Best Places To Open 50/50 Cases For CS2/CSGO

With the release of CS2, the case and skin industry started to experience great hype again. Although it is not as popular as it used to be in recent years, options such as 50/50 CSGO betting are attracting the attention of players again. Any type of bet that can minimize players’ risk, especially in terms of profit, is naturally in demand. 50/50 cases actually address exactly this situation.

For example, let’s say you have a limited budget and want to double your money, even if it is not too much. In such a situation, we can say that most CS2 players turn to 50/50 cases. The content of the cases is generally 50% and they contain one expensive and one very cheap skin. Of course, popular CS2 case opening sites have changed these rates and designed different cases. However, today we will talk about 50 50 CSGO betting cases. Now, let’s take a closer look at what 50/50 cases are and what they do.

What Are 50/50 Cases?

When CSGO betting 50 50 is mentioned, Esports betting may be the first thing that comes to mind. As you know, you are offered the opportunity to bet on CS2 matches with 50% odds of 1 or 2. However, we are talking about cases where you can get good skin with a 50% chance. Now, we thought it would be wise to prepare a small example to explain the logic of these cases more clearly.

Let’s say you registered on a CS2 site and want to open 50/50 cases. In this case, the site will show you the items in those types of cases. For example, let’s say the cost of opening the 50/50 case “X” is $50. Here, the platform puts a valuable skin into the case that will double your money, that is, 100 or more than 100 dollars. In addition, it adds a $10 skin that can keep your money at its maximum level or much lower. There is a 50% chance of finding these two skins in front of you in the case.

Although the chance seems like 50%, mathematically, the probabilities have never been like that. We think we can present this situation as criticism here. If you take a look at a random 50/50 CSGO betting box, you can see that the more expensive skin is less likely to appear. To be honest, we think that provably fair technology should be used in cases such as 50/50 or 30/70.

For those who don’t know, it is a system that algorithmically proves whether a provably fair game is forensic or not. With this system, you can see the results of the games or cases with 100% accuracy. As a matter of fact, unfortunately, most CS2 case opening sites do not use this technology. However, despite all this, 50 50 CSGO betting cases are one of the most ideal ways for players to make their money x2. If you think you are lucky, we will talk about the sites where you can open such cases in a subheading. If you want, you can try your luck here too.

Best Sites To Open 50/50 Cases 

CSGO betting and 50 50 cases were very popular a few years ago and attracted the attention of many players. However, over time, the lack of provability fair that we mentioned in the above paragraph caused the interest to decrease. Of course, you can still find this kind of content on some popular CS2 case opening sites. Now, we would like to list these sites one by one.

  • CSGO-Skins

CSGO-Skins is a well-established case opening site that has been serving internationally since 2015. The platform offers 4 different cases under the “Fifty-Fifty Cases” section. The cases are divided into low and high-priced ones. If you want to try your luck with higher amounts of money, you can open AWP Case 50/50. We would like to point out that if you take a look at the contents of the case before opening it, you can see the statistics clearly. For example, the probability of getting the expensive Hyper Beast in the AWP case is 43.19%. The chance of the cheap Safari Mesh skin being released is 50%. In fact, the lack of consistency in the statistics we just mentioned is related to this situation.


CSGOcases is second on our list as another well-established platform in the industry. If you want to open 50/50 cases on the site, you head over to the “Users Cases” page. Then, if you go to the search section and type “50/50”, you can find the cases you want. CSGOcases offers many more options for 50/50 CSGO betting than other sites. We can say that they have both low and quite expensive cases.

  • CSGORoll

Next up, CSGORoll, a site that everyone who has opened a case has heard of at least once. Although CSGORoll used to offer many more 50/50 cases, we can say that its variety has now decreased considerably. There are only 2 50/50 cases on the case opening page. If you wish, you have the chance to check the contents of these cases and the results in terms of provably fairness. We would also like to point out that you will not see this provably fair algorithm on most sites.

  • CSGO Live

CSGO live site, just like CSGOcases, only allows opening 50/50 cases designed by users. Unfortunately, you cannot find officially prepared 50 50 cases on the site. To do this, you first need to go to the case browser and then the “Custom” page. Then, you can find the cases you want by typing 50/50 in the search section on the custom page.

  • DatDrop

DatDrop is undoubtedly one of the most popular CS2 case opening sites of recent years. The most important reason for this is that the platform uses provably fair technology. We have already explained how important provably fair is, especially in 50/50 cases. Since DatDrop is aware of this, it has started to use the algorithm in all its cases. If you decide to open 50 50 cases on the site, you need to click on the “Filter” button on the home page and type “50/50” in the search box. Then, you will see all 50 50 cases on the site. Good luck in advance.

Is 50/50 CSGO Betting Profitable?

So far, we have answered most of your questions about 50/50 CSGO betting. We think that we have explained particularly the relationship between this type of cases and provably fair. Now, finally, we will try to answer the question “Are 50 50 cases profitable?”.

First of all, we would like to point out that, as in every CS2 case, 50/50 cases are all about luck. Even though they say they offer a 50% chance, unfortunately, you will never know this clearly. Additionally, most sites put 3 or more skins in 50/50 cases instead of two. Naturally, this is contrary to the nature of 50 50 cases.

Unfortunately, almost all sites exploit this situation. 50/50 cases require 2 skins and 50% odds. However, you cannot literally see this on any site. As a result, we do not think that Fifty-Fifty Cases is profitable. However, you can use the sites we recommend to try your luck and see the most realistic results.

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