accurate selections for each stage. For the Challengers and Legends stages, you’ll need to look through the participating teams and correctly predict five out of the nine results. In the Champions stage, you can complete up to three challenges by setting up your bracket and accurately selecting at least two winning Quarterfinalists, one Semi-Finalist, and the Grand Final winner.

Is it possible to make selections for the Pick’Em Challenge once a stage has started?

No, once a stage has commenced, you won’t be able to submit selections for that stage. Be sure to find out all the starting dates of the various stages – and make your selection on your favorite team or players.

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