Best CS2/CSGO Practice Config And Commands

If you are an aspiring Counter-Strike player looking to improve, you will immediately realize that your gameplay is not perfect, and there are a lot of in-game aspects to work on. This is why many players take time to hop on a private server and practice smoke lineups, spray control, and other things.

Players use several console commands to optimize the server to ensure these sessions go smoothly, allowing for efficient practice. In this article, we’ll go through the most useful CS:GO practice commands, as well as the best practice config and how to install it. 

Best CS:GO Practice Commands

Fortunately for players looking to practice, Valve and Counter-Strike have developed a handful of useful console commands that make a practice session smoother. We have divided the commands into four categories and hand-picked the best commands under each. 

Time and Money Commands

Players can adjust the round times to last for 60 minutes, making it easier for practice sessions to run without having rounds ending every 2 minutes. There are also CS:GO practice commands to give players infinite money and buy time so they can buy whatever they want, whenever they want. 

Some of the best time and money commands include:

Command Use
mp_roundtime_defuse 60 This command will change the round timer from 1 minute and 55 seconds to 60 minutes.
mp_freezetime 1 This command will change the freeze time duration from 15 seconds to only 1 second.
mp_buytime 9999 This command will change the buytime to infinite, meaning players can buy any time. 
mp_buy_anywhere 1 This command will allow players to open the buy menu from anywhere on the map instead of only being allowed to buy on their team’s spawn points.
mp_maxmoney 60000 This command will change the maximum money limit from $16,000 to $60,000. 
mp_startmoney 60000 This command will let players spawn with $60,000 in the bank, allowing them to buy any weaponry they want. 
mp_warmup_end 1 This command will end the annoying 5-minute warm up timer so you can start the game immediately. 
mp_restartgame 1 This command will restart the game. Restarting the game is compulsory to apply all the previous commands. 

Cheat Commands

There are a decent amount of useful cheat commands that can help a practice session run more efficiently. These CS:GO practice commands include god mode, fly commands, and more.


Some of the best cheat commands commands include:

Command Use
sv_cheats 1 This command is used to turn on cheats in the private server. Without sv_cheats, other cheat commands cannot be used. 
noclip  This command will allow players to fly across the map and go through walls. Noclip is a toggle command, meaning you will have to input it into the console to turn it on and off. 
god  This command will give players access to god mode, meaning they will not take damage and die.
kill  This command will make yourself commit suicide. This can be useful if you are stuck on a part of the map, or want to reset the round by making it end. 

Ammo and Grenade Commands

Here is a list of commands that will provide you with infinite ammunition and grenades. Additionally, you can create an extra grenade slot so you can carry all five grenades at a time. 


Some of the best ammo and grenade commands include:

Command Use
sv_infinite_ammo 2 This command will give players infinite ammo, including grenades. There are three variations to this command, but we highly recommend the second one. 
ammo_grenade_limit_total 5 This command allows players to carry a total of five grenades, enough space for one of each grenade. 
sv_grenade_trajectory 1 This command creates a trail that follows every grenade the player throws. It helps players get an idea of the pathing the grenade takes before landing. 
sv_grenade_trajectory_time 5 This command adjusts how long the grenade trail will show for. In this example, we’ve set it to five seconds. 

Bot Commands

The last section of commands will include a list of bot and team-related commands, which many players find extremely helpful. 


Some of the best bot commands include:

Command Use
bot_kick  This command is used to remove all bots from the game.
mp_limitteams 0 This command is used to set the limit for each team to be 0. This allows a player to play on a server without the game automatically spawning a bot to fill a missing slot. 
mp_autoteambalance 0 This command ensures players will not get moved to a different team because a team lacks players.
bot_stop 1 This command prevents bots from moving. It can be useful if you need bots to stand still for target practice. 

Best CS:GO Practice Config

With all of the commands in mind, here is a compilation of the most useful CS:GO practice commands, arranged into a single config. 

sv_cheats 1



mp_limitteams 0

mp_autoteambalance 0

sv_infinite_ammo 1

sv_showimpacts 1

ammo_grenade_limit_total 5

sv_grenade_trajectory 1

sv_grenade_trajectory_time 5

mp_roundtime 60

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

mp_roundtime_hostage 60

mp_freezetime 1

mp_buytime 9999

mp_buy_anywhere 1

mp_maxmoney 60000

mp_startmoney 60000

mp_warmup_end 1

mp_restartgame 1

How To Install The Practice Config

If you are too lazy to input all these commands one by one, you can enter them all at once using a config. In this section of the article, we’ll teach you how to set up a practice config.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Open a Notepad or Text Document file.
  2. Then, copy and paste the config into the file. You can add more commands to the config if you’d like.
  3. Once you are done placing all the commands, save the file and name it practice.cfg. You can change the name of the file to anything you’d like, but make sure you put “.cfg” at the back!
  4. Next, go to your CS:GO Config folder. Follow this file path: \Steam\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg.
  5. Insert the config text file into the cfg folder.
  6. Once completed, launch CS:GO and load into a private server.
  7. Next, open your console and type “exec practice.cfg”. If you named the file something else, type “exec <filename>”.

After typing the exec command, all the commands in the text document will immediately be applied. 

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