What Is CS2/CSGO Gambling?

Wagering CS:GO skins has become one of the hottest online gambling trends, and if you want to hop onto it, this guide will bring you all the details about it. You will discover what CS:GO gambling is, its benefits, how it differs from CS:GO betting, and explore the top gambling games so you can get started.

Definition of CS:GO Gambling

CS:GO gambling is when you use your CS:GO (CS2) skins and items to bet on different games like crash, roulette, coinflip, and slots. Since CS:GO skins are worth real money, you can wager them to win more skins or real money.

In a nutshell, this is CS:GO gambling explained, as it’s practically the same as online gambling at traditional online casinos. The main distinctions are that instead of using cash, you can bet with CS:GO (CS2) skins and items as virtual currencies, and CS:GO gambling sites feature special games like Tower, Minesweeper, and PvP gambling games.

How Does CS:GO Gambling Work?

Now that you know what CS:GO gambling is, let’s explain to you how CS:GO gambling works. The mechanics behind it are simple, as you only need to wager your skins and items on a game, wait for the outcome and receive a prize based on it.

This is how CS:GO gambling sites work, by allowing you to wager skins on games of chance such as CS:GO slots, crash, roulette, case battles and tower. If you win, the site will credit your account balance instantly, and if you lose, you lose the wagered skins and items.

In order to guarantee random and fair results, CS:GO gambling sites use Provably Fair systems. It’s powered by blockchain technology, and it makes it possible to generate random, fair, transparent and verifiable outcomes.

Is CS:GO Gambling Legal?

CS:GO gambling is legal in most places if the sites have a valid gaming license from authorities like the Curacao Gaming Board, Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, or the Malta Gaming Authority. In countries where online gambling is allowed, people can play at CS:GO gambling sites without legal issues.

For instance, many Brits search for non-UK online casinos, which are based offshore and not licensed by the UKGC. Although operating in the UK without a license is illegal, foreign platforms can be joined and played by UK citizens without trouble.

This scenario is similar for CS:GO gambling sites, which are akin to offshore online casinos. Most countries allow their citizens to play at offshore casinos, even if they’re not licensed locally. Thus, CS:GO gambling is legal in most places.

Is CS:GO Gambling Worth It?

If you’ve never ventured into CS:GO gambling sites before, it’s natural to question whether it’s worth the effort, especially considering you’ll be wagering your CSGO skins, real money and crypto. Below, we’ll outline why it’s worth giving it a shot.

Fair and Random Results Are Guaranteed

CS:GO gambling sites use Provably Fair, a blockchain-powered system that guarantees random and verifiable results. Be it Crash, Roulette, Slots, Tower or Coinflip, the Provably Fair system makes CS:GO gambling transparent and fair.

You Can Play for Free

CS:GO gambling sites allow you to play for free with no risk using no deposit bonuses, giving you free skins and coins. You can use these to play CS.GO gambling games and win more CS:GO skins and real money.

You Can Win Rare and Exotic CS:GO Skins

CS:GO gambling sites have large inventories of CS:GO skins and items, from which a large number are exotic and rare such as an AWP | Gungnir, AK-47 | Wild Lotus, M4A4 | Howl and many others. You can win them by playing CS:GO games such as CS:GO Crash, CS:GO Case Opening, CS:GO Coinflip and Roulette.

You Can Win Skins and Items for Free

CS:GO gambling brings you the chance to win exclusive skins and items for free, thanks to welcome bonuses and promotions for existing users. You can also claim free CS:GO cases, which you can open for a chance to win exotic and rare skins without risk.

You Can Turn Your CS:GO Skins into Real Money

If you want to turn some of your CS:GO skins into real money, CS:GO gambling sites can do it for you. By wagering them and cashing out the winnings via PayPal, Skrill or cryptocurrencies, you can get cash for your skins instantly.

Most Popular Types of CS:GO Gambling

Now that you know what CS:GO gambling is and how it works, let’s explore the most popular types of CS:GO (CS2) gambling available nowadays.

CS:GO Crash

CSGO Crash is a fun game you can play on CSGO gambling sites, and you don’t need any skills for playing it.It’s all about watching a multiplier go up and hoping you cash out at the right time to win a big prize.

For example, if you wager $5.00, and you cash out when the multiplier has reached x5, then you’ll instantly win $25.00, be it as real money or in the form of CS:GO skins.

CS:GO Case Opening

This is the same as opening CS:GO cases in-game, but the main difference here is that you don’t need to purchase ultra-expensive keys, and you will have access to a much bigger number of CS:GO cases than what Valve can offer you. Be it knife-only cases, or cases for high-rollers, you get the chance to unbox valuable skins if you’re lucky.

CS:GO Coinflip

It is one of the most popular PvP CS:GO gambling games, where you only have to select a side of the coin, toss it, and if it lands on your chosen side, then you win the bounty. It’s an easy and entertaining way of earning new skins.

CS:GO Roulette

It’s similar to the classic roulette game you will find at offline and online casinos. The only differences are that you can wager and win skins, you can only bet on colors or symbols (Counter-Terrorist and Terrorist) and the payout for green/zero is x14 (versus x36 for classic online roulette).

CS:GO Case Battles

This peer-versus-peer game (PvP) is among the most popular forms of CS:GO gambling, as it offers the opportunity to win a variety of exotic skins by competing against other players to unlock the most valuable ones. The player with the best skins gets to keep them all.

CS:GO Slots

Just like traditional online slots, you can also play slots at CS:GO gambling sites. From classic slots to progressive jackpots, they have become one of the most popular skin gambling games because they are easy to play and you can easily turn your skins into big prizes if you are lucky.

How to Choose a Site for CS:GO Gambling

If you want to wager your skins on CS:GO gambling games, you will need to join a CS:GO gambling site. Here’s how to choose the one that suits you best:


  • Fairness and licensing: You should only play at legal CS:GO gambling sites that have been licensed by a competent authority such as the Malta Gaming Authority and the Curacao Gaming Control Board. Furthermore, you should only play at sites that have been properly audited and proven to support Provably Fair technology
  • Games you want to play: Explore the library of games to make sure the site offers your preferred titles, as simple as that
  • Bonuses you want to claim: You should also make sure the site can offer you the bonuses you want to claim. Be it free skins, coins or cash, or first deposit matched bonuses, verify if the site will meet your standards
  • Selection of CS:GO skins and items: It’s crucial to ensure that the site can provide you with the skins and items you’re most interested in. Take some time to explore the marketplace and make sure it offers the goodies you’re looking for.


  • Preferred payment methods: CS:GO gambling has evolved beyond Steam skins, because you can cash out your winnings via Skrill, PayPal and cryptocurrencies. So, make sure the site supports your preferred payment methods for a seamless banking experience


Selecting the perfect site is key to having a fantastic CS:GO gambling experience. Take your time to explore various CS:GO casinos and compare them until you discover the one that suits you best.

CS:GO Gambling vs. CS:GO Betting: Main Differences

CS:GO,gambling and CS:GO betting are terms often used interchangeably, but they are different. Here, we’ll explore the differences that set them apart.

CS:GO Betting is Match Betting

The main difference between them is that CS:GO betting refers to betting on CS:GO/CS2 matches. Just like soccer or basketball, you can also bet on CS:GO and CS2 matches at esports betting sites and traditional bookies.

It offers you different betting markets such as moneyline, first blood, spreads, special events, and several others.

It’s like comparing online casino vs. sports betting, although they both involve betting, they are different products. 

CS:GO Gambling Is Wagering Skins on Games

On the other hand, CS:GO gambling involves wagering skins, real money or cryptocurrencies on CS:GO gambling games such as CS:GO Crash, CS:GO Roulette, CS:GO Coinflip, CS:GO Case Battles and CS:GO Slots.

While CS:GO betting is the same as match betting, CS:GO gambling is practically the same as playing at online casinos.

CS:GO Gambling Is Only Available at Selected Sites

While CS:GO betting is starting to become mainstream, hence it’s possible to bet on CS:GO matches at traditional bookmakers, CS:GO gambling is only available at selected sites. Hence, CS2 gambling is still more niche.

About CS:GO Gambling Addiction

When talking about CS:GO gambling, it’s also important to talk about CS:GO gambling addiction, a problem that all players are exposed to. 

It’s a Real Problem

Just like you can get addicted to sports betting, online casino games and offline gambling, you can also get addicted to CS:GO gambling. It’s the same, the only difference is you’re wagering skins and items instead of real money.

Recognize the Symptoms Early

Just like any other type of gambling addiction, you need to recognize the early symptoms of it:


  • Constantly thinking about CS:GO gambling
  • Replacing activities you previously enjoyed with CS:GO gambling
  • Restlessness when trying to stop playing at CS:GO gambling sites
  • Feeling the need to always chase losses
  • Persistent feeling of anxiety
  • Getting into debt to keep playing at CS:GO gambling sites.


If you experienced one or more of these symptoms, it’s best to seek professional help as soon as possible before the problem worsens.


Now that you’ve learned all about CS:GO gambling, we wish you the best of luck as you wager your skins and aim for big wins. Always remember to gamble responsibly to keep enjoying it without consequences.

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