How To Bunny Hop In CS2

Bhopping has always been a must for both pro and casual players in CS:GO. Bunny hopping is an in-game technique that allows you to move quickly through the game. In fact, when CS first came out, bhop was actually seen as a game bug. Over time, it has become so popular that we can say that bhop is even seen in other competitive FPS games such as Valorant. As such, most players started asking the question of how to bhop CS:GO in order to act quickly. So, exactly does bunny hop provide an advantage in the game? Definitely yes.

We will talk about all of this in detail in the rest of our article. However, we would like to point out that bhop is very important for those who want to become a professional in CS2. We would like to point out that it affects sudden position changes, fast moving away from opponent’s bullets, and many other specific events. Of course, it should not be forgotten that bhop tactics are also used in fun game modes.

What is Bhop in CS2?

Counter Strike bunny hopping means constantly jumping repeatedly and moving efficiently in the game. In short, if you fall to the ground every time you jump and try to jump again, we can say that you are close to bhop. Especially if you balance the acceleration and timing correctly when landing after each jump, your movement speed will increase significantly on your next jump. Although Valve has introduced many updates to affect or reduce this technique, it is still possible to bhop. Although it seems simple to do, we would like to point out that even professional players have difficulty.

You’re probably wondering right now why bhop is so important in CS2. Frankly, there is only one answer to this: “Act quickly”. Because sometimes we can find ourselves in such a position that we have to make an extraordinary effort to get out of the competition. For example, let’s say that in Dust 2, as CT, you are waiting for the opponent with a sniper at door B. If you miss the first bullet, your opponents will probably rush at you until you fire a new one. In such situations, bhop and a quick position change will help you survive. Likewise, if your teammates are in a difficult situation due to a sudden rush while they are on A, you can reach the rescue in time by bunny hopping.

Another important point is the sudden movements made to dodge enemy bullets. This is the main reason why especially beginner players ask the question how to bhop in CS:GO. The faster you get out of the bullets or smoke bombs, the higher your chances of survival.

Benefits of Bunny Hopping in CS

We have already mentioned that bunny hopping is a technique often used in competitive play in CS. However, it can also be used frequently in fun game modes such as surfing. Under this heading, we will try to discuss the benefits of bhopping in terms of competitive gaming. For example, we will talk about how professional players gain an advantage with bhop in a real Esports match. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the benefits of bhop in CS2.


  • The biggest benefit of bhopping is that it allows players to move around the map very quickly.
  • You can quickly get away from bullets, smoke bombs and obstacles by bhopping.
  • Another important point is the change of position. When you eat Rush, you can change positions very quickly and surprise your opponents. This situation occurs very frequently, especially in competitive Esport matches.


These are the biggest benefits of bhopping in general. All that remains are modes such as surf or deathrun that you can use for fun. In these modes, you can act as you wish with console commands.

Bunny Hopping in CS for Beginners

The question of how to bunny hop CS:GO is often on the minds of beginner players. Especially players who have brought their aiming skills to a certain level try to master different areas of CS2. This situation is seen abundantly in the competitive environment of CS2. Now, in this section of our article, we will talk about how you can do Bhopping step by step.


  • First, to practice, open CS2 and enter the game with a classic workshop map. However, do not forget to select the “Competitive” option when entering the workshop map here.


  • Once you enter the map, you are ready to practice cleanly. To do this, first start moving forward and make your first jump.


  • When you rise into the air with the first jump, direct the movements using the “A” and “D” keys. By the way, do not forget to turn your mouse in the same direction while making movements. For example, if you jump and press the A key, move the mouse to the left, if you press the D key, move the mouse to the right. Additionally, definitely stop pressing the “W” key while in the air.


  • Immediately after pressing all these keys while floating in the air, press the space key once more before landing on the ground and jump again.


  • Once you have established a certain rhythm, keep repeating all this key combination.


That’s it! As you can see, making Counter Strike bunnyhop is quite easy. You just need to know some tactics and practice constantly. What you need is to get the timing, directional movements, and acceleration right. If you combine all of these combinations successfully, we can easily say that you can make bhop smoothly.


Professional Bhop Tactics

Now we come to talk about how to make bhop at a more professional level. As we constantly explain, bhop is actually a technique that requires a lot of training. If you want to improve yourself, you must constantly practice with different tactics. Otherwise, you will never be able to bunny hop at the level of professional players.

The most important strategy for this is to specialize in strafe-jumping. Strafe-jumping is a very simple method that allows you to increase your character’s speed in the game. You’re probably wondering at this point how you can see your movement speed. In the list below, we will explain how you can both see your movement speed and use strafe-jumping.


  • First of all, enable console commands if they are disabled. To turn on the console, you can enter the settings and activate the “Enable Developer Console” option in the “Game” section.


  • After activating the console completely, type the commands “Sv_cheats 1” and then “cl_showpos 1” and press “Enter”. After activating these commands, you will see some values such as stamina, vel and jump in the upper left part of the game. This vel value you see is your movement speed while bhopping. You should always keep an eye on this value while practicing. The default speed of your character in the game is 250. The maximum speed you can reach is 300. By the way, the console commands you have just activated only work on maps specific to you. You cannot activate it in competitive mode or on official servers such as casual fun.


  • Going back to the strafe-jumping tactic, the aim here is to steer your character steadily in a straight line with the A and D keys.


  • To do this, you must first take your hand off the “W” key while jumping. Then press the “A” key and turn your mouse and camera slightly to the left. To move to the right, you must first press the “D” key and then turn your mouse to the right. Before pressing each A and D key a second time, you must jump again without touching the ground. If you fall to the ground quickly and cannot time your jump, your movement speed will start to slow down tremendously.


It is important to train for the strafing method. Especially beginner CS2 players constantly experience difficulties in jumping because they are quite inexperienced in this regard. If you cannot use the space key in time, you may want to change your key assignments.

How to Assign Keys?

While researching on the internet to how to bunny hop in CS:GO, we noticed that many players on Reddit were insufficient in jumping. Generally, most beginner CS2 players lose movement speed because they press the “Space” key and miss the jump. To solve this problem, professional players generally use only one technique. This is to assign the jump button to the middle wheel of the mouse. In this way, we can say that jumping continuously has become extremely easy and more accessible. We have prepared a small guide to help you assign keys without any problems. If you take a look at the guide below, you can easily assign keys in 10 seconds.


  • First, enter a random workshop map. Then, start the console and move on to the next step.


  • Now, if you type “bind mwheelup +jump” in the console, it will be enough to slide the mouse wheel toward the top. When the wheel slides towards the top you will automatically start jumping. If you want the mouse wheel to trigger jumping when used both backwards and forwards, you can use the “bind mwheelup +jump;bind mwheeldown +jump;bind space +jump” commands at the same time.


After activating the commands, your jump button has now completely changed. Especially its accessibility and ease of use cause most players to choose the buttons this way. If there is a button that you think you use more comfortably, you can change it. To change the key, it will be enough to specify the key you want instead of the “mwheelup” text in the command. The best advice we can give you at this point is to avoid making assignments as close to the A and D keys as possible. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised while bhopping at an action-packed moment in the game.

How to Practice Bhop in CS2?

We constantly say that the only way to master bunny hopping in CS2 is to practice. Bhoping in a realistic competitive gaming experience can sometimes be quite difficult indeed. In this, muscle memory and of course habits come to the fore. So what exactly is the formula for mastering bhop? Of course, using workshop maps and surf-oriented community servers. 


For example, most professional players sometimes use surf maps for fun and to continue training. Surf maps usually have a significant design where you can reach high speeds and have to bhop constantly. Now, we will talk about how you can train both in map recommendations and workshop maps.


  • First open the game, click on “Play” and then on the “Workshop Maps” button.


  • You will see the text “Visit Workshop” at the bottom left of the workshop maps page. This button will direct you to the workshop page and you will find a wide variety of maps. When you are ready, continue by clicking the button.


  • Now you will see the workshop and many modes. From here, click on the search box at the top right and start the search by typing “Bhop”. When the search is completed, download the “bhop_emevaelx3” map, which is among the top ones, by selecting the “Most Subscribed” option from the filtering section. This map you have downloaded is specially designed for bhop training and will improve your skill level.


  • When the map installation is completed, close the workshop and return to the “Workshop Maps” page. This section will be refreshed and will appear when the map installation is completed. After that, select the map and enter the game by activating the “Competitive” option by pressing the “Go” button.


You can use console commands on the training map you have opened. Remember to use the “cl_showpos 1” command to see your overall speed and other statistics. By the way, if the classic bhop map is boring for you, we can recommend you to download surf maps from the workshop. There are some special tracks on the surf maps where you can push the maximum speeds for bhop. Maybe you can learn to bhop much better this way.


Today we talked about something that professional players constantly practice. Bhopping is undoubtedly one of the most important tactics that Valve has introduced to the FPS game world. Although it is extremely difficult to master, it offers great opportunities to those who apply it smoothly. Of course, this requires timing, attention, and a lot of experience. In our article, we talked about maps and some tips to help you gain experience.

More importantly than all this, we think that we have explained basic level strafing-jump in detail for beginners. Especially if you are having trouble getting a position in CS2, our guide is definitely good for you. Even though it may seem scary and difficult at first, as you train, you will realize that the process is actually very easy. Now you can sit back, learn, and enjoy the fun by practicing maps such as surfing.

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