The Cheapest CS2 Knives

CS2 The Cheapest CS2 Knives

It goes without saying that anything related to aesthetics will always fluctuate in value depending on desirability, design, and rarity among others. That is also true with Counter-Strike knives, with certain blades fetching anywhere from the five to six-digit price point while others go for even lower than $100, making them cheaper than the average skin for an AK-47 or AWP. For all the Karambits and Butterfly Knives in the game, there are also those that, while still pricey in comparison to other weapon finishes you can buy, don’t share the same appeal.

What Makes CSGO/CS2 Skins Valuable?

Like any collectible, rarity is a major factor. Some skins are much harder to come by, either due to limited release methods or simply how rarely they drop from loot boxes. On top of that, not all rare skins are equally desired. Some have unique designs or features that make them highly attractive to players, driving the price up even more.  For some, these skins become potential investments. With a limited number in circulation and continued demand, the value of certain ones can rise over time. Online marketplaces where players can trade skins create a fluid market where prices can be influenced by trends and speculation. Finally, the recent update of CSGO’s engine upgrade to Source 2, becoming CS2, has even increased the value of said skins due to assurance about the game’s future and their overall design under the new engine  It’s important to remember that the worth of a CS skin ultimately depends on what someone is willing to pay. While some can be incredibly expensive, there are also many affordable options for players who simply want to customize their weapons. The ones in this list, however, are the true holy grails for any serious collector.


Knives, while typically the most desirable and rarest drops in any collection or weapon case, also have a large price range especially when considering the lower end of the market to those considered as the holy grails of CS. This leads to a good number of knives being considered as entry level” due to their low prices and low desirability.

Why Are StatTrak Knives Less Expensive Than Normal?

Unlike all the other weapon finishes in CS2, knives that come as StatTrak are typically less expensive than their base version. This is because the StatTrak feature on knives appears as a rough engraving on the blade itself, which many consider as a blemish on the overall design. This ruins the appeal of the knife itself, thus lowering its price by a significant margin. 

Cheapest Knives You Can Buy In Counter-Strike

Navaja Knife

For better or worse, the Navaja Knife is typically the cheapest CSGO knife you can buy through the Steam community market, third-party websites, or other online forums. Its low price comes down to its design, resembling that of a blade that peels off fruit rather than something used to stab and kill enemies. The inspect and draw animations are also nothing to write home about, making it a pretty generic alternative to the default T and CT knives in the game. You can find yourself owning one for about $80 to $120 on average for its most basic designs and around thye $150 to $200 range for more colorful finishes.

Shadow Daggers

Typically considered either in the same realm or just one step above the Navaja Knife, the Shadow Daggers are actually a unique concept given that you’d essentially be dual-wielding blades in the game. Still, their overall design is not the most desirable one for collectors and players alike, making their price start in the lower ranks as compared to most on the list. Just like the Navaja Knife, the average prices for the most basic finishes are around $100 and can reach up to $200 or even $300 cases depending on the skin.

Gut Knife

Another knife that isn’t as desirable due to its design and what people associate it with (a fish knife, basically), the Gut Knife does have some exciting designs especially in the higher tier of skins that make those specific versions valuable. One can grab a Gut Knife in the lower end of the market at around $120 to $150 for starters, with more desirable finishes such as the Doppler reaching $400 to $500 as an average market price.

Survival Knife

Finally out of the same tier of knives as the Navaja Knife, Shadow Daggers, and Gut Knife, the Survival Knife is definitely more desirable than the three previously mentioned. Granted, it has generic animations for pull out and inspecting, its redeeming quality is that it has one of the very best “special” pull out animations where the player basically catches it mid-air. Add that to the number of finishes that look great on its blade, it’s no surprise why the Survival Knife is one of the best cheap options out there. Prices for this specific knife start around the $150 mark and can extend to upwards of $500 depending on the finish.

Paracord Knife

Also in the same realm as the Survival Knife is the Paracord Knife. Despite having a basic pull out animation, its inspect animation is significantly better than what the knives on this list offer. Its design is also very clean and has appeal even with the lowest-tier, most basic finishes. Like the Survival Knife, prices for the Paracord Knife start around $150 and can definitely exceed $500 depending on the finish.

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