How To Crouch/Duck in CS2/CSGO

A player’s mechanics are everything in Counter-Strike. CS is unlike a lot of modern esports in the sense that there are no additional abilities or power-ups to potentially bail someone out of a tricky situation, left with only yourself, your keyboard, and the weapons in your loadout. Movement and controlling a weapon’s spray pattern are pivotal components of the gameplay and are key differences between a complete beginner starting out in the lower ranks to a professional player competing at the highest level of the game.

How Do You Crouch in CS:GO/CS2?

The control button on the keyboard is the default keybind for your player to crouch in game, both in CS:GO and CS2. Crouching makes your character significantly shorter and unable to be seen from certain angles, though it also gives you less vision of your surroundings. Most people, including professional players, crouch when spraying down their rifles to give them more support in trying to match the gun’s spray pattern and also throw off their opponents by changing the angle of their character’s body. Crouching is also used to avoid being seen when passing through certain parts of maps, such as the now-covered T Spawn on Dust 2 which perfectly covers a crouched player’s movement to anyone watching from CT Spawn.


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