What is RWS CS:GO?

The RWS Metric stands for short Round Win Shares and was introduced by ESEA which represents the player’s contribution to the overall team success. For example player successfully planting the bomb, or a player fragging or an assist counts to RWS.

How Do You Earn RWS in ESEA?

RWS player values can be situated from 0.00 to 100.00, a higher number is better than a lower number. According to ESEA the average RWS is 10.

While playing ESEA only 100 RWS points are given out after each round comes to a closure, and is only applicable to members of the winning team based on who wins the round, the losing team will receive 0.00 RWS.

Players who leave mid-game also receive 0 RWS.

How Is RWS Score Determined?

The RWS statistic that is displayed in your ESEA profile, is determined by taking into account all RWS points that you have earned in all ESEA games that you have participated in by dividing them by the number of rounds you have played and the rounds left.

What Is ESEA?

ESEA is a third-party platform that costs money to play every month, ESEA offers 128 tick servers and is a direct competitor to that of FaceIT. ESEA is more catered to the NA Region, It is seen as one of the best 3rd party platforms available, with many professionals and top players choosing to play on ESEA, due to its robust anti-cheat system.


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