The Complete Guide To The Counter-Strike Bomb Code

Every round of Counter-Strike surrounds the C4 Explosive, which is simply known as the “bomb” between players. The main objective of winning rounds is to either plant and detonate the bomb, or defuse it before it explodes. This ensures that the bomb is the most important mechanic in all of Counter-Strike. But, have you ever taken the time to wonder what the CSGO bomb code is? Do you remember what digits you were punching when laying down the bomb? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the CSGO bomb code.

How does the bomb work in CSGO?

In case you are completely new to the game, the primary objective for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists revolve around the C4 Explosive, also known as the bomb.

The goal of the Terrorist side is to enter a bomb site and plant the bomb. The Terrorist player with the bomb must stand within the bomb site’s area and spend three seconds to get the bomb down. After planting the bomb, Terrorists must defend it to ensure it explodes. If the bomb successfully explodes, the Terrorist side will claim the round victory.

On the other hand, it is the Counter-Terrorists’ job to ensure the bomb does not detonate, by either defusing it or ensuring it was never planted in the first place. If the enemy team successfully plants the bomb, Counter-Terrorists must retake the bomb site and defuse it within a 40-second window.

What is the CSGO Bomb Code?

If you’ve ever planted the bomb as a Terrorist, you will notice that your character will begin inputting numbers while channeling the bomb plant. In case you have never paid attention to what the numbers are, the bomb code is “7355608”.

The bomb code also appears when a Counter-Terrorist is defusing the bomb. The character will also slowly type in “7355608,” which will take 10 seconds without a Defuse Kit, and 5 seconds if equipped.

You will notice that the bomb code never changes, and every other person who plants or defuses the bomb will also input these digits. It’s not random, and remains constant. It becomes pretty silly that your character needs up to 10 seconds to defuse the bomb when everyone knows the code already.

What does the CSGO Bomb Code mean?

At first, seeing the code “7355608” might seem like a bunch of gibberish, which is relatively true. Valve has never intentionally placed an easter egg with a hidden meaning behind the bomb, but passionate community members have figured something out.

A French community member translated the “7355608” code using leetspeak, which is a language or code used on the internet in which letters are replaced with numbers that would resemble letters in appearance. As a result, the letters “tessbob” were derived from the CSGO bomb code.

You might be thinking, what the heck “tessbob” could mean, but let’s reverse it. We’ll get “bobsset,” which still doesn’t make any sense. However, adding a letter to it could shed some light. If the letter “m” was added into the mix, we could get “bombsset,” or “Bomb’s set.”

Yep, all that digging and the CSGO bomb code still does not have any deep meaning, which was never intended by Valve. So, the best thing the Counter-Strike community has come up with the meaning of the bomb code is “Bomb’s set,” which makes a lot of sense, but does not provide players with any hidden lore.

Do you have to memorize the CSGO Bomb Code?

No, you do not have to remember the bomb code. You will not be prompted by the game to manually enter the bomb code, as your character will perform the action automatically.

However, if you’ve spent over a thousand hours on Counter-Strike, the bomb code should already be etched to the back of your head. Memorizing the CSGO bomb code will verify that you’re a real Counter-Strike fan.

Can you change the CSGO Bomb Code?

Back then, players could customize the bomb code and change it into different numeric values or letters. Players could download an existing Counter-Strike code back which are available for free online. After downloading the CSGO code, players could edit the folder, open the font file, and install it to their game. Another method is to download a program called FontForge, which can be used to edit Counter-Strike’s files and change the CSGO bomb code.

Though it is considered modifying game files, changing the CSGO bomb code is completely legal as you are not getting an in-game advantage over others. Therefore, it is not a bannable offense. However, the community has not found a way to change the bomb code in Counter-Strike: 2, as Valve has changed a lot of local files and customizations.

Bomb Code sticker

Since the CSGO Bomb Code has become iconic within the Counter-Strike community, Valve has added the Bomb Code Sticker, which displays the entire code with “Handcrafted” writing below it. You can purchase this sticker for around $1 on the Steam Community Market and paste it on your weapon skins. Unfortunately, you can’t apply it on the C4 Explosive, which would be pretty cool.

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