3D Skin Viewer

If you want to try before you buy, then you’ll want to take advantage of a 3D CSGO skin viewer – whether you are looking for skins or stickers for your gloves, knives – or whatever CSGO item you like, you can check everything you need before you part with your money.

The Features of the 3D CSGO Skin Viewer

Here are the features of the enhanced 3D Viewer:

  • Customizable Skin Settings
  • Easy Filtering Options for Price, Color, and Sticker Type
  • Real-time View of Weapon Animations

Different Backgrounds

There are also various different backgrounds to choose from. From a selection of Nuke backdrops to Blacksite and Inferno.

Real-time Animations

You can also use real-time animations to see exactly how everything works…

  • Inspect
  • Fire
  • Reload

Features of the 3D Viewer

3D Inspection and Skin Rotation

You can rotate the skin in all three axes for the optimal inspection experience.


You’ll be able to access all in-game animations, including knife animations, for viewing.


Examine all in-game skins in detail, regardless of condition or wear.


You’ll also be able to apply any stickers and choose the best combination for your preferences.


Select from five website backgrounds or upload up to ten custom ones.

Settings and Customization

You can easily configure the skin pattern, select your choice of float, and enable StatTrak.

Personal Set Can Be Saved and Opened at Any Time

Save your customized set and access the saved set anytime using a unique link.


All skins and stickers will display their prices, so you can choose items within your budget quickly and easily.

Using the 3D Viewer for Stickers

Matching stickers has never been simpler thanks to the 3D Viewer:

Apply Any Sticker

Allows you to choose from a wide selection of stickers to decorate your items.

Craft Your Ideal Set

You can create the perfect combination of skins and stickers to suit your style.

Preview Wear In-Game

Use it to visualize how the wear appears in-game for a more informed decision-making process.

CSGO Skin Viewer FAQs

What is the CSGO Skin Viewer?

The CSGO Skin Viewer is a tool that allows you to inspect and customize Counter-Strike: Global Offensive weapon skins.

How does the skin rotation feature work?

The skin rotation feature in the CSGO Skin Viewer allows you to rotate weapon skins in all three axes for inspection.

Can I customize the appearance of skins?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of skins in the CSGO Skin Viewer by selecting patterns, floats, and adding StatTrak.

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