How To Enable God Mode In CSGO

During practice, taking damage from grenades or falling from heights can be extremely annoying when trying to learn your grenade lineups. Dying hinders the practicing process and wastes a lot of time. 

To combat this issue many players face, Valve has created an easy solution: the God mode command. Keep in mind that the God mode commands require cheats to be turned on, so it will only work on your private server.

What Is The CS:GO God Mode Command?

The God mode command is a cheat console command that makes players immune to damage. You can fire as many bullets or grenades at a player as you like or drop them from any height, and they will take zero damage. 

The command is mainly used in practice sessions since people tend to throw grenades and fly around using noclip. When toggling noclip off, players with God mode take no fall damage, which is incredibly useful.

Does The God Mode Command Work In CS2?

In Counter-Strike: 2, the God mode command was removed and replaced with “Buddha” mode. In Buddha mode, players can take damage but will never die, remaining on 1 HP. The command pretty much still serves the same purpose as the original command.

Step-by-Step Guide To Enabling CS:GO God Mode Command

Here is a quick three-step guide to enabling God mode in CS:GO and CS2.

Turn On The Developer Console

The first step is to enable the developer console. This can be done by going to the Settings tab and enabling the option “Enable Developer Console (~).” Otherwise, you can put the “-console” launch command in your launch options. When the console is enabled, press the “~” key to open it. 

Enable Cheats On Your Private Server

Once you are on your private server, cheats must be enabled for you to use the God and Buddha command. To enable cheats on your private server, type the command “sv_cheats 1” into your console. You must be the server’s host; otherwise, it won’t work. 

Input The God Mode Command

After cheats are enabled on your private server, you can now input the God mode command. To enable God mode, type “god” in your console and hit Enter. To turn off the God mode command, type in “god” again, as it is a toggle command that disables God mode the second time you type it in. 

In Counter-Strike: 2, the God mode command was changed to Buddha mode, which serves the same purpose. To turn on Buddha mode, type “buddha 1” into the console. To disable Buddha mode, enter the command “buddha 2”.

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