How To Get Free CS2/CSGO Skins

If you are wondering how to get skins on CSGO for free, this is the guide for you. We are going to share with you all the available methods for getting free skins and items easily, be it just playing the game or using smart alternatives such as claiming bonuses and promotions from specific sites.

We will disclose it all so you can get started right now, to bulk up your inventory with tons of free CS2 cases and skins. Discover all of the available ways below.

Get Free Skins in the Game

If you’re wondering how to get skins on CSGO for free, the answer lies in the game itself. Here you have all the available ways by which you can get new skins for free by just playing CS:GO. If you were wondering if csgo skins is free, now you know it is, but only if you obtain them via the following methods.

Get a Random Case Drop By Just Playing the Game

This is the simplest way to get new and free skins, just play the game, finish your matches, and if you’re lucky, you will get a random case drop. Nobody knows what case you will get in fact, as it’s an aleatory process.

You can expect to get a random case drop every week, bringing you more opportunities per month to unbox an exotic and expensive skin. And even if it happens to be just standard, it’s still free and you can sell it on Steam or on your favorite third party trading site.

Nonetheless, just grinding is not enough on its own, especially when you have so many other methods you’ll get to know on this guide, so you can massively increase your chances of getting exotic, valuable and premium drops.

Level Up Your Rank to Claim Free Weekly Drops

If you want to take it up a notch to get more chances at scoring a highly valuable free weekly drop, all you need to do is to get Prime status. You need to invest into it, but it’s worth the price, because every week you’ll get a guaranteed drop, allowing you to choose two of the following options: one free skin, one free case and two free graffiti. 

This is known as the Weekly Care Package, and it’s only available for Prime players who play on official servers and level up their CS2 (CS:GO) profile. And you can only get one Weekly Care Package per week.

If you’re wondering about the odds behind the weekly drops in CS2, here you have the list of cases you can get 99% of the time:


  • Kilowatt Case
  • Dreams & Nightmares Case
  • Revolution Case
  • Fracture Case
  • Recoil Case


And here you have the cases you can get in only 1% of opportunities:


  • Snakebite Case
  • Prisma 2 Case
  • CS20 Case
  • Prisma Case
  • Danger Zone Case
  • Horizon Case
  • Clutch Case
  • Spectrum 2 Case
  • Operation Hydra Case
  • Spectrum Case
  • Glove Case
  • Gamma 2 Case
  • Gamma Case
  • Chroma 3 Case
  • Operation Wildfire Case
  • Revolver Case
  • Shadow Case
  • Falchion Case
  • Chroma 2 Case
  • Chroma Case
  • Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
  • Operation Breakout Weapon Case
  • Huntsman Weapon Case
  • Sticker Capsule 2
  • Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 3
  • Sticker Capsule
  • Winter Offensive Weapon Case
  • CS:GO Weapon Case 2
  • Operation Bravo Case
  • CS:GO Weapon Case
  • Operation Riptide Case
  • Operation Broken Fang Case
  • Shattered Web Case
  • eSports 2014 Summer Case
  • eSports 2013 Winter Case
  • eSports 2013 Case


Now that you know what the real odds are, you can see if this method of getting free skins in CS2 is the right one for you.

Buy an Operation Pass and Grind Through It

Another way by which you can earn skins for “free” is by buying an Operation Pass and grinding through it. You can easily cover the original cost of the pass and make some more if you’re lucky, by bringing you the opportunity to score exotic and highly valuable drops.


However, you can only take advantage of an active operation pass, because if you buy an old one such as the Operation Hydra, you’ll just get an Operation Coin in your profile.


Once you buy a pass to take part in a current Operation, you can claim the following freebies:


  • Upgraded drops every week
  • The possibility to win stars that you can exchange for exclusive cases
  • The chance to complete exclusive missions
  • The opportunity to get highly valuable Operation skins


The beauty of this method is that you can get exclusive Operation skins, which if you browse the market, will find are pretty expensive. And by getting a shot at getting them for free, you can get an immense ROI, even if you just want to sell the cases of the Operation instantly.

Each Battle Pass will bring you the opportunity to accumulate up to 100 stars, which you can exchange for the exclusive cases of the Operation. Our advice is simple: grind as hard as possible to collect all the stars possible, so you can exchange them for the maximum number of cases. Straightforward.

Unfortunately, the last Operation was in 2021, named Operation Riptide. And there is no news about when Valve will release the next Operation Pass. However, the rumors say it might happen in the Q3 or Q4 of 2024.

Now that we have explored all the ways by which you can get free skins by just playing CS:GO and participating in the events of the game, let’s check alternative methods to pack on free items.

Get Free CS2 (CS:GO) Skins from Trading Sites

Because we have no operation passes available right now, and the weekly care package might not be enough to pack on valuable skins for free, you should consider joining skins trading sites as they offer plenty of free bonuses of CS:GO (CS2) skins.

Just Join a Trading Site and Claim Free Skins

All you need to do, honestly, is to join a proper CS:GO trading site and they will immediately offer you a welcome bonus of free skins or cases. As simple as that. And here you have the list of the best skins trading platforms for this purpose:


  • DMarket
  • BitSkins
  • LootBear
  • SkinBaron
  • CS.Money
  • SkinPort


They all offer free skins to new and existing users, because in addition to the welcome free cases and skins, you’ll always be able to claim items as a regular trader. Because many of them feature the famous daily bonuses, bringing you the opportunity to claim exclusive and exotic drops every single day.

Take Part in Giveaways

The opportunities for claiming free CS2 skins won’t stop at welcome and daily bonuses, because CS:GO trading sites are also famous for hosting amazingly generous giveaways, where you can win even more free skins and cases with no effort on your part. 

Sites like DMarket host giveaways frequently, bringing you and all the other users the opportunity to claim thousands of dollars worth of CS:GO skins for free. You can draw entries without any cost and in just a couple of clicks.

And the best part is that the majority of skins trading sites host giveaways, so you can join all of our recommended sites and you’ll have multiple opportunities every month to stack on new skins for free.

Get More Funds for Free When Making a Deposit

This is not technically “free”, but it’s worth mentioning, because the majority of skins trading sites will top up your deposit with an extra percentage of free money, ranging from 5% to 20%. For example, if you deposit $1,000, and the bonus rewards you with an extra 10%, you’ll get $100 for free instantly, which you can use to get skins for free as you won’t be using your main funds.

Evidently, this is the best method for getting valuable skins for free right off the bat, as you will get more funds to obtain them, especially if you want to make a big deposit. And since the trading sites we mentioned are high-roller friendly, you can deposit as much as you want to.

Alternative Ways for Taking Advantage of Free Skins Giveaways and Bonuses

If you don’t like the skins or cases you obtained after claiming a bonus or getting your share of a giveaway, you don’t have to worry about it. You can always sell them for a quick profit, and you can use the money to buy the skins and cases that truly interest you. Easy and fast fix here.

You can even take it further and take advantage of arbitraging. You can scan other skins trading sites to see if you can sell your items or cases for a higher price, bringing you an even bigger return on your investment, leaving you with more funds to buy your favorite skins and cases.

If you have decided to make a first deposit to take advantage of a first deposit or reload bonus, you can also use the free funds to buy skins for cheap and sell them for a higher price on other platforms. Since you’re acquiring them with free money, there’s no risk for you, so this is a no brainer.

Get Free CS2 (CS:GO) Skins from Skins Gambling Sites

Just like you can get free skins at trading sites, you can claim similar bonuses at CS:GO gambling sites. Let us show you what types of bonuses you can redeem and how to make advantage of them to start growing your inventory now.

Claim Welcome Bonuses of Free Skins

You can claim welcome bonuses of free skins at CS2 gambling sites, and all you need to do is to create your account – be it via email or Steam – and verify it. Once it’s active, you’ll be able to claim your free skins instantly.

Don’t expect the value of the free skins or cases to be into the hundreds or thousands, as in the majority of cases they will be anywhere from $1 to $10, but still it’s free stuff and it’s worth claiming it, especially since you don’t have to do anything else besides creating an account and verifying it.

Now, it’s worth mentioning we only recommend the following CS:GO gambling sites, because they’re legit and bring plenty of opportunities to claim CS2 skins for free:


  • CSGOLuck
  • CSGO500
  • CSGOEmpire
  • CSGORoll
  • Hellcase
  • Duelbits


Take Advantage of Daily Promotions

CS2 Skin gambling sites such as CSGOLuck like to reward their players with daily promotions and bonuses, which include the possibility to open new cases for free to win CS2 skins without any cost for you. Simple and easy.

This is where everything starts getting better, because the daily promotions will bring you plenty of opportunities for claiming highly valuable drops, if you’re lucky. Just like the welcome bonuses, the majority of cases and skins will be worth just a few dollars, but perhaps you’ll end up claiming a pretty expensive and rare skin – it’s all a matter of luck.

Just join as many sites as possible and claim the bonuses every single day, and you’ll stand a higher chance at getting exotic and expensive CS:GO skins for free. 

Take Part in Giveaways

Just like skins trading sites, CS:GO casinos also like to host giveaways, bringing you more opportunities to win new skins for free. In comparison to the giveaways from skins trading sites, the ones from CS2 casinos tend to be much bigger, as shown by the promotions by CSGORoll, which can be worth over $500K.

Similarly to how you can claim plenty of welcome and daily bonuses from different CS2 gambling sites, you can do the same with giveaways. Simply join all the sites from our lists and participate, because you’ll stand a chance at winning valuable skins with no upfront costs and risk-free.

Wagering the Free Skins Smartly to Win More Free Skins

If you want to take the risk a bit higher, with the sole goal of adding more free skins to your inventory, you can go ahead and wager them on the available game mode such as CS:GO Roulette, CS:GO Crash, CS:GO Mines, CS:GO Case Battles, amongst others. If you’re lucky, you can end up turning your free skins into a small fortune, which you can use to acquire more and better skins without risk.

Get Free Skins by Making CS2 Major Predictions

Did you know you can win free skins by making predictions on CS2 (CS:GO) Majors? This is another fun way to get your hands on highly valuable skins by just having fun watching your favorite matches and placing your own bets.

All you need to do is to buy a Major viewing pass, make your predictions, and for every correct prediction, you will earn tokens you can exchange for special skins related to the current Major. And you can easily recover the price you paid for the viewing pass, in addition to plenty of profits if you manage to win exotic and rare skins.

If you’re new to the world of CS:GO betting, we recommend you to visit our page about CS2 betting tips, as well as our guide on all the types of CS:GO bets available, so you can discover everything you need to know to make accurate predictions that will help you get more skins for free.

How to Get Skins on CSGO by Completing Tasks

Another alternative way for winning skins for free is by completing different tasks such as filing surveys. We will explore all the available methods under this category, so you can go out and start growing your CS2 inventory the zero cost way.

Completing Surveys

There are sites such as Idle Empire, CS2Points and GatherSkins, which will reward you with free CS:GO skins if you fill out simple and easy surveys. They’re businesses that provide advertisers the opportunity to know more about their customers by encouraging them to fill out surveys, bringing them valuable data, so it’s a legit and real way to earn free skins.

Modify Your Steam Name

Some CS:GO casinos and skins trading sites can also reward you with free skins if you add the name of the platform to your name on Steam. It’s free and easy, and you will stand a chance at packing on even more skins and items.

Modify Your Steam Profile Photo

Just like you can earn free skins by modifying your Steam name, you can also accomplish the same if you modify your profile photo as instructed by your chosen skins trading site or CS2 casino. 

Final Words

Getting CS:GO skins for free is 100% possible, and now you know all the available ways by which you can grow your inventory the zero cost way. We recommend you to explore and compare them all, so you can find the ideal methods that meet your needs and requirements.

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