How To Disable Auto Weapon Switch In CS:GO

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The Counter-Strike Auto weapon switch is a well-known feature within the game and can be quite an annoyance and can cost you rounds and even matches while playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The best way to turn off the weapon switch is by using a simple command in the console or by using the game options.

The weapon switch feature was disabled within CS2 and is only applicable to CSGO.

Using Game Settings

  1. Press ESC
  2. Click Settings Menu
  3. Click Game Settings
  4. Click on Item
  5. Switch Weapon on Pick Up = Click No

Using The Developer Console

1) Enabling The Developer Console

To change the Auto Weapon switch using the console, you need to ensure that it is enabled in the game, simply press the ESC key and then head over to the game and make sure the enable developer drop-down is selected to yes.

Use the ~ key to open your console which is set by default.

2) Disable Auto Weapon Switch Command

To turn off the auto weapon switch, just enter to command below and enter it into your console.

cl_autowepswitch 0

3) Enable Auto Weapon Switch Command

If you ever want to re-enable Auto Weapon Switch, you can do so by entering this into your console.


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