How To Surrender In CS2

Though it’s a noble mentality to never give up until the enemy hits 13 rounds, we all can agree that sometimes a game is over, and there’s no way back. You might be up against a team of smurfs or, even worse, hackers. But usually, it’s because you are down a teammate and are playing 4 versus 5. 

For casual players, surrendering a match is a good way to save time so they can fit more matches into their Counter-Strike session.

Conditions Required To Surrender

Before we get into how to surrender in CS2, we must first understand the conditions that must be met before initiating a surrender vote. 

1. Appropriate Game Mode

The match must be in Competitive or Premier mode. Players cannot surrender in other game modes, such as Casual, Arms Race, or Deathmatch.

2. A Team Is Down One Player

A surrender vote can only be called when a player abandons the match, resulting in the team having only four players. 

A player being disconnected or AFK does not mean they have abandoned the match. A teammate has “abandoned” the match if they have either:

  • Been disconnected for too long, resulting in a timeout abandon

If a teammate has officially abandoned the match, the game will announce it in the text chat in red color. 

How To Surrender In CS2 Matches

Players can surrender the match once the two conditions discussed earlier are met.

In the process of surrendering a match in CS2, there are two phases you must go through:

  • Initiating the vote
  • Voting process

We’ll go over each phase in detail.

Initiating A Surrender Vote

When a team is down at least one player, any player on the team can initiate a surrender vote. 

To call a surrender vote, follow this step-by-step process:

  1. While in the match, press the “Esc” button on your keyboard.
  2. Press the “Call Vote…” button, represented by a check mark icon. 
  3. Of the three options available, click the “Surrender” button.
  4. After following the procedure, the vote will immediately be processed.

Be careful when looking to surrender, as you can only initiate a surrender vote once per half, meaning a maximum of two times per match.

Surrender Voting Process

Once the vote has been initiated, the voting menu will appear on the screen for all players on the team.

Players can choose between voting “Yes” or “No.” Pressing the “F1” key will cast a vote for the surrender, while pressing the “F2” key will cast a vote against it. The person who initiated the vote will automatically vote for the surrender. 

In the voting system, all remaining players must agree to the surrender for it to pass. A single “No” vote will cancel the surrender, so get everyone to agree before initiating the vote. 

Consequences Of Surrendering

Valve has never released an official statement on the consequences players receive after surrendering. However, we’ll tell you what the community widely considers trustworthy.

Surrendering In Competitive Mode:

The community has come up with a rumor that surrendering in Competitive mode will result in players losing more elo than an ordinary loss. 

Others have argued that a surrender essentially gives the enemy team 13 rounds immediately. For example, surrendering at 3-7 would simply make the game result end 3-13, which sounds like a regular defeat. 

Surrendering In Premier Mode:

It’s slightly different in Premier mode. At the beginning of every Premier match, players are informed of how many points they will gain or lose. 

These points are fixed and will not change depending on round difference, round MVPs, and performance. As a result, surrendering will not affect how many points a player will lose, as the rank change has already been predetermined before the game is played. 

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