Navaja Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem Patterns

For thousands of skin collectors and CS:GO players, the Navaja Blue Gem is the most beautiful Navaja Knife in existence, and we have to agree, specially if we are talking about the #398, which has an exotic and authentic gem-like look.

If you are here, it’s because you’re interested in learning more about the Navaja Knife Case Hardened Blue Gem patterns. Be it buying one or deciding how to price your Blue Gem Navaja before listing it on a skins trading site, this guide will share with you everything you need to know about it.

We will share with you a full list of all the Blue Gem Navaja patterns, as well as insights about the different tiers and prices, as well as teach you how you can get this exclusive skin.

What is a Navaja Blue Gem?

It is a Navaja Knife with the Case Hardened finish and a pattern that has an outstanding percentage of blue present on the blade, bringing it an ocean blue, gem-like look. As such, for a Navaja to be rated as Blue Gem, it needs to have one of the 161 patterns with a high percentage of blue hues, and thus a  minimal content of purple, gray and dull gold.

There are 1,000 Case Hardened patterns for the Navaja Knife, and only 16.10% can be rated as Blue Gem, and this is why it’s a rare and valuable skin, which can sell for a steep premium in comparison to the standard price of a Navaja Case Hardened.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that not all Blue Gem patterns are the same. A pattern with 90-99% of blue is more valuable than a pattern with only 50-60%. For example, the pattern #398 has over 90% of blue, and it was sold for $4,000+, whereas the pattern #11 has 50-60% of blue and it sells for just $200-220 USD, even with a very low float value.

We invite you to read the next section, so you can find our full list of Blue Gem patterns for this weapon, along with more information about their rarity and respective prices.

List of the Blue Gem Patterns for the Navaja Knife Case Hardened

Here you have all the Navaja Case Hardened patterns that have been rated as Blue Gems, properly organized in different tiers.

Tier 1

These are the patterns considered as Tier 1 Blue Gems, because they showcase the highest percentage of blue on the blade:


  • 398
  • 407
  • 838
  • 371
  • 182
  • 839
  • 638
  • 720
  • 74
  • 273
  • 749
  • 919
  • 713
  • 401


From this tier, the most valuable and rare pattern is the #398. A Navaja Case Hardened with this pattern was sold recently for $4,000+.

Tier 2

Here you have all the Blue Gem patterns that belong to the Tier 2:


401, 273, 877, 913, 332, 598, 453, 283, 928, 139, 965, 773, 282, 902, 515, 420, 975, 891, 322, 335, 989, 30, 424, 797, 809, 811, 463, 782, 798, 635, 358, 917, 510, 194, 694, 974, 265, 808, 284, 490, 460


They have less blue than the Tier 1 patterns, but it still covers a high percentage of the blade. Navaja Knife Case Hardened skins with these patterns usually sell for $700 to $1,000. If it’s the pattern #401, you expect to sell it for a bit more than $1,000 USD.

Tier 3

Here we have all the Navaja Blue Gem patterns rated as Tier 3:


73, 67, 889, 507, 793, 664, 387, 269, 776, 846, 92, 853, 256, 377, 522, 214, 330, 847, 905, 510, 136, 727, 341, 185, 194, 694, 868, 630, 655, 642, 29, 418, 494, 942, 974, 265, 499, 884, 466, 615, 808, 284, 490, 460


This is where we start to notice a remarkable reduction in the percentage of blue present on the knife. And this is also reflected on the sale price, because the Navaja knives with these patterns usually sell for $300 to $500.

Tier 4

Here you have all the Navaja Blue Gem patterns rated as Tier 4, because they have the lowest percentage of blue present on the blade:


470, 826, 885, 82, 112, 803, 405, 594, 841, 547, 670, 768, 202, 20, 881, 432, 799, 823, 595, 612, 254, 259, 38, 68, 661, 717, 767, 11, 152, 541, 208, 721, 86, 924, 901, 865, 198, 945, 936, 916, 964, 979, 631, 130, 888, 400, 375, 308, 244, 714, 315, 4, 21, 658, 958, 458, 61, 249, 442, 216, 580, 352, 967, 42


Due to their reduced content of blue, their price is significantly lower than that of the upper tiers, and this is why it sells for $200 to $280, which is very similar to the price of a standard Navaja Knife Case Hardened.

How to Obtain a Navaja Blue Gem

If you are interested in adding this rare skin to your inventory, here you have the two ways by which you can obtain it.

1. Open the Horizon Case and the Danger Zone Case

The only CS:GO cases that will drop a Navaja Knife are the Horizon Case and the Danger Zone Case. Below, you can find more information about each case, such as its price, ROI and cost for 100, 391 and 782 opens, so you can see if it’s a good idea to get this blue gem knife by opening cases:


Case Price (Case + Key) ROI (%) Cost for 100 Opens Cost for 391 Opens Cost for 782 Opens
Horizon Case $3.44 63.52% $344.00 $1,345.04 $2,690.08
Danger Zone Case $3.24 54.68% $324.00 $1,266.84 $2,533.68


Based on this data, it’s clear it’s pretty expensive to drop a Navaja Blue Gem, especially if you don’t get it after 391 opens, which is the standard hit frequency. This is why we have also provided the cost for 782 cases, so you can see how much it’d cost you.


We also need to consider the price for the majority of Blue Gem Navaja Knife skins, which ranges from $200 to $1,000, making it a bad financial decision to invest so much money attempting to get this knife, especially when there’s no guarantee you will obtain it.


When it comes to the Tier 1 blue gem patterns, such as the #398, you can manage to sell the skin for $4,000 to $5,000, but once again, getting a Blue Gem Navaja #398 with a low float value is extremely hard, and you might have to open the Horizon Case or Danger Zone Case thousands of times before getting it (if you ever manage to accomplish it).


If you decide to go ahead with opening cases to win a Blue Gem Navaja, we recommend you to stick with the Horizon Case, because it offers a higher ROI and the price difference is not significant.

2. Buy It from a Skins Trading Site

The most recommended way of getting a Blue Gem Navaja is by buying it directly from a skins trading site. As it’s not as scarce as other blue gem knives such as the Karambit Blue Gem, you can find a fair share of active listings on trading platforms such as DMarket, SkinPort, SkinBaron, CSFloat, GamerPay, amongst others.


For example, here you have some of the Blue Gem Navajas you can find at third-party trading sites, with their respective prices:


Pattern Float Tier Price
Example #1 398 0.02567 1 $4,000
Example #2 974 0.01959 2 $899.95
Example #3 453 0.16725 2 $799.00
Example #4 269 0.39817 3 $306.66
Example #5 11 0.02427 4 $214.95


As you can see, you can even buy a Tier 2 Blue Gem Navaja, which is amongst the rarest and most valuable, for less than $1,000, which is significantly cheaper than trying to drop it by opening CS:GO cases.


This is why we recommend you to follow this approach if you’re interested in acquiring this skin, because it will save you a lot of money, time and energy.


However, take note that it’s hard to find Tier 1 and Tier 2 Blue Gem Navajas. Therefore, you need to check and compare different trading sites, because these skins are pretty scarce. The majority of Blue Gem listings will feature Tier 3 and Tier 4 patterns.


For more information about the Navaja Blue Gem, below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is the Navaja Case Hardened Blue Gem price?

The price of this skin will depend on the percentage of blue present on the blade, and the more there is, the more valuable will be, as it’s the case for the Blue Gem Navaja with the pattern #398, which can sell for over $4,000.

What is the most valuable Navaja Blue Gem?

The most valuable is the Navaja Blue Gem with the pattern #398 with a low float level. As such, it can be sold for $4,000 to $5,000, because it’s the pattern with the highest percentage of blue and that combines the colors the best, resulting in an extremely beautiful and appealing knife.

Which cases can drop a Navaja Blue Gem?

The only cases that can drop a Navaja Blue Gem are the Horizon Case and the Danger Zone Case. The Navaja Knife is a Rare Drop, therefore the chances of dropping it are 1 in 391, making it extremely hard to get a Blue Gem Navaja by opening CS:GO cases.

Are all Navaja Case Hardened patterns blue gems?

No, not all patterns are considered as blue gems. Only the Navaja knives with the Case Hardened finish and an outstanding percentage of blue present can be considered as authentic blue gems.

How to check if a Navaja Case Hardened is a Blue Gem?

You can check if a Navaja Case Hardened is a blue gem by checking our full list of patterns, which is the most effective way to verify it. Alternatively, you can judget it yourself by checking if the blue covers the biggest portion of the blade, in comparison to the other colors: dull gold, gray and purple.

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