CS2 Skin Price History

If you’re looking for the price history of CSGO, then you’ll find all the information you need on this page.

Top 10 Most Expensive CS:GO Skins on Skinport

  1. $25,671.70: MS Katowice 2014 Challengers
  2. $19,187.00: DreamHack 2014 Cobblestone Souvenir Package
  3. $14,111.50: Factory New AK-47 | Wild Lotus
  4. $13,820.80: Factory New AWP | Gungnir
  5. $13,355.00: Factory New AWP | Dragon Lore
  6. $12,145.30: Minimal Wear Sport Gloves | Pandora’s Box
  7. $10,936.80: Minimal Wear AWP | Gungnir
  8. $9,614.00: Minimal Wear StatTrak™ M4A4 | Howl
  9. $9,336.25: Minimal Wear AWP | Dragon Lore
  10. $9,293.83: Field Tested AWP | Gungnir

The Most Expensive CS:GO Skins on DMarket

  1. $26,961.60: EMS Katowice 2014 Challengers
  2. $17,635.00: Factory New Sport Gloves | Vice
  3. $12,080.70: Factory New AK-47 | Wild Lotus
  4. $11,168.70: Factory New Sport Gloves | Slingshot
  5. $10,363.20: Minimal Wear AWP | Gungnir
  6. $9,949.00: Minimal Wear Moto Gloves | Spearmint
  7. $9,600.00: Sticker | crush (Gold) | London 2018
  8. $9,191.38: Minimal Wear AWP | Dragon Lore
  9. $9,146.02: Minimal Wear AK-47 | Wild Lotus
  10. $8,500.00: Minimal Wear StatTrak™ M4A4 | Howl

The Most Expensive CS:GO Skins on BitSkins

  • $180,000.00: Sticker | Team (Holo) | Katowice 2014
  • $100,000.00: Sealed Graffiti | Cocky (Battle Green)
  • $70,000.00: Negev | Phoenix Stencil (Field-Tested)
  • $50,000.00: Sticker | Clan-Mystik (Holo) | Katowice 2014
  • $27,400.00: EMS Katowice 2014 Legends
  • $25,481.30: Minimal Wear Sport Gloves | Amphibious
  • $25,275.30: Minimal Wear Sport Gloves | Superconductor
  • $25,275.30: Factory New Sport Gloves | Amphibious
  • $20,000.00: Factory New Karambit | Crimson Web
  • $18,000.00: Minimal Wear StatTrak™ Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened

CSGO Third-Party Markets

The CS:Go and CS2 third-party market economy is a very lively and ever-changing ecosystem where players can trade in-game goods such as weapons, skins, and stickers. You can get these items through various means – such as random drops post-matches, the in-game store, and all sorts of online marketplaces.

There are lots of players who are willing to invest real money to get the items they want, which has fuelled the growth of this thriving third-party market economy. Since CS:GO skins were introduced in 2013, this market has grown massively, attracting more and more participants and transactions over the years.

Factors That Influence the Market Price of Counter-Strike Skins

The CS2/CSGO third-party market economy is filled with items whose prices are determined by various factors. Item rarity is one of the main factors that determine how much an item is valued, with rare items asking for higher prices because of their scarcity and heightened player demand.

Moreover, item prices are also heavily influenced by demand. Items that are in demand often go for higher prices in comparison to the less popular items. Players are generally willing to pay premium prices for the most popular items – which drives up their value.

The current state of the game itself also impacts item prices. Updates such as new weapon cases or operations that introduce sought-after items can massively boost demand… and, as such, raise prices. Conversely, if the game has a decline in popularity, especially during warmer months, then demand for items may decrease – which could then lead to a drop in prices.

Third-Party Markets

There are all sorts of ways for players to be a part of the Counter-Strike economy as both buyers and sellers. The most popular method is through an online service or marketplace like Steam Community Market, Skinport, ShadowPay, and others. These platforms are all places where you can buy, sell and exchange skins. Alternatively, some players even use social media platforms or forums to directly buy and sell items with other players.

It’s important to recognize that any transactions that you make outside the Steam Community Market aren’t endorsed by the game’s developer, Valve Corporation. So, taking part in such transactions can come with the risk of losing valuable items. Valve’s policy strictly prohibits the restoration of stolen items due to past instances of exploitation. Unfortunately, instances of fraud and scams are commonplace, so you will need to be careful when buying or selling items so you don’t fall victim yourself.

Despite the potential risks, the Counter-Strike third-party market economy is still buzzing – and will always be a huge part of the game. Players love the thrills of collecting and trading items, with some of the rarest and most coveted items going for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

While market prices fluctuate, they are always going to be incredibly important within the Counter-Strike community and will always be a major part of the game for players.

CSGO Skin Price History Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase CS2 skins?

You can buy CS2 skins from either the Steam Community Market or third-party marketplaces. Shop around for the best price, but be careful of scams.

How do I sell CS skins for real money?

To sell your Counter-Strike skins, pick a third-party marketplace like Skinport and create an account. Then, enter your Steam trade URL to transfer your CS items to the marketplace and list them at the price you’re looking to get. When your item sells, a percentage fee of the transaction value, typically ranging from 2% to 12%, will be deducted. Finally, you can withdraw your funds directly to your bank account or another online wallet.

However, remember that not all marketplaces allow withdrawals; some only offer onsite balance for skin exchanges. So, make sure you do your research before listing your items on any platform.

Will CS:GO skins transfer to CS2?

Yes, all CS:GO skins will transfer over to CS2. Some skins may even receive a visual upgrade in the new Source 2 engine to make them look even better. Your entire CS:GO inventory, including skins and other items, will all be accessible in CS2.

What is the least expensive CS2 skin?

Some of the cheapest CS2 skins are valued at between $0.03 and $0.10 USD. These skins are usually low-quality Mil-spec grade skins found in weapon cases that are widely available.

What is the most costly CS2 skin?

Some of the most expensive CS2 skins in the world include the M4A4 Howl, AWP Dragon Lore, Blue Gem variants of any Case Hardened skin, and Katowice 2014 stickers and capsules – worth thousands.

Can the Value of a Skin Decrease in Time?

Yes, the value of a skin can decrease over time due to various factors. Changes in game popularity, the introduction of new skins, changes in the game mechanics and player preferences- can all contribute to a decrease in demand for certain skins – leading to a decline in their value on the market.


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