Do CS2 Skins Wear Out?

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In Counter-Strike, customized weapon finishes are a mainstay of the gameplay, with some being more unique than others. Each unique finish (referred to more commonly as skins) has its own value determined by a couple of factors such as design, rarity, wear, and overall popularity. When it comes to the overall quality of a skin, that is determined by its rarity and float value or wear. A skin’s float value determines how new or worn out a specific weapon finish is, which directly affects its overall value and desirability. With values ranging from 0 to 1, it becomes a common question among new players: do CSGO skins wear out?

Understanding Wear in Counter-Strike Skins

Wear in CS is quite a unique part of the game’s cosmetics since it is a concept you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It gives the same skins an extra level of RNG where one would always pray for a lower float value, meaning the skin would look like it’s in more pristine condition. These values are automatically assigned upon opening a case and receiving the drop and will never change for perpetuity.Basically. once you own a skin it remains in your inventory indefinitely and does not degrade or wear out from use. Many people new to the wear concept in CS or simply new to the franchise itself tend to worry about their skins wearing off and needing to keep buying new ones to have custom finishes on their weapons, but that idea is completely false.

What Are The Different Wear Values in CS2?

Factory New (FN)

Any skin that is rated as Factory New is the absolute best it can be and typically the most expensive version of said skin excluding some special cases such as a Case Hardened or anything else that relies heavily on patterns. Skins in Factory New condition have the best appearance. They are pristine, with no visible wear or scratches. The float value of a Factory New weapon finish will range from 0 to 0.07. 

Minimal Wear (MW)

A step down from Factory New, Minimal Wear skins are close to a pristine weapon finish with few visible blemishes. Still, Minimal Wear skins typically look a lot better than those in the three other categories and still fetch a significant amount of money. The float value of a Minimal Wear skin will range from 0.07 to 0.15.

Field Tested (FT)

The middle class of all skins and the choice of many when purchasing new designs due to affordability and quality, Field Tested weapon finishes are a popular choice and can be located in the middle of the spectrum. Field Tested skins show moderate wear, with more noticeable scratches and blemishes compared to Minimal Wear skins. However, they are still in relatively good condition and retain much of their design. The float value of a Field Tested skin will range from 0.15 to 0.38

Well Worn (WW)

Well Worn is where the quality drop-off starts to get more noticeable. For most skins, the difference between a Field Tested weapon and a Well Worn weapon have the biggest disparity. Yet, when it comes to pricing, Well Worn tends to not be too far away from Field Tested and sometimes even holds more value depending on the skin. The float value of a Well Worn skin will range from 0.38 to 0.45.

Battle Scarred (BS)

The lowest float value and the largest range, Battle Scarred skins will typically look the worst of the bunch. They will have the most blemishes and appear the darkest compared to the four other categories. Still, they hold some value and owning a skin close to a float value of 1 will even drive up the price. Take the AWP | Asiimov, for example. The sniper rifle’s finish is not only valuable when close to 0, but when it’s close to 1 as well since the sought-after “Blackiimov” design will be more prominent then. The float value of a Battle Scarred skin will range from 0.45 to 1.

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