What Is The Fly Command In CS:GO

One of the beauties of Counter-Strike is how much freedom it gives its players to mess around. The game developers have created a console command allowing players to freely fly through walls. 

Flying in CS:GO can be useful for numerous activities, making it a must-know command for any player. In this article, we’ll discuss the fly command, how to use it, and what to use it for. 

How To Fly In CS:GO?

Though a regular game of CS:GO doesn’t let anyone take flight, players can utilize a specific console command to make it possible. 

The CS:GO fly command is:


Though the name doesn’t make it obvious, the noclip command directly relates to flying in CS:GO!

What Does The CS:GO How To Fly Command Do?

The noclip command is notoriously known as one of the most helpful commands in private servers. While the noclip command is enabled, a player can fly around the map incredibly quickly, much faster than walking on foot. 

With the noclip command, you can fly at any height, go through walls, and have unobstructed pathing. You can pass through walls, doors, and glass without having to break anything. 

How To Use The Fly Command In CS:GO?

As you can already tell, the fly command is not available in a typical matchmaking server, as it is a feature that shouldn’t be possible in a regular game. 

Therefore, the only way to use the noclip command is by enabling cheats on the server. That said, there are a few requirements you must fulfill before you can use the fly command. Don’t worry, the process isn’t too lengthy:

Step 1: Enable The Developer Console

Since noclip is a console command, we must first gain access to opening the console in CS:GO. 

Enabling the console is entirely free and only needs a few clicks:

  1. Go to your CS:GO Settings.
  2. Specifically, head over to your Game Settings.
  3. Next to the “Enable Developer Console” setting, select “Yes”.

The default keybind to open the console is the tilde key (“~”), which is the key below Esc. You will open and close the console using this key. 

Step 2: Load Into A Private Server

As we’ve learned earlier, the noclip command can only be used on a server where cheats are enabled. In other words, we can only use it on a private, offline server. 

To load into a private match, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Play” button at the top of the CS:GO main menu.
  2. Instead of “Matchmaking,” select “Practice”.
  3. Select a regular CS:GO map or a Workshop map.

Once you have loaded into the private server, you can move on to the next step.

Step 3: Enable Cheats On The Server

There is one final step before we can use the CS:GO fly command. As mentioned previously, we must enable cheats on the server, as noclip is considered a cheat command.  

Turning on cheats won’t take you more than ten seconds:

  1. Open your CS:GO console by pressing the “~” key. 
  2. Next, type “sv_cheats 1” and hit your Enter key.
  3. Close the console by pressing “~” again. 

And that’s it! The sv_cheats 1 command is used to enable cheats. This command can only be used in private matches where you have admin access. 

Step 4: Activate The Fly Command

Now, you can finally use the noclip command. 

We’ll have to reopen the console to activate the command:

  1. Open your CS:GO console by pressing the “~” key.
  2. Next, type “noclip” and hit your Enter key.
  3. Close the console by pressing “~” again. 

After you’ve inputted the command, you can immediately begin flying around the map with no limitations. 

The noclip command is a toggle command, meaning you must re-enter the command to turn it off. So, if you want to turn the fly command off, type noclip in the console again! 

When turning the command off, ensure you aren’t too high up in the sky, as dropping from such heights can kill you unless you have the god mode command enabled. 

How To Bind The Fly Command?

Above, we’ve noted that noclip is a toggle console command. It is quite annoying for players to have to open the console and type in the command everytime they want to turn it on or off.

That is why many advanced players prefer setting a key bind to toggle the noclip command with one press of a button. 

Here is how you can bind the noclip command in CS:GO:

  1. Open your CS:GO console by pressing the “~” key.
  2. Type in the command “bind n noclip” and hit your Enter key. 
  3. Close the console by pressing “~” again. 

After precisely following the procedure, the noclip command would have been bound to your “n” key. The first time you press your “n” key, noclip will be activated. Once you want to disable the fly command, all you need to do is press “n” again!

You are free to change the key to anything else, as long as it does not clash with your current binds. Simply change “n” in the example provided above. 

Bonus: CS:GO Gravity Command

Though the noclip command is the primary CS:GO fly command, there is a bonus command that allows you to mess with the server’s gravity. 

By lowering gravity, jumping allows players to start flying in the air momentarily and slowly fall back down. 

The CS:GO gravity fly command is:

sv_gravity 300

The default gravity value in CS:GO is 800. In the command above, we’ve reduced the gravity level to 300, allowing you to jump higher. You can lower the gravity even further by changing the numbers in the command to a lower value. 

Why Would You Fly In CS:GO?

Flying in CS:GO sounds cool and all, but what do people actually use the fly command for? Here are the most common reasons why people want to fly in CS:GO; maybe it’ll give you some ideas for fun things to do offline! 

Learning New Maps

New players can find a ton of value by using the noclip command. It is a requirement for beginners to have a good grasp and understanding of the Competitive CS:GO maps. Instead of walking around and figuring things out, these players can quickly fly around and absorb all the information and potential spots. 

With CS:GO often rotating maps in and out of the Competitive map pool, intermediate to advanced players can also use the fly command to familiarize themselves with these maps and devise potential strategies with an aerial view.

Practicing Grenade Lineups

The most common usage of the fly command by advanced players is to practice their grenade lineups in the CS:GO Competitive maps. To reach a high rank in CS:GO, utility usages such as smokes and molotovs become crucial. 

As a result, these players will continuously throw grenades, trying to perfect their lineups. After releasing the grenade, they would use the fly command to check out the result. Is the lineup too far, or too short? Verifying if their lineups have landed properly can easily be done with the help of the fly command. 

Recording Videos

Have you watched CS:GO fragmovies made by professional video editors? In these videos, you’re not looking at clips the entire time. These editors make use of the noclip command to record cool transitions, often showcasing the map and area where the clip is going to happen.

There are other ways how the fly command can generate footage for video makers, it depends on what ideas you have cooking in your head!

Playing Minigames

CS:GO isn’t all about shooting heads and climbing the ranks. Sometimes, it’s nice to grab a few friends to play minigames using workshop maps. These minigames can range from zombie escapes to surfing or bunny hopping. 

The noclip command is especially useful in surf or bunny hop maps. On these types of maps, players can fly to retry a stage or skip the stage entirely if it’s too difficult for them. Whatever the reason, the fly command is always nice to have in minigame maps. 

Creating Maps

The final reason is only useful to a small group: map creators. CS:GO has many passionate players who want to contribute to the game. One of the best ways to do it is creating maps for people to play on.

Creating a map from scratch can be a tricky process, but using the fly command can help these creators inspect their work so far and make changes should any issues arise. Overall, the fly command is a handy tool for developers when making any type of map, from surf maps to minigame maps or even official Competitive mode maps. 

Can You Get Banned For Flying in CSGO?

No, you cannot get banned for using the noclip command to fly in CS:GO. Though noclip is a “cheat,” it is still an official command created by the game. Other cheat commands are also completely legal.

You won’t be able to enable sv_cheats 1 in an official Valve server, so you can’t activate the noclip command anyway. However, cheat commands are unrestricted in a private server, so you have the green light there, too. 

However, if you use third-party cheating software to fly in an official matchmaking game, you are not using the fly command and are blatantly using cheats. This type of behavior will get you permanently banned from CS:GO. 

Simply put, using the noclip command to fly is completely fine, but flying with anything else is not. 

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