How To Deal With Toxic Players In CS2/CSGO

From bantering and body blocking to straight out sabotaging your team and kicking you for no reason at all, toxic players are a real and growing problem in the CS:GO community. 

We all have to deal with such players every now and then, and this is why we have created this guide, answering the popular question of “how do I handle toxic players in CS:GO?”. We will bring you the best tips you can apply starting today to enjoy a better gaming experience. 

5 Tips to Handle Toxic Players in CS:GO Effectively

I have also found myself wondering “how do I handle toxic players in CS:GO?”, because there are days when dealing with them will become your bread and butter, and these 5 tips will allow you to handle them effectively:


  1. Team up with at least one friend: Toxic players can kick you for no reason at all, and the best way to protect yourself against this is by teaming up with at least one friend. Furthermore, playing with a friend will make it easier to deal with toxic players and prevent your mood from getting ruined
  2. Just mute it: When the toxicity is too high, full of loud insults and bantering, the best move you can make is to use the command Voice_enable 0 and that’s it. While it’s not the best for your gaming experience, it’s better than having to listen to toxic players nonstop
  3. Turn to call outs when necessary: If you had to mute the audio because the toxicity was too high, then you will have to resort to call outs to communicate with your teammates
  4. Don’t try to manage the anger of strangers: Trying to manage the anger of strangers behind a screen will just consume your energy and mental peace, just apply our tips and enjoy the game
  5. Just accept what it is: While you can convince players who had a bad day to calm down and flush away their toxicity, your chances of alleviating the toxicity of a real toxic player are very slim. They are not going to do it for a random internet player, so just accept what it is and mute them.


Having one or more toxic players in your match can be beyond annoying, but the best you can do is to simply mute them, mind your own business and take the necessary precautions by teaming up with at least one friend to avoid getting yourself kicked for no reason.

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