The Best CS2 Skin Trading Tools

Skins are one of the primary reasons for Counter-Strike’s increased player base. Everyone wants to get their hands on cool cosmetics that enhance the visuals of their weapons. As a result, millions of players buy, sell, or trade skins daily!

However, new traders might need help getting accurate information, which can often lead to uneducated decisions. In this article, we’ll set up your trading journey with all the tools you need to make informed trades.

Best CS2 Websites For Trading

Numerous Counter-Strike trading tools can be accessed on the internet. The websites we’ll feature are all free of charge and can take you a long way in trading.  

CSFloat Database (FloatDB)

CSFloat is a Counter-Strike website that features a marketplace, a database, and a few useful trading tools. We’ll focus on the CSFloat database, popularly known as “FloatDB” among traders.

Though FloatDB is free, the website forces you to log in with your Steam account and provide your email address. Don’t worry; this website is entirely safe and is used by thousands of experienced traders daily. 

The FloatDB database contains information on over 1.2 billion skins circulating the Counter-Strike community! The database becomes incredibly useful for players searching for specific patterns or stickers, but most importantly, float values. 

Using FloatDB, you can find accurate information on float rankings on a specific weapon skin. It also provides users with detailed filtering tools to help find the exact skins they seek. 

It is important to note that float values on weapon skins become apparent in top-tier trading. As a result, this website is often used for performing high-scale trades. Still, it’s always good to get the hang of it as a beginner; it might come in handy in the future.


CSGOStash is a website that lists every skin, sticker, case, and graffiti available in the game. It provides users basic information, including updated price-related information on any weapon skin. 

The website will display current Steam Market and Bitskins prices so users can quickly get this information without going to the Steam Market manually. 

You can also go through each Counter-Strike weapon case and find a list of all skins inside the collection. Overall, CSGOStash does not provide you with any innovative tools but is an excellent one-stop website to find basic information on skin in less than a minute. 

SteamRep and CSGO-Rep

Throughout the years, more players have become interested in trading. However, the increased popularity in the Counter-Strike skin industry has unfortunately attracted more and more scammers who can take advantage of newbies who don’t understand what’s going on. As a result, it is essential to check whether the person you are trading with is legit and has no malicious intentions.

Two community-made websites, SteamRep and CSGO-Rep, aim to keep track of people’s reputations in the trading community. They function as trading reputation databases. Both websites work the same way.

You can paste your trading partner’s Steam 64 ID or custom profile URL on any of the two websites and hit the search bar. SteamRep or CSGO-Rep will immediately take you to that person’s custom page, where you can see crumbs of their trading history and whether they have been reported for fraudulent acts in the past.

However, these two websites aren’t only used to track down scammers. After making a successful trade, some traders may ask you to leave a positive rating on their SteamRep or CSGO-Rep profile.

Getting a wall of good reviews can undoubtedly boost one’s reputation, but it doesn’t fully clear them from potentially scamming in the future. There have been cases of reputable traders performing “exit scams” after years of trusted trading. You must always be wary of anyone you trade with, especially if you are engaging in cash trades and asked to go first. 

BroSkins Inspect Server

BroSkins is mainly a forum website, but it also offers a tool for inspecting specific skins in-game. 

Choose any skin, copy its “gen code,” and head to the BroSkins website. On the website, look for the BroSkins inspect server IP. Then, launch Counter-Strike and connect to the server. It doesn’t matter which region you’re from, as ping will not matter.

On the server, you can use the skin’s gen code to immediately summon the exact skin. With this tool, you can inspect the skin and analyze any scratches or rare patterns. Many scammers tend to fool you by saying their skin has a rare pattern, but it actually doesn’t. You can check this information yourself using the BroSkins website. 

The BroSkins website also has a craft simulator tool, where you can select any weapon skin and paste whichever stickers you want. This tool will help you plan sticker placements on a skin you don’t even own. 

Best CS2 Browser Extensions For Trading

Why open websites when you can have tools built-in to your browser? Some prominent Counter-Strike websites have integrated its tools in the form of browser extensions, allowing users to gain easy and quick access to its features.

Note that these features may not work on certain browsers, but Google Chrome can handle all three. 

CSFloat Market Checker

We’ve already talked about CSFloat and its helpful database, but they have also created the CSFloat Market Checker browser extension to help traders even more. 

The CSFloat Market Checker provides users with helpful information as they surf through the Steam website, which includes the Steam Community Market and checking other people’s inventories. 

When looking through skins on the Steam Community Market, the CSFloat Market Checker will display an item’s float value, paint seed, and what stickers are on the weapon. Without this browser extension, users must inspect each listing in the game, which can take a very long time.

If you are checking out a person’s inventory, basic information such as the item’s float value, paint seed, and phase (in the case of Doppler and Gamma Doppler knives) are immediately visible. This feature allows traders to skim through a person’s inventory quickly without launching Counter-Strike to check these details. 

The CSFloat Market Checker extension can generate 3D models and screenshots of items directly on your browser! 

CSGO Trader Extension

The next browser to talk about is the CSGO Trader extension, which serves a similar purpose to the CSFloat Market Checker. The CSGO Trader extension is focused on giving complete information of items in a player’s inventory. 

When viewing a person’s inventory, the CSGO Trader extension allows you to see:

  • A person’s total inventory value.
  • How long is an item trade locked for.
  • An item’s float value and paint index.
  • Phase information for Doppler/Gamma Doppler knives.
  • The total price of stickers applied on a weapon skin.
  • The duplicate count of the selected weapon skin. 

The CSGO Trader extension not only assists you with items but also helps you perform Steam interactions with ease. You can give someone a “+rep” with a click of a button, report spam comments automatically, and set rules for incoming friend requests (accept, ignore, or block on adjustable conditions).

BUFF Utility

The final browser extension we’ll cover is the BUFF Utility tool, which is created for the popular Chinese marketplace website BUFF163. As a result, this extension will not provide you with features on the Steam website, and only focus on BUFF163.

Every advanced trader must have heard of BUFF163. Even though the site is based in China, this marketplace is where many high-tier skins are being sold. Additionally, users can also buy and sell skins in bulk.

The BUFF Utility extension allows users to compare prices on the BUFF163 marketplace from the Steam Community Market. Prices on BUFF163 are always cheaper than those on Steam, which is why pricing information is crucial for users looking for the best deals on investments. 

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