What To Do If You Get Vac Banned In CS2/CSGO

Though the system is not fully functional most of the time, Valve still works to ban cheaters and abusers from CS:GO to ensure the matchmaking system is fair. If you have been greeted with a message saying you are VAC banned, do not panic. Read this article to understand everything you need to know!

What Is A VAC Ban In CS:GO?

“VAC” stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, a system designed to track cheats installed on a Steam user’s computer. All Valve matchmaking servers are protected with VAC, meaning players who connect to a Valve server with cheats installed can have their accounts detected and eventually banned.

What Causes A VAC Ban?

Having cheat software and programs is the main cause of getting VAC bans. Here is a list of common hacks that lead players to get VAC banned:

  • Aimbot
  • Triggerbot
  • Silent Aim
  • Anti-flash and anti-smoke
  • Wallhack
  • Speedhack
  • Spinbot
  • Anti-aim
  • No recoil

VAC also tends to ban players for using third-party software that aren’t necessarily hacks, including:

  • Skin changers
  • FPS boosters
  • Programs that enhance saturation, shadows, and other graphic aspects

Additionally, players can be reported by others in the same game for cheating. Replays of reported players will be sent for Overwatch reviews. If the reviewee deems the player guilty of cheating, said player can also receive a manual VAC ban. 

A VAC ban will remain regardless of who was using the account at the time the ban occurred. It doesn’t matter if your brother or friend used cheats on the account. The use and security of your Steam account are entirely your responsibility.

Consequences Of A VAC Ban

If a player has received a VAC ban, the player’s account will face the following consequences:

  • The account cannot connect to official Valve matchmaking servers, meaning no Competitive or Premier mode. 
  • The account’s inventory will be locked, meaning the player cannot move in-game items to a different Steam account. 
  • The account will receive VAC bans for Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Source, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress Classic, and Team Fortress 2 (All these games are Valve titles).  
  • The account can no longer upload content or vote on the Steam Workshop. 
  • The account cannot send games as gifts. 

Can You Get Unbanned In CS:GO?

According to Steam Support, a typical and justified VAC ban cannot be lifted. However, if a VAC ban was issued incorrectly, there is room for appeal. Steam will usually automatically remove these false bans, but it’s always worth sending a ticket to have Steam review its decision.

How To Appeal For An Unban?

Before appealing for an unban, remember that Steam is extremely strict with VAC bans and will not tolerate it if you have used cheats or third-party programs. Appealing is only recommended for players who have never used cheats in the first place. 

Follow these steps to send an appeal ticket so Steam Support:

  1. Go to the official Steam Support website using this link.
  2. Select Counter-Strike under “Recent Products”.
  3. Next, choose “Gameplay or Technical Issue” and click “I am having another problem”.
  4. Then, go to “Contact Steam Support”.

When writing the appeal message, remember the following:

  • Be polite and greet Steam Support staff properly.
  • Explain the situation clearly; do not leave any details unattended.
  • You MUST provide evidence for Steam Support to even consider your application.
  • Steam Support may take days or even weeks to reply. Be patient, and do not spam them with more tickets. 

Ultimately, it’s always worth a shot to send a ticket. Sending one is entirely free, and you have nothing to lose. A handful of Counter-Strike personalities and professionals have wrongly received VAC bans. Sending a quick letter to Valve has commonly resulted in bans being reverted for these players. 

How To Play CS:GO When VAC Banned?

If you are indeed guilty of using cheats or third-party software, we have bad news: You will likely never get your VAC ban lifted. The next step is to think about how to play CS:GO while VAC is banned.

While under a VAC ban, players are still allowed to launch the game but cannot connect to any VAC-secured servers, meaning multiplayer games. Still, there is a way for players on how to play CS:GO after VAC bans were issued to their accounts.

How To Play CS:GO Offline With VAC Ban

Fortunately, VAC-banned players can still load into offline matches. Private servers are not secured with VAC protection, meaning you can still play against bots. Though it’s not the most fun, you can’t ask for much else after trying to create an unfair advantage for yourself in CS:GO.

To play in an offline match against bots, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Counter-Strike.
  2. Click on the Play button at the top of the screen.
  3. Select the Practice mode. 
  4. Choose your preferred game mode and the map.

Bots will not report you for using cheats or similar software, so you can go all out even if your account has a VAC ban. 

Make A New Steam Account

The only realistic way of how to play CS:GO after a VAC ban is to create a new Steam account and start from scratch. If you don’t mind losing your skins, achievements, and playtime, playing on a new account is the best alternative. 

Creating a new Steam account requires an unused email address, which can be created for free. Additionally, Counter-Strike is no longer a paid game, so you can always grab it for free.

However, you must go through all the “new account” procedures to play competitive matchmaking games, such as meeting the required level and playing calibration matches to unlock your rank. 

Another downside to a new account is the lack of Prime Status, which can place you in unprotected matches, increasing the chances of meeting hackers and cheaters in the game. 

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